How CCELL Delivers Dependable Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Presented ByCCELLPublished on May 11, 2018 · Last updated July 21, 2022
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As the market for medical and recreational cannabis products grows in states around America, concentrated cannabis products like oils are leading the way. Among the most popular delivery devices for these concentrates are vaporizer cartridges filled with high-potency cannabis oil. In California, one of the largest legal cannabis markets, vaporizer carts make up 25% of delivery sales.

While demand for vaporizer carts is on the rise, the technology is still young, and largely based on repurposed e-cigarette hardware that isn’t all that well-suited for the job. This has left vape cart consumers plagued by a familiar suite of problems.

CCELL technology helps power some of the industry’s most reliable vaporizer cartridges. (Courtesy of CCELL)

From unvaporized oils to leaky cartridges, these problems could spell trouble for the vape cart industry, since consumers who don’t get their money’s worth from a new technology are less likely to try it again. To ensure that users get the most out of every puff of their carefully crafted concentrates, processors are increasingly turning to more reliable ceramic heating elements, like those developed by industry leader CCELL.

“As we looked for ways to deliver our oil to customers, we went through 36 different cartridges before deciding that CCELL’s technology is the best on the market today,” says Rob Zaitona of Cartel Oil Co.

Purpose-Built Cannabis Cartridges

Because the viscous, sticky nature of cannabis oils makes them tougher to vaporize than other liquids, the industry demanded new solutions. To offer those solutions, doctors and professors with years of experience developing ceramics for vaporization worked together to create CCELL. While numerous producers are crafting ceramic heating elements, not all ceramics are created equal, as CCELL’s partners will tell you.

How Aces Extracts Customizes Cannabis Oil

“We’re committed to making the highest quality distillate for our Aces product line, but we never felt that our disposable pen hardware fully showcased our oil,” says David Hudson, director of sales at Aces Extracts. “Once we made the switch to CCELL technology, we could immediately see and taste the improvement in flavor and consistency of each pull.”

Here’s how CCELL makes those improvements possible.

Wickless Wonder

Many cartridges use a cotton wick as their heating element, but these wicks can burn at high temperatures. When that happens, consumers can say goodbye to the cannabis flavor that oil processors have worked so painstakingly to craft. Once you’re vaping with a burned wick, every hit will carry the taste of that char.

CCELL technology helps maintain the true taste of carefully crafted cannabis oils. (Courtesy of CCELL)

In contrast, CCELL ceramic heating elements are composed of a patented formula developed with thermal endurance in mind, meaning they can absorb and distribute heat from the embedded coil evenly and regularly. This ceramic is sintered together at a very high temperature, increasing its stability even further.

“Because CCELL coils are more stable than other heating elements, they won’t burn out or become charred like other heating elements can,” says CCELL’s marketing director Joe S. “And the design of the coil guarantees the most even possible heating distribution, eliminating local overheating and ensuring that every bit of oil gets vaporized.”

Ready to Roll

The even heating provided by CCELL doesn’t just prevent burning, though. It also makes CCELL-powered puffs remarkably consistent, so that the last puff on a cartridge feels and tastes just like one from its heart.

And since CCELL coils heat the surrounding cannabis oil consistently every time, users don’t need to spend their first couple pulls priming the pump and getting their cart warmed up. CCELL-driven vape carts are ready to start strong from the very first puff, because life is too short for load times.

Vape pen users can count on getting big puffs every time from carts powered by CCELL technology. (Courtesy of CCELL)

Bigger Puffs, Fewer Leaks

While some cannabis oil cartridges render cottony clouds of vapor, others can leave users exhaling puny plumes. Even more common are carts that do both, providing a satisfying lungful of vapor on some hits—and thin, tasteless wisps from others.

“CCELL ceramic heating elements are designed with a carefully calculated ratio of nanoscale inlet holes to make them permeable to cannabis oils and distillates,” Joe S. notes. “That permeability means CCELL heating elements can absorb, store, and vaporize these substances very efficiently.”

An added benefit of that permeability? Since CCELL heating elements are so good at absorbing cannabis oils, they are less likely to leak.

“CCELL provides the best vapor production, hands down, along with the lowest leak and defect rate we have experienced,” says Devin Weller of Sea Dub Extracts. “They beat the quality of every other atomizer out there.”

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