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Pair These Washington Edibles With Your Weekend Skyrim Binge

What better way to get lost in the massive world of Skyrim than playing while you’re high? Try these Washington edibles for your next session.

How Cannabis Could Turn the Opioid Epidemic Around

Learn about how high CBD cannabis can help alleviate opioid addiction and help turn around the ongoing epidemic, and hear one veteran’s story.

Is Cannabis Safe to Use During Pregnancy? New Study Clarifies Risks

Discover new insight on the long weighed question of cannabis safety during pregnancy from a recent review of various studies on the topic.

Behind Tolkien’s Books: Is Hobbit Pipe-Weed Really Cannabis?

J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbits love their pipe-weed. What is pipe-weed exactly, and what is its connection to cannabis and counterculture?

I Hired a Guide to Take Me on a Psychedelic Cannabis Journey

A Colorado meditation guide named Daniel McQueen facilitates deep meditation with the aid of cannabis. Intrigued, I flew to Boulder to find out just how powerful cannabis can be when used as a spiritual tool.

Leafly Critics’ Picks: The Best Blue Dream in Washington

Every half century (or so it seems), The Elder Scrolls creators bless gamers with a new immersive fantasy world. Today, they’re re-releasing the Norse-inspired world…

New Study Hints That Cannabis Relieves Pain Better in Men Than Women

Read details about a new study in “Drug and Alcohol Dependence” that suggests men may experience greater pain relief with cannabis than women.

What is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

What you use to help nausea may be causing it. Learn about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, a condition that may be caused by chronic cannabis use.

What Are the Side Effects of High-THC Cannabis?

Like all virtually all medicines, cannabis can induce its own unique set of side effects. Although not everyone’s experience comes with a side of adverse reactions, it’s worth knowing what you may be at risk for, especially if you’re a new user.

Synthetic Cannabinoids: Growing Side Effects Make Now a Great Time to Stay Away

Learn about the differences between synthetic cannabinoids vs real cannabis, and find out why synthetic is so dangerous and can even cause death.

Cannabis and Dreams: Halting Long-Term Use Can Lead to One Strange Side Effect

If you’ve ever taken a hiatus from your regular cannabis routine, you may have noticed one strange side effect once your eyes close for the night: your dreams change.

Can CBD Undo the Anxious Side Effects of THC?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an excellent anxiety-fighting compound. It occurs in trace amounts in most cannabis varieties, and lately there's been a surge of high-CBD strains and products.

These ADHD Researchers Are Reading Your Posts for Insights on Medical Cannabis

Researchers at Duke University took to online forums last month to learn more about how ADHD patients are self-medicating with cannabis, pushing over the first domino in what might become a series of novel scientific discoveries.

Will New Technology Make Dabbing Approachable to Older Generations?

Set aside that torch and nail, because new technology in dabbing may change the way curious cannabis consumers think about this controversial consumption method.

Leafly Medical Studies Roundup: Is Cannabis Addictive Because We ‘Prefer It Over Fruit’?

NIDA concludes that long-term cannabis use is associated with altered activity in the brain’s reward processing pathways, plus studies on alcoholism and PTSD, liver cancer, and more.

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