Get cooking: Release your inner cannabis chef

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This article is brought to you by Diamond CBD, creators of Chong’s Choice CBD oil and gummies.

Wondering how you can push your 420 party past chain-smoking joints and hitting the bong all day long? With the help of some of our favorite methods and recipes, you can use your culinary skills to demonstrate your love of cannabis.

Even if you aren’t having people over for a 420 party, you can still cook a variety of infused dishes for yourself to celebrate the holiday. After all, 420 is an entire month long this year. Take a look at our pro-tips on all things edible and get inspired to create a culinary masterpiece.

Where to begin?

First thing’s first. Part of responsible consumption is knowing how your body handles the cannabinoid content of edibles. Before you turn into a THC cookie monster or start making your own version of a “pot pie,” learn more about how to dose your edibles.

Chew on your ingredient list 

You don’t want to get in the kitchen and not have the right ingredients for a recipe because you’re overeager to get cooking. Keeping a mellow munchie, like Chong’s Choice CBD gummies, on hand is a smart idea while you plan the perfect day (or month) of 420 cooking.

With 500 mg of CBD per bottle, these gummies will hold you down while you plan out your strategy and pickup any supplies you need to get cooking.

Would you trust anyone more than Tommy Chong to help you plan the 420 of your dreams?

Invest in something that will make it easy 

Whether you have a landlord with a strong sense of smell, or you tend to forget to monitor your cooking, Ardent’s All-in-One Cannabis Kitchen makes cooking a breeze.

This multi-tool can decarboxylate any strain, make cannabis butters or oils, bake edibles and cook a variety of other food right inside. It’s precise decarb processes minimize the quantity of flower, kief, trim, or concentrate you need to use for your recipes, helping you to stretch your supply and create dispensary-grade products at the press of a button – from the comfort of your own home.

Balance the sweet with the savory

Just because pot brownies are the original 420 friendly dish, doesn’t mean you can’t expand your palette.

Recipe: How to make cannabis-infused chili

Savory dishes are a great opportunity to incorporate CBD oil, which often tends to taste more organic than some of the ingredients used for cooking or baking sweets. Snag a bottle of Irwin Naturals unflavored CBD to have on hand and boost any dish with a little (or a lot) of CBD without much fuss. With a full-spectrum CBD oil like this, your body can benefit from the entourage effect while you benefit from satisfied tastebuds in any savory dish.

Utilize a variety of cooking methods, like sous-vide

Don’t be afraid to fire up multiple countertop appliances to make the 4/20 dishes of your dreams. You can dust off your crockpot, or even use your sous-vide machine. Along with the succulent textures that cooking sous-vide provides, it’s also a great way to cook things low and slow – which is perfect for infusing cannabis.

Don’t forget about cannabis drinks

Cannabis beverages are a fun way to incorporate more cannabis into your 420. CBD fans can stockpile FloCHI’s Chill Power CBD shots for quick, balanced boosts of green tea caffeine and full-spectrum hemp extract whenever they need them during the month of 420.

Alternatively, you can try making a soothing THC beverage like golden milk. This recipe includes superfood ingredients like turmeric, to help your body feel warm and relaxed.

Modify your favorite recipes

We already went over how everything doesn’t have to be sweet, but it’s important to remember that you don’t always have to make something new and fancy when you’re cooking with cannabis. For instance, here’s a recipe for infused deviled eggs – an old-time favorite that just needed a little sprucing up for 420.

Believe in yourself

The most important part of cooking with cannabis is that you believe in yourself. Stick to the recipes, times, and temperatures, and see what you can whip in the kitchen. Need more advice?

Read this article about edibles with words of guidance from a gourmet chef.

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