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The 2018 Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 7/10: Maryland & Massachusetts Cannabis Sales

Find some of the best 7/10 deals on cannabis concentrates in Maryland and Massachusetts dispensaries with the Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 7/10.

6 Months On, Maryland Patients Struggle With Limited Selection and Supply

With a limited number of growers and no edibles allowed, Maryland's dispensaries are evolving too slowly for many patients.

Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 4/20: Massachusetts & Maryland Cannabis Deals

Find some of the best 4/20 deals on cannabis products and accessories in Massachusetts and Maryland dispensaries with the Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 4/20.

Maryland Lawmakers Add Medical Marijuana Licenses to Address Diversity

Racing to meet tomorrow's recess deadline, the legislature opens the industry to more diverse operators.

Report Supports Help for Minorities in Medical Cannabis Industry

The report supports efforts by Maryland lawmakers who are sponsoring legislation that would create five new medical marijuana cultivation licenses for minority-owned businesses.

In Maryland, Products and Patients Are Flowing to Dispensaries

Supply was tight during the first week, but patients are finding more products on the shelves at month's end.

First Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opens, Finally

After years of delay, Potomac Holistics opens to serve patients in Rockville. As many as 1,000 patients are expected this weekend.

Across State Lines: One Medical Cannabis Refugee’s Journey to Colorado and Back

Barry Lauder was diagnosed with MS in his mid-twenties. He sought Colorado's medical cannabis to ease his symptoms and ultimately change his perspective.

Maryland Companies to Study Medical Marijuana Vaping

Two companies have formed a partnership to study how well vapor-inhalation devices work for patients.

Maryland May See Medical Cannabis This Month, but Diversity Issues Loom Large

Racial diversity in the state's medical marijuana industry is wanting, Some lawmakers said they are planning to introduce a bill early next session to grant licenses to African-American business owners.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Panel Director Resigning

Patrick Jameson says it's been an honor to help sick people and launch a new lucrative industry in Maryland. He says the time has come for him to pursue other interests.

Baltimore Preps for First Batch of Dispensaries

Residents are looking for answers as Maryland finally readies to begin serving patients through 102 planned dispensaries.

Judge Says Maryland Marijuana Lawsuit Can Go to Trial

A judge has ruled that a lawsuit that could disrupt Maryland's fledgling medical cannabis industry can go to trial.

Data Dive: Breaking Down Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Industry By Race & Gender

Statistics offer insight into the state's licensing system, and how it reflects the state's demographic makeup.

Amid MMJ Delays, Maryland Approves 8 New Cultivators

Maryland regulators approved eight medical cannabis cultivation licenses, and several of the companies say they’re ready to begin growing immediately.

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