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How CCELL Delivers Dependable Cannabis Vape Cartridges

CCELL logo Presented By CCELL May 11, 2018
(Courtesy of CCELL)
This article is sponsored by CCELL

As the market for medical and recreational cannabis products grows in states around America, concentrated cannabis products like oils are leading the way. Among the most popular delivery devices for these concentrates are vaporizer cartridges filled with high-potency cannabis oil. In California, one of the largest legal cannabis markets, vaporizer carts make up 25% of delivery sales.

While demand for vaporizer carts is on the rise, the technology is still young, and largely based on repurposed e-cigarette hardware that isn’t all that well-suited for the job. This has left vape cart consumers plagued by a familiar suite of problems.

CCELL technology helps power some of the industry’s most reliable vaporizer cartridges. (Courtesy of CCELL)

From unvaporized oils to leaky cartridges, these problems could spell trouble for the vape cart industry, since consumers who don’t get their money’s worth from a new technology are less likely to try it again. To ensure that users get the most out of every puff of their carefully crafted concentrates, processors are increasingly turning to more reliable ceramic heating elements, like those developed by industry leader CCELL.

“As we looked for ways to deliver our oil to customers, we went through 36 different cartridges before deciding that CCELL’s technology is the best on the market today,” says Rob Zaitona of Cartel Oil Co.

Purpose-Built Cannabis Cartridges

Because the viscous, sticky nature of cannabis oils makes them tougher to vaporize than other liquids, the industry demanded new solutions. To offer those solutions, doctors and professors with years of experience developing ceramics for vaporization worked together to create CCELL. While numerous producers are crafting ceramic heating elements, not all ceramics are created equal, as CCELL’s partners will tell you.


How Aces Extracts Customizes Cannabis Oil

“We’re committed to making the highest quality distillate for our Aces product line, but we never felt that our disposable pen hardware fully showcased our oil,” says David Hudson, director of sales at Aces Extracts. “Once we made the switch to CCELL technology, we could immediately see and taste the improvement in flavor and consistency of each pull.”

Here’s how CCELL makes those improvements possible.

Wickless Wonder

Many cartridges use a cotton wick as their heating element, but these wicks can burn at high temperatures. When that happens, consumers can say goodbye to the cannabis flavor that oil processors have worked so painstakingly to craft. Once you’re vaping with a burned wick, every hit will carry the taste of that char.

CCELL technology helps maintain the true taste of carefully crafted cannabis oils. (Courtesy of CCELL)

In contrast, CCELL ceramic heating elements are composed of a patented formula developed with thermal endurance in mind, meaning they can absorb and distribute heat from the embedded coil evenly and regularly. This ceramic is sintered together at a very high temperature, increasing its stability even further.

“Because CCELL coils are more stable than other heating elements, they won’t burn out or become charred like other heating elements can,” says CCELL’s marketing director Joe S. “And the design of the coil guarantees the most even possible heating distribution, eliminating local overheating and ensuring that every bit of oil gets vaporized.”

Ready to Roll

The even heating provided by CCELL doesn’t just prevent burning, though. It also makes CCELL-powered puffs remarkably consistent, so that the last puff on a cartridge feels and tastes just like one from its heart.

And since CCELL coils heat the surrounding cannabis oil consistently every time, users don’t need to spend their first couple pulls priming the pump and getting their cart warmed up. CCELL-driven vape carts are ready to start strong from the very first puff, because life is too short for load times.

Vape pen users can count on getting big puffs every time from carts powered by CCELL technology. (Courtesy of CCELL)

Bigger Puffs, Fewer Leaks

While some cannabis oil cartridges render cottony clouds of vapor, others can leave users exhaling puny plumes. Even more common are carts that do both, providing a satisfying lungful of vapor on some hits—and thin, tasteless wisps from others.


You may want to avoid these ingredients in cannabis oil vape cartridges

“CCELL ceramic heating elements are designed with a carefully calculated ratio of nanoscale inlet holes to make them permeable to cannabis oils and distillates,” Joe S. notes. “That permeability means CCELL heating elements can absorb, store, and vaporize these substances very efficiently.”

An added benefit of that permeability? Since CCELL heating elements are so good at absorbing cannabis oils, they are less likely to leak.

“CCELL provides the best vapor production, hands down, along with the lowest leak and defect rate we have experienced,” says Devin Weller of Sea Dub Extracts. “They beat the quality of every other atomizer out there.”

  • Vegas Steve

    It would be nice if you could advise where to actually BUY these things. Ever do a google search? Nothing…

    • jimbro44

      I thought the article was about how to get them (that word “deliver” in relation to cannabis products invokes the thought of sending the actual product… clearly they mean “provides” i.e. the product does…)the fact they don’t even mention a state or product is odd at best.
      Convince everyone how much better it is not how they get it?
      I’m also confused and curious.

      • HipJipC

        Obviously CCell, the company website and then I found them on Vaporesso. Most things can be ordered online and shipped. Except pre-filled vape cartridges filled with any substance illegal in your state of course.

        • Vegas Steve

          Thanks for the info!

