Zombie Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The perfect strain is for insomnia. I’m a heavy smoker with a high tolerance picked up some of this shatter, one hit before bed and I’m out. Wish it came around more often. So sweet in taste too.”

  • “Strong heady taste, very aromatic. Intense catatonic buzz. I’m a heavy user with a massive tolerance level, this dropped me for a good hour. If pic loads, you’ll see the beautiful crystals on the bud.”

  • “this plant has an excellent taste and an unusual smell”

  • “Zombie kush is straight fire, such a complicated taste and so sweet,,, super strong defo grab of you got a chance”

  • “zombie kush is one of the most medically benifical strains ive smoked, if your looking for some knock out one two punch bud then this is for you. highly recommended strain for seasoned smokers as the high lasts a few hours and it can really zombify you if over do it.”

  • “One of the best strains i've ever smoked, really nice and powerful smell and the high is amazing”

  • “Love it!!! Definitely on my top 5 strain favorites! Picked up a gram at NUWU here in Las Vegas and am totally surprised of the effects-this is my “WAKE & BAKE” favorite💪🏼”

  • “vaped high temp and the effects were psychedelic, really enjoyable taste and no hinderance to sleep on when the time came.”