purple cannabis strains

A term used for cannabis cultivars that express purple in their buds. The term is often reserved for purple strains with an exceptionally potent aroma and effects. It’s also used as slang for Mendocino Purple or Granddaddy Purple cultivars.

“I got some stinky purps at the store today!”

“Mendocino Purps is one of my favorites.”

What is purps?

Like other flowering plants, cannabis has the ability to express many different colors in its flowers, or buds. Aside from shades of green, purple is one of the most recognizable colors associated with cannabis. A purple color can be the result of genetics and also a result of its growing environment. 

Purps can also be a term used to indicate quality. Even though the color of a cannabis flower says nothing about its quality, you will find “purps” in the name of different cultivars that both express purple and are of exceptional quality; just because a cannabis flower is purple doesn’t necessarily mean it is “purps”—it also needs to be of high quality.