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Canada’s favourite cannabis accessory brands

Published on January 22, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Judging from Leafly readers’ choices for favourite cannabis accessories, the style revolution is well underway when it comes to bongs, pipes, rolling trays, and more.

Most of the top choices shared a minimalist aesthetic, perhaps a reaction against the rainbows, skulls, and cannabis leaves of previous generations.

Canada’s favourite cannabis accessory brand

1. Tokyo Smoke

tokyo smoke marble rolling accessories tray ashtray jar

Jesse Milns/Leafly

The cannabis retail chain was a trendsetter in elevating the aesthetic of cannabis accessories. Their elegantly designed collection–such as the rose-glass Heirloom Stack Pipe, which resembles a vase, but can be deconstructed into a pipe, ashtray, and grinder–continues to connect with design-minded cannabis enthusiasts. Their bestsellers include their slim pipes and vapes as well as creative innovations such as a cheese-grater-style grinder that you can slip into your wallet.

2. Brnt

BRNT designs hexagon bong

Jesse Milns/Leafly

Since four students at the University of Alberta first launched BRNT in 2017 with the Hexagon, a ceramic bong inspired by minimalistic design aesthetics, the stylish accessories line has added walnut rolling trays, concrete ashtrays, and pipes, and geometrically-designed glassware to the collection, now available in 30 stores across Canada. They’ve also added a limited-time collaboration with Tweed on a line of marble rolling trays.

3. Red Eye Glass

red eye glass colourful pipes

Red Eye Glass/Facebook

Famous for their colour-changing glass pipes, the Vancouver-based designers bring creativity and a sense of humour to wild designs, such as the Mister Moustachio tube water pipe, which is topped with a comically oversized moustache to combine the joy of inhaling with the joy of seeing your friend with a fake stash.

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4. Canadian Lumber

canadian lumber

Photo by Sean Berrigan

The Halifax company set out to produce Canada’s leading rolling paper. Judging by Leafly readers’ response, they’ve achieved just that with their three signature brands: Greens (100% hemp papers), Woods (100% unbleached, unrefined wood pulp), and Hippy (50% flaxseed and 50% hemp).

While their papers are the focus, Canadian Lumber also produces aluminum rolling trays and scent-proof bags, accented with a lumberjackian red-and-black plaid print.

5. Studio A-OK

studio A OK pipe yellow

Jesse Milns/Leafly

The studio behind Vancouver’s All Day Breakfast headshop is also a lifestyle brand. Their stock includes everything from sophisticatedly minimalistic ceramic bongs and pipes through delightfully camp offerings such as a pipe shaped like a pink elephant’s head or a glass “Gatorbeug” bong made to look like a homemade Gatorade bottle toke.

6. Verde Vie

Women cannabis brands canada

Photo by Jesse Milns

The Montreal accessories line, characterized by its neutral or pastel colour palettes, is a fashion magazine favourite. In 2019, their collaboration with New York City artist Amber Vittoria produced an exclusive abstract print for the Verde x Amber Vittoria acrylic rolling tray.

7. Krush Grinders

Krush grinders kube 2.0

Jesse Milns/Leafly

Their aerodynamically-designed aluminum grinders that span the Pantone rainbow are their signature, but the Toronto company is also chasing the high-end market with grinders and rolling trays in black walnut and artificial marble, not to mention their A’dore stash box, which is locked using biometric fingerprint security technology.

8. Laundry Daytied withCanoe Cannabis Co.

Laundry Day Nanou Pipe | Jesse Milns/Leafly

Four years after Victoria Ashley founded the Laundry Day accessories line in Victoria, BC, the ’70s-inspired products have been hailed for their stylish design by such fashion arbiters as Vogue and Refinery29.

Canoe Cannabis Co leather stash case

Canoe Stash Case | @CanoeCannabisCo/Instagram

Laundry Day ties with a brand that carries a very different aesthetic. Canoe Cannabis Co. channels rugged outdoor adventurers with grinders, rolling papers, and slim leather cases.

9. Allumetied withCanada Puffin

Allume Toboggan pipe


Allume’s abstract, Barbapapa-shaped pipes are complemented by totes and broaches that share the brand’s Earth daughter ethos.

Canada Puffin | Jesse Milns/Leafly

Canada Puffin is inspired by Canadian iconography, stamping their pipes, bongs and rolling papers with the maple leaf.

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