          • HipJipC

            You’re very welcome, Happy Vaping 🙂

        • jimbro44

          Yes, OBVIOUSLY CCELL….
          Thanks, I’ll see what they do ship (doesn’t sound like much as they talk about THEIR prefilled carts most of the article), and thanks to @andymoff for more info also.

          • adot

            Hi Jimbro44,

            Jupiter Research, a CCELL partner, is based where you are and have a lot of clients in the area. Take a look at your local dispensary or give them a call and the local rep can help you out.

          • HipJipC

            Your original message came through to my email, so I’m answering that instead of the more polite, edited version above. CCell doesn’t sell cannabis, PERIOD, so NO, they are not talking about THEIR pre-filled carts. Cannabis pre-fills are done by those in medical and recreational cannabis stores in whatever state has them legally. They make their own another words or purchase IN STATE from others. This article is about the CCell cartridges that have the ceramic element and how they are far superior to the “burning” wick. So, this article is written more for those who sell the pre-filled or make their own at home. So, if you live in a cannabis legal state, just go to your favorite store(s) and ask them if they carry pre-filled CCell carts. If not, see if they can get them. OR, you make your own oils, buy the blank carts offline and fill them yourself. Have a wonderful day and PLEASE, vape a LOT 🙂

          • jimbro44

            Thanks that cleared up a lot for that these people telling me to “visit dispensaries” obviously missed…
            I use a ff2 vape, I’ve heard and read some pretty scary stories about people who live on those vape pens (they have different carrier agents which is a huge factor.).

            The main problem is my tolerance is so high. I mainly use RSO, luckily a couple dispensaries here have it. (Only one place really does it legit imo tho).

      • JAYNE PDX

        sounds like you’ll need to visit a dispensary somewhere near you

        • jimbro44

          If only I’d thought of that… oh that’s right, I did, and if you werent like the 3rd person to mention it.. do you realize this is a month old? And you come in 3 days ago to tell me to look in a dispenary?
          I did look, BEFORE I posted!
          Thanks tho!

    • andymoff

      You can find a couple brands with the CCELL technology at Planet 13, including their house brand Medizin cartridges which are absolute fire!!!

      • Vegas Steve


    • Silverado

      Ebay has listings for them too. Try there…

    • Pretty much any store with vape or cig in the name sells the battery part of these in many many formats.

  • paul helssom

    I find it sad that Leafly positions itself as a source of information and then WHORES ITSELF OUT WITH THIS BULLSHIT.

    These “sponsored” articles mean you are absolutely not to be trusted when it comes to recommendations or reviews.

  • james

    Happy Weekend to y’all. Guava Gelato Ready??????. GG effects are indica-forward. Very effective when combating stress, daily aches, pains and nausea .
    Every stoner should try this.
    Play with fire
    We stack different.…hugobuds

  • Serop Babikian

    Just a heads up.. long time ecig user.. I find the oils in carts are less than ideal.. so I bypass them by using a wax pen.. anyway to my point, CCELL’s ceramic wick coils taste like burnt porcelain when u vape them… I’ve used the once touted “revolutionary” cCell coils in my vaporesso and it was the worst coil I’ve ever tasted in my life. Needless to say the ceramic FAD disappeared as quick as the CCell coils… fair warning stay away if u like to taste anything but burnt ceramics when vaping!!!

  • Silverado

    Now there’s definitely something that has improved by leaps and bounds over the past 2 or 3 years – vape cartridges. Remember how often they failed and how weak of a toke you got off most of them?? I buy cannabis oil cartridges probably half the time these days as the other half I buy the popular “tankers” which are basically just syringes with a gram of oil (Co2 extracted cannabis oil tested typically between 70% and 90% total THC which I pay $20 to $30 per gram for here in western Washington) with which you can use to dab OR refill your empty but still good carts. And anyway I haven’t had one fail for a long time now. Even after multiple refills. And the quality of the hit has also improved enough that now one hardly ever thinks of that. Which is great!!

  • James James

    Best vape product on market, no screw g around with different heating point, and a very nice small, perfect for the professional or just the discreet. Guaranteed great smooth hit, never burned, never a failur… Vape battery ever, about the size of a pack of matches.
    Best part is it’s quality, n the CCELL ceramic certainly spreads the heat evenly n smooth.y at again the perfect temp so not toburn the flavor of your medication.

    Voodoo idol

  • theresa saee

    I feel great after the use of medical cannabis ! The inflammation and pain in all of my joints has decreased dramatically. I no longer wear braces on my knees and ankle. I am even able to kneel on my knees without pain for the first time in 10 years. Neck and back pain are almost non-existent. No longer grind my teeth at night and have also stopped using my C-PAP. I have not had my goiter checked by ultrasound since taking the oil, but I can tell that they are much smaller. Also hoping to get another ultrasound of my liver to see if the fatty liver has improved.” ALL Thanks TO Dr Peter Hurt for the Oil

  • rolandmanfest

    Diagnosed in December 2016″”Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Stage 4 but with the use of medical cannabis gotten from Dr Peter Hurt I now sleep like a baby, I feel healthy. I have energy because I’m always rested. I feel strong. I feel happy and brave. I use Cannabis Oil every night before bed. It’s my life now, because it gave me my life back for me and my family. My blood work is perfect. December 17th will be two years of being cancer-free Thanks to Dr Peter Hurt