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Frequently Asked Questions About the Leafly List

We get a lot of questions about the Leafly List, so we've addressed the most common queries in our Leafly List Frequently Asked Questions to help clarify any confusion you may have.

Leafly Staff - December 1, 2015

State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Advertising Regulations

Here's a state-by-state guide to cannabis advertising regulations that should help cannabis businesses adhere to the guidelines enforced by their respective location.

Leafly Staff - November 30, 2015

11 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Glass Enthusiast

Smoke Cartel offers up 11 great holiday gift ideas for the glass fanatic who has it all. Use discount code LEAFLY for 7% off your holiday order.

Sponsored Article - November 30, 2015

Virginia’s Cannabis Arrest Rates Skyrocket: The Leafly Legalization Roundup

A California city is facing dispensary and delivery shutdowns, Colorado's in hot water over pesticide use, and a report from Virginia shows surprising cannabis arrest rates.

Lisa Rough - November 30, 2015

7 Celebrities With Their Own Line of Cannabis Products

Here are seven musicians that are either planning to launch their own line of cannabis products or have already debuted their infused merchandise to the public.

Lisa Rough - November 29, 2015

New Strains Alert: Purple Dog Shit, Critical Kali Mist, Pink Bubba, Afghan Cow, and More

We've added Purple Dog Shit, Critical Kali Mist, Pink Bubba, and many other new cannabis strains to the Leafly Explorer.

Bailey Rahn - November 27, 2015

10 Cannabis Strains to Aid Digestion After a Big Meal

After a hefty feast, you’re bound to be feeling bloated, possibly even a little bit nauseous. Here are some cannabis strains to ease your aching tummy after a huge holiday meal.

Lisa Rough - November 26, 2015

The 2015 Leafly Holiday Gift Guide

This year’s Leafly Holiday Gift Guide is characterized by that same very thing that makes the cannabis community great: diversity.

Leafly Staff - November 26, 2015

Holiday Gifts for the Dabbing Enthusiast

Need a gift idea for the dabber in your life? This great collection of dabbing paraphernalia will get any dab lover excited, regardless of their experience level.

Leafly Staff - November 26, 2015

Holiday Gifts for the Edibles Lover

Check out our collection of edible products and accessories so you and your friends can start taking your cannabis-infused edibles game to the next level.

Leafly Staff - November 26, 2015