The water inside the main chamber of a bong, usually water that has been used. 

“I spilled bongwater on my rug and it smelled for weeks.”

“That was a gnarly hit, dude—I think it’s time to dump that bongwater.”

What is bongwater?

Bongs filter and cool smoke with water, making hits smoother and easier on the throat. Smoke travels from the bowl, through water in the main chamber, and to the mouthpiece for inhalation. 

Bongwater also filters out tar and after a while of use, the water in a bong will take on a brownish color and an unpleasant smell of resin and smoke. Ash, plant matter, and debris can also collect in bongwater as they’re pulled down from the bowl. 

How to dispose of bong water

Bongwater needs to be replaced often and bongs cleaned frequently. It’s best to dispose of bongwater outside if possible because the smell can linger in your sink or toilet for a while. Pouring bongwater down the drain can also cause resin to build up in your sink or toilet and can clog plumbing over time.