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Broad-spectrum, cruelty-free, delicious: The perfect CBD gummy is finally here

Infinite CBD
Presented ByInfinite CBDPublished on August 13, 2020 · Last updated July 17, 2022
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Gummies are convenient and delightfully chewy, so it’s no surprise they’re one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for CBD companies to take half-measures in gummy production, leading to ineffective, high-sugar products that leave vegans and health-conscious consumers alike with few options.

Infinite CBD’s Asteroid Gummies are the original vegan, all-natural CBD gummy. They’re already among the best in the industry, made cruelty-free using real fruit extract. Those legendary gummies now come in broad spectrum, unleashing the full power of the whole cannabis plant, minus the THC, in one tasty little package.

Broad-spectrum makes a better gummy

(Courtesy of Infinite CBD)

CBD is great on its own, but broad-spectrum CBD turns it up a few notches. In the whole hemp plant, naturally occurring compounds work synergistically with CBD for a more powerful product. These include minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBG, which have their own effects, too—but work as kind of a multiplier for CBD. Terpenes, which give plants distinct smells and tastes, also interact with CBD to enhance its benefits.

This idea of different parts of the plant coming together to create something bigger is known as the “entourage effect”—something usually experienced when consuming a whole cannabis plant. Infinite’s Broad-Spectrum Asteroid Gummies harness all of that, minus THC, to make the 25mg of CBD in each gummy go farther.

For those who like to start their day with CBD, Infinite’s B-12 Broad Spectrum Asteroid Gummies add another member to the entourage. They have the same whole-plant power as the regular broad-spectrum gummies, but with an extra kick of energy from Vitamin B-12 to get you up and at ’em.

They’re also delicious. The standard broad-spectrum gummies come in a mix of cherry limeade, grape, green apple, peach, and strawberry banana, while the B-12 gummies are flavored with energizing and citrusy yuzu—all made from natural fruit extract.

All the taste, none of the cruelty

(Courtesy of Infinite CBD)

A run-of-the-mill gummy is typically going to be packed with gelatin made from meat byproducts—and the CBD market is saturated with cheaply-made gummies. It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, and it’s an absolute non-starter for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who keeps their distance from pork or beef.

By taking the small extra step of making gummies with pectin, a naturally occurring plant compound used in jams and jellies, Infinite’s Atomic Gummies are a tasty treat for pretty much any CBD consumer.

Infinite takes that commitment one step further by getting LeapingBunny approval. The Leaping Bunny Program is a coalition of animal-rights organizations that verifies products are actually cruelty-free at every point on the supply chain, not just paying lip service.

Made, farmed, and packaged with love

While other CBD companies make their products as quickly and cheaply as possible, Infinite chooses the high road, managing its entire production line from farm to bottle. Everything’s made from scratch and nothing is outsourced for seamless quality control and, ultimately, a better gummy.

It starts at the Colorado hemp farm—the one, trusted vendor Infinite purchases its raw hemp from. Every single product is made from scratch in-house, formulated and crafted by Infinite’s own trained chemists. There’s no junk in there, just a careful mix of high-quality, plant-based ingredients.

Making everything in-house also means it gets on the shelf faster, so instead of sitting out on an assembly line for weeks or months, they’re fresh when they go in the bag. The end result is something to be proud of, and Infinite wants to show it off. Head to InfiniteCBD.com now for 20% off your first order and get yourself a pack (or two) of gummies, or any of Infinite CBD’s other great products.

Infinite CBD
Presented ByInfinite CBD
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