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How Velxtech helps extractors research and optimize vape hardware

Presented ByVelxtechPublished on October 28, 2019 · Last updated September 30, 2020

This article is brought to you by Velxtech, working with cannabis extractors to create custom vape solutions in an evolving industry.

Owning a cannabis vape company requires a lot of planning and problem-solving. Many vape makers run into similar issues when trying to create vapes that heat well and hit smoothly. Velxtech works with cannabis extractors to help tackle problems commonly encountered when choosing hardware. It’s because they know that successful vape companies need to be able to produce enough product to meet demand, provide handheld devices that customers can rely on, and offer a vaping experience that users love.

Velxtech, a company dedicated to the research and development of functional vape devices, is positioned to provide a big help to extract manufacturers that need their expertise.

Becoming vape hardware experts

Velxtech creates custom atomizing solutions for cannabis concentrate extractors and brand owners. With tools and knowledge passed down from mother company GeekVape, Velxtech helps cannabis companies by digging deep into the intricacies of individual cannabis oils. They procure solutions for operations and manufacturing that help make a prosperous future more of a reality.

“For the first few months, we focused on learning everything we could about the cannabis industry, cannabis oil, and concentrates at industry tradeshows. We quickly realized that each product that is being extracted and produced is different and cannabis companies need custom solutions,” says Kent Xiang.

“That’s why we established a brand that focused on solutions like finding the right cartridge for different oils. There are many leaky and ineffective cartridges on the market, and we want to help companies stay away from those bad qualities,” Kent says. “Our engineers and researchers look into different variables like the coil type, the size of the hole for the oil, cartridge structures, and the different materials that can be used.”

In addition to figuring out heating variables, Velxtech has taken it upon themselves to standardize their vape safety in congruence with California’s rigid heavy metal regulations. They hold both ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certificates to provide their customers with another layer of safety.

A vape manufacturer with options 

With no two oils alike, Velxtech has been able to come up with a selection of solutions pre-engineered to work with cannabis oil and concentrate. Their white-label ready vape products come in a variety of appealing shapes and colors backed by insight from Velxtech’s in-house research team.

“We make different types of vaporizers because brands want to accomplish different things. Some want their customers to be able to pre-heat oil, some want a sleek pen that fits a 510-thread cartridge, some want a 5-click safety feature. It is up to us to help show cannabis extract and wax manufacturers that they have options. If we haven’t already created the right option, we will work with them to engineer one,” says Kent.

It all comes down to what their customer (and their customer’s customer) wants. There aren’t many problems that Velxtech doesn’t want to talk through with their clients.

White-label vape solutions

For companies with limited operational capacity, Velxtech can be a saving grace. After all, not everyone has the equipment or the industrial space to make millions of vape cartridges at a time.

“We have machinery that helps with filling, capping, and packaging, so that we can provide a completely white-label experience. A product like our Esso Pod is great for white-label because it has a nice aesthetic and we can print any brand logo right on it,” Kent says.

Dedicated members of the Velxtech team get to know the ins and outs of each cannabis product their clients provide, so they can have the best shot at unlocking the potential of the product and delighting customers time after time.

“There are different shapes of ceramic coils that help oil or shatter melt in the best way. No one wants to feel like they aren’t able to use all of their cannabis product when it is in a vape or an atomizer, so our solutions help try to prevent that,” says Grace, the Velxtech marketing specialist. “Atomizing should be an effective way for cannabis users to consume, and they deserve a good experience. It’s our job to help our business partners make the best of their oil, show it in its highest efficiency, and make a good vaping experience a reality.”

Blazing trails with vape technology

B2B cannabis solutions like those offered by Velxtech come with perks that some cannabis businesses can’t ignore. As the cannabis industry comes to terms with what a safe, robust market looks like, technology will begin to play a greater role in the success of businesses, including their ability to meet demand and develop new products.

Along with their library of knowledge about how to make vape products, they’ve also created technology that can revolutionize the time it takes to produce vape cartridges and get them into the hands of the consumer via their distributor, the Essential Distribution Company.

“In the future, we want to solve the problems of our past. The market now is purely based on human resources, and companies can suffer great time loss when the manpower is not there. You need a person to fill cartridges one by one, but with smart filling technology, we can reduce human manufacturing resources while still being precise and consistent,” says Grace.

It’s all part of the company’s commitment to meeting customers’ needs and advancing of one of the world’s most exciting new industries.

Presented ByVelxtech
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