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Max Savage Levenson
Max Savage Levenson likely has the lowest cannabis tolerance of any writer on the cannabis beat. He also writes about music for Pitchfork, Bandcamp and other bespectacled folk. He co-hosts The Hash podcast. His dream interview is Tyler the Creator.
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In the Midst of a CBD Craze, New York City Opens Its First CBD Cocktail Bar

Take a look inside Adriaen Block, a cocktail bar where CBD is artfully balanced with alcohol & provides a soothing, refreshing experience.

How Cannabis Fueled the Rise of Oakland Bluesman Fantastic Negrito

Grammy Award-winning Oakland blues musician Fantastic Negrito talks cannabis and Oakland before his 2018 album and tour launch.

Mac Miller’s Swimming: Is It Worth the High?

MC Mac Miller has made a point of embracing a more sophisticated style of hip-hop in his latest release, Swimming. But, is it worth the high?

Smoochy Woochy Poochy: The DEA’s 2018 Drug Slang Guide Is Next Level Wow

The DEA spared no expense in the crafting of their magnum opus. While the 2017 edition was little more than a seven page pamphlet, 2018’s clocks in at one hundred and twenty five pages. Which, for the record, is longer than Animal Farm.

Blaze’n’Plays Playlist: Sour Candy and Late-Summer Singalongs

Turn up the beat with Blaze'n'Plays eclectic mix that will keep your eardrums bumping as summer comes to a close. Sour Candy makes the perfect cannabis match to this fun-in-the-sun playlist.

Articles Contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

Gov. Cuomo Bails on New York Cannabis Legalization

After pledging his support to win 2018 primary, Cuomo throws legalization advocates under the bus at the first sign of trouble.

Washington DC Mayor Moves to Allow Cannabis Sales

Expecting a congressional roadblock to be removed this year, Mayor Muriel Bowser has unveiled a plan to launch legal, adult-use cannabis sales in the District.

Attorney General Says He Prefers STATES Act Over Prohibition

In a Congressional hearing, AG William Barr said a STATES Act solution would be better than the current federal-state conflict over cannabis regulation.

The STATES Act Is Back. Can It Win Over Congress?

One of the leading efforts to end cannabis prohibition at the federal level stepped back into the spotlight this week.

After Budget Setback, What’s Next for Legalization in New York?

Advocates wanted equity measures. Companies wanted to jump the line. Rural counties wanted to opt out. In the end, nobody got anything. Maybe slowing down isn't the worst thing.

Cannabis Out! New York Drops Legalization From Budget Bill

That doesn't mean it's dead. But it does leave advocates with a tougher road ahead.

New York Legalization Lives or Dies by Friday, Senator Says

It's got to pass within the budget, because legalization doesn't have the votes to pass in a standalone bill, says Sen. Diane Savino.

Unlimited Licenses? Pennsylvania Legalization Bill Charts a Bold New Plan

The bill envisions a robust social equity program, a pathway for small businesses to engage in the industry, and even an eco-conscious vape pen recycling program.

Is the ‘World’s First THC Breathalyzer’ a Breakthrough or Vaporware?

The unit's maker announces positive tests, but has yet to allow anyone else to demo the device.

Will Tomorrow’s THC Be Brewed in a Lab?

Yeast gave humanity bread and beer—our cannabis buzz may be next.

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