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Leafly Turns Five! #LightUp & Let’s Celebrate!

This summer Leafly turned five years old, and we’re honored to celebrate this milestone with you! In the past five years, together we’ve seen tremendous momentum and change in the cannabis movement. Let’s take a look at some major wins:

  • 2010: Leafly embarks on a journey to help end cannabis prohibition.
  • 2011: U.S. support for cannabis legalization reaches a record high of 50%.
  • 2012: Colorado and Washington become the first states to fully legalize cannabis.
  • 2013: Uruguay becomes the first country to fully legalize cannabis.
  • 2014: Alaska, Oregon, & Washington, D.C. vote to completely legalize cannabis.
  • 2015: The CARERS Act was introduced, which, if passed, would reschedule cannabis to a Schedule II substance, remove CBD oil from the Controlled Substances Act, recognize states’ rights in regulating their legal cannabis programs, and bring about other much-needed changes in cannabis policy.

Let’s continue to blaze this trail by putting yet another stamp in cannabis history. Share a photo on social media and include the hashtag #LightUp to join the celebration! We’ll be choosing our favorite photos on July 17 to be featured on our site, so #LightUp the Leafly way and show us your smiles.

Thanks to everyone for participating in #LightUp! We loved seeing every one of them.

Here’s to another five years of progress and growth for the cannabis movement. Cheers, everyone!