Zkittlez Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is a highly overrated strain in flower form. I'll start with the caveat that no two grows are alike, but I purchased mine from Caliva, and it's THC tested at 23%, which is very high for this strain. Let's start with its strong points: the smell is amazing. It has a very complex berry smell that makes me want to duct tape my face to the jar. If you buy cannabis for smell alone, run to the store and buy an ounce...”

  • “I just picked up about 7 grams of this ridiculously chronic strain for 45$ today from my home and I must say it's definitely one of my favorites right off the bat. These nugs are fuckin' COATED in trichomes. Lovely relaxing but focused high. Great for my anxiety and paranoia.”

  • “Thank you for the investment of your time. I will try not to waste it. Visual Inspections: Various shades of green, with slight purple, but most striking is the OFF THE CHARTS thick coat of white crystalline structures throughout the buds, all the way down the stalks. The bud structure is more like a sativa or a hybrid, with the largest cola approximately 6"x2", in the ounce, but most buds 2" to 3" size. The Nose: T...”

  • “The flavor is amazing... It tastes like candy. And the high is super mellow. It made for a very relaxing night. I loved it .”

  • “Smell and aroma is other worldly, so much fruit and sweetness going on you would think it's a bag of Skittles. I'm very impressed with this new concoction, rare, recently won 1st in Michigan 2015 for best indica. Heavy and euphoric, easily one of my top 10 favs of all time.”

  • “Tazte Zhe Ztrain Bro!!! 2015 1st Place winner for Indica in San Fran and Michigan, can be considered a hybrid for it's sativa effects, focused relaxed euphoria.”

  • “Dabbing High Caliber Extracts x LoudPack Extracts Zkittlez Nug Run along with High Caliber Extracts Zkittlez Nug Run. Terp and flavor profile off the charts, cup winning flower the wax is above and beyond. Picked em up at GreenwolfLA, tastes like skittles, sweet delicious balanced Indica hybrid effects. Wow!”

  • “3.0 even... purchased this strain based on its Grape Ape lineage which is in my top 5 indicas for insomnia. Zkittles falls very short, and honestly after trying 30 strains now it's very underwhelming. I'm not understanding all the 5-star reviews. It doesn't put me at ease and make me want to relax or sleep. I'm tossing this one in my box of strains that will be OK to use mid-day to chill and still be functional, NOT ...”