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For the fine wine equivalent to vaping, turn to Omura

Presented ByOmuraPublished on October 7, 2020 · Last updated July 17, 2022
This article is sponsored by Omura. Image courtesy of Omura.

While moonshine may have gotten the job done during alcohol prohibition, nowadays we much prefer sipping a glass of wine and waxing poetic about the nose and mouth-feel. No need to worry about going blind drinking your neighbor’s bathtub gin. Similarly, a bag of brown buds and an old bong may have been the go-to back in the day, but those days are over. 

Craft bud deserves a vaporizing device that does it justice. And discerning consumers have come to expect a certain level of sophistication in how they consume flower including titrated highs that fit our lifestyle needs.  

And luckily, we now have that at our fingertips. Meet Omura—the game-changing vaporizing device for flower consumption that pairs with ‘Whole-Flower Sticks’ containing a choice of prefilled CBD hemp flower (available online across the country) or, THC cultivars produced by California cultivators such as Cream Of The Crop, TSO Sonoma, Cannamasterdamn, Sweetwater Pharms, and Humboldt’s Finest. Omura also has a number of new states and cultivators lined up for 2020.

And the goal? The sleek vaping and flower stick system offers ease, convenience, and a measured approach to dosing intended to deliver a light high Omura coins ‘the social high’ – present and elevated. 

If that was a lot to take in, let’s break it down from A to Z. 

Not all vapes are created equal

Omura Series 1 in Gold. Image courtesy of Omura.

Cannabis connoisseurs know that vaporizing—vaping, for short—is often a much-preferred delivery method over smoking.

Whether consuming CBD or THC, inhalation methods like vaping and smoking deliver instant effects but with smoking, you’re combusting flower, potentially inhaling the tar and char of the buds and leaving behind a robust (and pervasive) scent. 

Vaping, can be a cleaner and less odorous experience. For example, Omura’s Heat-Not-Burn technology goes the distance in delivering minimal vapor while preserving a full terpene profile, with absolutely no burning, charring, ash, smoke, and minimal lingering odor. 

With vaping, you have a choice: flower or concentrate. While extracted concentrates are the shiny new guy on the market, a large contingent of cannasseurs still prefer consuming flower in its raw form. In its unaltered state, flower offers the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Working together, these chemical compounds become greater than the sum of their parts, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Concentrates, on the other hand, may distil only certain components, and frankly, you’ll never know what you might be missing, or worse still, what’s been added. Consuming whole flower means the product has gone through the least amount of processing and thus potential contamination. 

In Omura’s case, they offer top-shelf CBD-rich whole flower or cannabis Flowersticks from some of California’s most prominent cultivators. All cultivators meet Omura’s Flower Brand Standards, ensuring there is zero trim, or chemical additives in the sticks—only 100% pure whole flower.

Whole flower goodness while keeping your hands clean

Omura Flowersticks are packed with zero trim or chemical additives, only 100% pure whole cannabis or hemp flower. Image courtesy of Omura.

But before you worry about shoving your own flower into a vape, relax. Adding to utmost luxury and convenience, the Omura vape operates exclusively with pre-filled flower sticks. 

Each pack comes with 12 precision doses of flower (.17 grams), wrapped in food contact grade, rainforest safe, biodegradable, and compostable paper. That’s right, you get all the goodness of whole flower without any of the grinding, packing, or cleaning. Instead, you can just pop and go—anywhere, anytime. 

Ok, that covers what you’re consuming with Omura–now let’s talk about how. Once you’re ready, squeeze the lock on the compartment of pre-filled Flowersticks to open it. Grab a Flowerstick and insert it directly into the sleek, design forward device. Turn it on with the touch of a button and wait for the LED lights to indicate when the optimal temperature has been reached. From there, slow, deep inhales are the way to make the most of the three-minute session.

A social high that keeps you going

Omura Series 1 in White. Image courtesy of Omura.

Omura was designed specifically to induce a social high, one that keeps you present without being blitzed. Being able to layer flower sticks, starting with one and adding more as needed, helps you reach your most perfect buzz without going overboard. 

“We want to help people have the best experience they can with hemp or cannabis flower,” says Mike Simpson, Co-CEO at Omura. “And that experience includes everything from the flowers we choose, the simplicity of the device, and the absolute precision and purity of the high.” For those looking to move from moonshine to fine wine, Omura is most certainly the device of choice.

Omura Series X in Black launching late 2020. Image courtesy of Omura.

Omura’s latest device, the Series X (pictured above), drops next month. Sign up here to join their waitlist.

Presented ByOmura
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