Is CBD microencapsulation the next secret to sleep?

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cbd infused fabric, all-natural sleep aid, cbd micro-encapsulation, cbd pillow
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This article is brought to you by CBD Pillow, providing a relaxing night’s rest with CBD microencapsulation.

For anyone who has suffered from sleeplessness, the idea of getting a good night’s sleep from merely lying down is a dream come true. Now, there’s a new effort to make that a reality: consistent microdoses of CBD delivered via pillow.

While we’re still learning the exact relationship between CBD and sleep, lots of people experiencing sleep problems turn toward CBD for help. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports survey says that 10 percent of Americans who try CBD said they used it to help them sleep.

Regardless, a big dose of CBD before bed will be out of your system before the night’s over.

“Taking CBD orally before bed typically starts to wear out of your system after about 2 or 3 hours,” explains Michelle Murtha, Vice President of Content at CBD Pillow. “The CBD Pillow is designed to release prolonged microdoses of CBD to help sustain the effects of your usual nighttime routine, and to gradually introduce new CBD users to the potential benefits of CBD. It’s also the world’s most relaxing pillow, designed to help you rest all night long.”

So how do you get CBD into a pillowcase—and how does it get from the pillowcase to your skin? It’s a technology called microencapsulation.

What is microencapsulation, and how does it get CBD into a pillow?

cbd infused fabric, all-natural sleep aid, cbd micro-encapsulation, cbd pillow

(Courtesy of CBD Pillow)

To break down the process of microencapsulation, you can divide it into two parts: the size of the particles and how they are contained. In the case of the CBD Pillow, CBD particles are preserved in tiny, microscopic capsules, protecting them until they are released. It’s the same technique used in the sachets that many people use to keep their closets and clothes smelling fresh—but CBD Pillow is one of the first products to use the technology with CBD.

The tiny capsules protect the CBD from evaporation, oxidation, and contamination, keeping it suspended in the fabric until bedtime. When your head hits the pillow, the friction releases a little bit of CBD, which then gets absorbed transdermally through the skin. As you sleep, your unconscious movements release tiny amounts of CBD throughout the night for small, consistent dosing.

“If you’re especially restless, a higher amount of CBD is released,” adds Murtha.

The CBD Pillow – more than a sweet dream

cbd infused fabric, all-natural sleep aid, cbd micro-encapsulation, cbd pillow

(Courtesy of CBD Pillow)

The concept is relatively simple, but building a CBD pillow that works was much more complex. It took the team about two years of development to get it right.

“At the very beginning, we could only get a small amount of microencapsulated CBD bonded to the fabric,” Murtha explains. “We refined the technology, tested it, then went back and refined it again.”

Before and after the encapsulated CBD bonds to the fabric of the pillow, the quality, size, and shape of the microcapsules are checked with an electron microscope and a particle size analyzer. Once the CBD is bonded to the pillow itself, the technology has to deliver. To make sure it was working, CBD Pillow had a third-party laboratory perform a Franz Cell Test on skin with their fabric, which confirmed a high absorption rate of CBD through skin and nerve receptors. They’ve made all the results of these tests available on their website.

Additional testing analyzed just how long the CBD Pillow could deliver reliable doses of CBD. These tests showed that the pillowcase maintained a high potency for up to six months and up to 20 washes. After the six months is up, CBD Pillow users can buy replacement pillowcases to go over their existing pillow which, by the way, has a gel memory foam core to keep you sleeping cool, and has fully customizable and adjustable thickness and firmness settings.

None of their efforts would be worth it if this wasn’t designed to be an amazingly comfortable pillow, and Murtha assures us that part’s taken care of.

“It’s the most relaxing pillow you’ll ever own, even without the CBD,” she says.

So far, feedback has been positive. “We’ve had some fantastic results,” she says.

In fact, one week after launch, CBD Pillow was awarded the coveted “Most Innovative CBD Product” award at the CBD Expo in Las Vegas. This is an award voted on by industry peers after a vetting process, and CBD Pillow won over some of the biggest existing names in the CBD industry.

The proof is in the pillow

cbd infused fabric, all-natural sleep aid, cbd micro-encapsulation, cbd pillow

(Courtesy of CBD Pillow)

It took a lot of work to get there, but Murtha points out that the CBD Pillow is maybe the most user-friendly CBD delivery system available—and because there’s no learning curve or guesswork, she hopes CBD Pillow can be an easy introduction for those hesitant to try capsules, creams, tinctures, or candies.

“We’re hoping we can introduce more people to CBD through something that everyone already uses and make it easier for those who are afraid to try something new,” says Murtha.

She acknowledges that CBD isn’t for everybody, and to make sure that customers feel comfortable giving the pillow a try, it can be returned for a full refund within 30 days.

Of course, there are plenty of people that already like using CBD, but even the most seasoned CBD user probably can’t apply a cream or eat a gummy in their sleep.

“Even if you’re already a heavy CBD user, microdosing technology is designed to sustain the effects of your current routine so you sleep soundly through the night,” she says.

And for those looking for the secret to sleep, this might just be the answer.

Try a CBD-infused pillow for yourself at cbdpillow.com.

This article is paid for by CBD Pillow. All product claims and views expressed in this article are made by CBD Pillow.

CBD Pillow
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