X-Wing Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My favorite. I am prone to anxiety and only stick to Indica. This strain is so chill but I can still function after smoking:) 10/10”

  • “great flavors but if a male x wing plant pollenates a female deathstar is that plants reenacting Star Wars?”

  • “this is a very weak strain. i do not recommend”

  • “One of the best I've ever had. I receive X-Wing medicinally and it treats my lack of appetite and poor sleep perfectly. I was able to eat a huge meal, get creative, and finally fall into a deep sleep.”

  • “X-wing new strain in the area pharmacy's .. tested just over 25% .. Can feel the Indica body buzzz but with a bit of a head high too .. Great if under weight and need the munchies .. keep a sack full of snacks on hand .. did also have a very bad case of dry mouth .. Pain relief was above average with a taste that was earthy and bit of pungent aroma !!”

  • “great dank flower with a heavy smell through the house.”

  • “This was just OK, more hybrid than indica for me.”

  • “Just tried it for the first time and it melted me straight out of the day.”