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How Aces Extracts Customizes Cannabis Oil

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Presented ByAces Extracts May 17, 2018

This article is sponsored by Aces Extracts. Enhance every experience with Aces Extracts’ custom cannabis strains.

As cannabis products move increasingly into the mainstream, more consumers are getting an introduction—or, often, a re-introduction—to THC. And many new adopters are looking for a way to work cannabis into their routine without having it take over their whole day, evening, or weekend.

And that’s understandable! After all, your morning’s not about a cup of coffee. Your evening’s not about a glass of wine. And your weekend hike certainly isn’t about an energy bar. These supplements just make the main events a little more enjoyable and let the rest of your day roll on smoothly. Whether you’re summiting a mountain, savoring a meal, or just staying alert and engaged through a pre-lunch conference call, a little enhancement can make all the difference.

Whatever your day has in store, there’s an Aces vape pen for it. (Courtesy of Aces Extracts)

Aces Extracts designed its new lineup of cannabis oils and vape pens with exactly that sort of enhancement in mind. Blended with terpenes for tailored effects and true-to-flower taste, Aces Extracts are meant to be the perfect partner for whatever your day has in store.

Cannabis, Customized

The team at Aces has crafted a quartet of strain-specific cannabis distillates, carefully combining active cannabis compounds like THC, CBD, and terpenes to target specific sensations in the body and mind. The result is a potent oil designed to provide a buzz that enhances your day without sending you spinning.

Each strain is named based on the sensation it intends to invoke, and the complete cannabinoid profile is clearly labelled on each box. We reached out to some of the Aces team’s “friends and family” testers about how they use each variety.

“I can always count on Energize to get me through a long day,” says photographer Selah Estrada.  “It gives me the perfect clear-headed high when I need to be focused or when I’m out running errands, and it helps keep me productive throughout the day.”

Whether you’re looking for something to keep you lifted as you run errands or get you pumped before you head out on your next jog or hike, the Energize pen has you covered. Taking cues from the likes of Durban Poison, this sativa will help you keep your head up all day, whether you’re getting set for a solo jog, engaging in a little friendly competition, or just keeping the bills paid and the laundry done.

If you’re trying to get your mind moving instead, the Inspire pen might be the right choice. Getting its inspiration from citrus-forward sativa strains like Tangie, this distillate aims to enhance your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Of course, where you decide to direct that energy—a recording studio, an artist’s retreat, a yoga class, or something else entirely—is all up to you.

Aces Extracts vape pens are easy to take on the go, because inspiration can strike anywhere. (Courtesy of Aces Extracts)

“Inspire gives me a curious, happy vibe, perfect for exploring my yoga practice,” says yoga instructor Alyssa Wijnveldt. “I love the headspace it puts me in—adventurous and cool as a cucumber.”

When your plans are simply having fun with some friends and seeing what happens, Aces’ Uplift pen may be just the thing. With qualities similar to the classic Super Lemon Haze, Uplift helps to get the laughs going and makes it easy to share them around.

Aces’ Uplift strain takes cues from classics like Super Lemon Haze. (Courtesy of Aces Extracts)

“When I’m smoking with a group of friends, the Uplift pen is my go-to. It always keeps me energetic and happy, and the light lemon flavor is incredible,” says Aces marketing maven Kacey Robb. “It’s a mood booster for sure.”

Of course, boosted isn’t always where you want your mood. When it’s time to call it a day, all you may be interested in enhancing is the quality of your sleep. Aces’ Unwind pen features a balanced blend of THC and CBD that is known for its relaxing qualities. It will help you get ready for bed, no matter what you got up to during the day.

“For years, the only way I’ve been able to fall asleep has been to take sleeping pills or Xanax every night,” says cannabis patient Eleanor Haggerty. “Since I started using Unwind carts, I’ve cut everything else out and am getting the best sleep of my life.”

Designed for Anything

To deliver the customized effects, the Aces team relies on vape pens that can go anywhere with you discreetly and reliably. Industry-leading ceramic core technology from CCELL helps make sure consumers get a consistent, reliable dose with every puff, and ensures the full flavor profile of each strain stays intact and true to form.

“CCELL’s technology is designed specifically with the viscous nature of cannabis distillate in mind. Since we refuse to thin our distillate with additives, that’s a necessity for us.” explains Adam Wong, marketing manager for Aces. “We’ve found the uniform heating these elements provide really helps to deliver the best version of the Aces experience to our customers.”

Aces Extracts knows that whether you’re running a marathon or just running errands, every day is an opportunity to choose your own adventure. By pairing customized cannabis oils and hardware that you can rely on, the brand has crafted vape pens that can help make each of those days memorable. With one in your purse or backpack, you’re sure to be ready for whatever the world has in store.

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Presented by Aces Extracts