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Botanical blends and CBD: LiftMode Hemp’s synergistic secret

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Presented ByLiftMode Hemp March 31, 2020

This article is brought to you by LiftMode Hemp, creating full-spectrum CBD products that allow you to choose your hemp.

LiftMode Hemp is bringing one-of-a-kind CBD oils to the market—boosted by plant-based powerhousesBy adding complementary plant compounds to its hemp-derived CBD, LiftMode Hemp creates blends that they hope will change how people consider their health and wellness.

“We wanted to use our expertise in plant-based natural ingredients to make a synergistic product that would be greater than the sum of its parts, then maximizes those benefits using other natural ingredients that were compatible, ” explains Armand Tuzel, a managing member of LiftMode.

With their botanical expertise, the team at LiftMode was able to begin crafting families of full-spectrum CBD oil products for health-conscious consumers. It’s this collaboration of natural ingredients that created the aptly named Synergy CBD Oil- their flagship product.

Ingredients that work with cannabinoids for synergy

Tuzel uses his background in biochemistry and years of studying plant-based health to help LiftMode find just the right ingredients for their Synergy CBD Oil. It’s blended to bring out the best in CBD, and conversely, for CBD to bring out the best of other powerful plants—whether taken orally or used on the skin.

It starts with raw, full-spectrum hemp extract in coconut-derived MCT oil, rich in terpenes, phytochemicals, and even chlorophyll.

“We chose the ingredients based on evidence along with personal experience using these ingredients on their own for different benefits,” explains Tuzel. “I knew how effective they were for me, and I realized that they were all compatible with CBD oil because they’re all oil soluble.”

Blackseed oil is the muscle of the blend. It’s rich in thymoquinone, an ingredient gaining popularity in natural wellness for its antioxidant and antifungal properties and reducing inflammation.

“It’s very well known for helping with a variety of health and healing properties, ranging from relaxing a tight chest to soothing achy joints,” Tuzel notes. It also contains curcumin, the robust compound in turmeric, and Boswellia, also known as frankincense. Methyl salicylate from wintergreen packs an extra punch when taken orally or cools the skin when used topically.

The unique combination of oleamide, derived from oleic acid, and CBD in the right proportions is what Tuzel is especially proud of—he says they’re likely the first company in the CBD market to use it.  The combination is particularly effective to help promote relaxation and aid with sleep.

“Every ingredient synergizes extremely well with the other trace cannabinoids that are present in a full spectrum extract,” says Tuzel. “The combination of these ingredients is unique—they don’t occur in other products on the market.”

“It makes it a more noticeably effective product,” he adds.

Creating a family of CBD products 

For its Energy and Calm CBD oils, LiftMode takes the same ethos they applied to the Synergy CBD Oil – making “The CBD That Does More”—and harnesses it for specific situations.

Designed for winding down at the end of the day, Calm CBD Oil for Sleep contains melatonin, a hormone your brain creates in response to darkness, along with a collection of terpenes and essential oils designed to promote relaxation. The Energy CBD Oil, on the other hand, is designed to give a boost. B12, a vitamin that helps regulate red blood cell production and the nervous system, and a terpene blend optimized for revitalization.

Both oils hold up to the same rigorous potency and purity standards as the Synergy CBD Oil and are packed with minor cannabinoids for a robust addition to a wellness routine.

The bee’s knees of CBD?

Whether it’s the synergy oil or a gummy, quality is always front-of-mind for LiftMode Hemp.

For example: When developing their Silk Relief CBD Hemp Salve, they didn’t settle for just any carrier oil or base.

“We searched for something that wouldn’t be greasy or oily or leave residues on the skin,” he explains. “We wanted it to absorb quickly and have soothing properties.”

They ended up settling on a unique grade of beeswax that wasn’t waxy. Instead, careful processing allows it to be absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving a silky finish. As with their other products, in addition to full-spectrum CBD oil, the salve contains a host of corresponding botanicals, like geranium and chamomile, meant to help with minor joint pain and muscle soreness.

“We spent time trying to find the perfect components that would maximize skin soothing and moisturizing without any residue,” says Tuzel.

He was inspired to create the product from his own experience. When they developed the salve, it was wintertime, and he’d just come back into town to cold, dry weather—and the resulting dry, itchy skin.

Tulin Tuzel, also a managing member at LiftMode, says this personal approach is part of what keeps their standards so high. The diversity of the LiftMode Team, in expertise and skillsets, and also age and gender, are a strong asset in developing products.

“It’s a common practice for all of us to use the product—to show that it actually works and continue to improve it to its maximum potential, based on our own experiences,” she says. “If we won’t personally use a product for the intended benefit, then it is not ready. We take time to formulate, develop, test, and improve because our ultimate goal is to earn customer trust,” she says.

At LiftMode Hemp, it’s all about Synergy—whether its products combining the benefits of botanicals and CBD, or the Team working together to make CBD the best it can be.

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Presented by LiftMode Hemp