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Canadians Caught Smuggling Cannabis Across Border the Only Way They Know How

May 2, 2015

Some crafty Canucks tried to cross the Pigeon River border from Ontario to Minnesota with nearly a pound of cannabis concealed inside one of the most Canadian vessels that come to mind.

Was it:

A. A 40-pack of Timbits donut holes

B. Cans of maple syrup

C. Bags of milk

D. A moose

E. A piñata that looks like Seth Rogen, Canada’s biggest stoner export

If you guessed ‘B‘, cans of maple syrup, pop open a bottle of the sweet stuff for a celebratory chug, Super Troopers-style, because you are correct! (Please don’t actually chug maple syrup — we care about your teeth health and your lack of diabetes).

That’s right, two Canadians admitted to Customs and Border Patrol agents that they were in possession of a couple of cannabis joints, and when the agents pulled them over to inspect their vehicles, they uncovered a case of maple syrup cans that were indeed stuffed with a sticky substance, but it wasn’t a delicious breakfast accoutrement, it was the sticky icky instead. Unfortunately, the individuals were arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance before being booted back up north.

If you’re thinking of pulling the same stunt, hold off on shoving those sweet, sticky cannabis buds into a can of liquid Canadian gold and opt for one of these strains instead:

Leafly Maple Leaf Indica cannabis strain tileMaple Leaf Indica

It’s less mapley-sweet and more normal-sweet, but it’ll bring giggly, relaxing effects (plus, its name is just about as Canadian as it gets).

Leafly Afwreck cannabis strain tileAfwreck

This euphoric, happiness-inducing hybrid has been noted in user reviews for tasting like maple syrup.

Leafly Death Star cannabis strain tileDeath Star

The potent indica has been reviewed as having a “piney sweet, almost maple smell” with some diesel, coupled with a “really nice nutty/woody flavor.”

Do you know of any other strains that taste like maple syrup? Let us know!