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Bowls are the part of a pipe or bong that holds cannabis flower. In bongs, they are typically removable and these are also called a “slide,” because they slide out in order to clear the chamber and inhale smoke. “Packing a bowl” refers to filling a bowl with flower in order to have a smoke session. 

“I scraped my bowl for some resin hits the other day.”

“I need a new 14mm bowl for my bong.”

How to pack a bowl

Once you have a pipe or bong, you’ll need to break down some buds. You can break them into small chunks with your hands or loosely grind in a grinder. Make sure not to pack it too tight, or else you won’t be able to draw in smoke. 

Once the bowl is packed, you’ll need some heat. Most people use butane pocket lighters—like a BIC—and some use hemp wick because butane can affect the flavor of the hit. If using hemp wick, light the end of it and use that to light the bowl. 

You can also place a screen under the flower before packing a bowl so you don’t inhale plant debris. Screens are essential for smoking hash out of a bowl, as they keep the hash from clogging the hole. 

Bowl smoking etiquette

Make sure to pack a bowl big enough for everyone partaking. Traditionally, whomever provided the weed is the first to take a hit. 

If you are sharing a bowl, it is considered uncouth to “take all the greens,” meaning, lighting all the green flower in the bowl with the first hit. Make sure to leave some green flower showing for the next person to smoke. 

If the bowl stays lit, pass it and let the next person know it’s “cherry.” 

How to clean a bowl

Removable bowls and small pipes can easily be submerged in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes and then wiped down. Bigger pieces can be cleaned with cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl.