The Botanist: Helping Stylish East Coasters Get an MMJ Card One Party at a Time

Published on November 16, 2018 · Last updated January 7, 2022
(Courtesy of The Botanist)

Step into The Botanist: A dispensary that began in Baltimore, is opening Buffalo’s first-ever medical pot shop, and has one location in Massachusetts with at least four more on the way. Here, you’ll recognize a sincere commitment to compassion, education, and helping people obtain their medical marijuana card. For first timers and old schoolers alike, The Botanist rolls out a metaphorical welcome mat that seems to say “Hey, we’re all in this together.” As proof, they’ve recently partnered with Veriheal to make it easier—and cheaper—to get a medical card in a number of eastern locales.

(Courtesy of The Botanist)

But it seems that being relentlessly stylish and helpful both online and in-person isn’t fully scratching their itch, because The Botanist now organizes a traveling CBD-cocktail party aimed squarely at cannabis education and registration for medical cards.

Partygoers are treated to CBD-infused (THC where permitted) cocktails or mocktails inspired by popular cannabis strains, like the Sour Diesel & Tonic, infused with alpha pinene, myrcene, and limonene terpenes as a nod to Sour Diesel’s earth & citrus flavor notes.

This isn’t just a gathering for fun and networking with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts—The Botanist’s traveling affairs are chock full of terpene samples to smell, local growers to chat up, and educational materials to take home with an emphasis on effects, use cases, and benefits of the plant. More often than not, Veriheal is on-site, helping people get their MMJ card on the spot.

It’s a brave new world, and The Botanist is shuttling east coasters into it with panache. Remember when our cannabis lives consisted of buying whatever your guy had on hand, whenever he was around to sell it you? Forget strain names, I just hoped for an actual Ziploc and not the sandwich bags that could easily spill precious weed in my purse.

I sure don’t miss that fiasco.

Find out where The Botanist events are popping up next here.Looking for CBD, THC, or Both?

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