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Terpene Oils, Heat Wands, and Psychoactive Tea: Cannabis Product Picks for November 2017

November 15, 2017

November is the perfect time to get a leg-up on holiday shopping—for friends, family, or yourself. In this month’s roundup of standout products, we’ll get a closer look at vaping tech, collapsible water pipes, tea that gets you ripped, and much more. Whether you’re looking to stay cozy on the couch or get your snowshoes moving, something on this list is likely to strike your fancy, so let’s start exploring.

And of course, if you’re hungry for more cannabis products and accessories, dive into Leafly’s product catalog for lots more.

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  • Get the holiday season started right with these product picks for November 2017, like terpene-infused oils, vaporizer wands, and THC teas.
  • 8/7
    VripTech Vaporization Heat Wand
    So you love the torque of a bong but are sick of filling your lungs with hot smoke. My friends, allow me to introduce to you the VripTech VHW Vaporization Heat Wand 3.0. Just plug it in, wait for it to reach the desired heat, place it over the glass dome that attaches to your bong’s down stem, and voila—you’ve turned your bowl of cannabis into a delicious plume of terpene-packed vapor. It’s fun to wield, efficient, effective, and most importantly, preserves the charm of taking a fat rip off the bong.
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  • 8/7
    FreshTerps (by Evolab)
    Colorado, this one’s for you! FreshTerps by Evolab provided quite possibly the most memorable dabbing experience in my life to-date. For those unaware, terpenes are the aromatic oils found in cannabis that give it all of its wonderful smells—as well as nuanced effects. Made up of 20% cannabinoids and 80% terpenes, FreshTerps can be enjoyed on its own or as a supplement to cannabinoid-rich oils. Seriously, nothing beats dabbing a top-shelf concentrate that’s been dunked into this little honey jar of pure flavor.
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  • 8/7
    Everyone else is inside taking bong rips from their blankets, but not you! Nothing can stop you from getting outdoors. And that’s precisely why this collapsible silicone Roll-uh-Bowl was created. Lightweight and foldable featuring a metal bowl piece and downstem, the Roll-uh-Bowl bends to fit in your hand so it’s easy to pack and carry. This high-grade silicone piece is also easy to assemble and wash. Trust me: unveil this apparatus on your next adventure and your travel buddies will forever regard you as the 420 hero.
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  • 8/7
    Nectar Collector Mini
    Ever wanted to do a dab out of a straw? Maybe not, because you probably didn’t even know you could until hearing about this delightful little tool called the Nectar Collector Mini. It’s essentially a handheld dab rig featuring a percolating glass chamber and a quartz (or titanium) tip that you heat up just as you would any dabbing nail. Once it’s hot, apply oil to the tip and inhale. Its small size makes it a breeze to pack up and take on-the-go, so you can brag to your friends that you have a literal dabbing straw.
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  • 8/7
    Blissful Black Whitewater Tea (by Stillwater)
    The rain is running down your window. Your only commitment today is to your favorite blanket. Now the only thing left to decide is how you’re going to get stoned. If you’re in Colorado, I’d highly recommend any of the teas by Stillwater. With this water-soluble formula, all you have to do is dip the tea stick into hot water and enjoy: no milk necessary, and no oily textures. This 10mg THC black tea blend was enjoyed among strangers at a writing class, and I was surprised to feel so comfortable and socially situated even at its peak.
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  • 8/7
    RAW Classic Cones
    RAW Classic Cones are essentially empty pre-rolls that you can stuff cannabis into, allowing you to roll a perfect cone without having a clue how to roll one yourself. These pre-rolled papers are equally suited for anyone prone to spells of laziness and needs the occasional shortcut. Like RAW’s standard papers, these cones are sturdy but thin, and they tend to burn evenly down to the crutch.
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  • 8/7
    Anonymous Bags
    Don’t be a hot mess like me and stink up your purse with used pipes and half-smoked joints. Just invest in a smell-proof bag like this insulated hemp pouch from Anonymous Bags. Secured with zippered childproof locking, this bag is lined with foam and foil to both protect fragile contents while masking odors. For anyone who needs to take their cannabis on-the-go but fly under the radar of detection, this bag is for you.
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