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Beyond Cannabutter: Chicken Nuglets With Medicated Aioli

Be the life of the party when you break out this delicious and elevating chicken nugget recipe. Pair it with medicated aioli for a crowd-pleasing favorite.

The 5 Best Cannabis Cookbooks for Homemade Edibles

From herbal cocktails to delicious vegan fare, whip up your own infused creations with these five informative cannabis cookbooks.

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Coconut Curry

Bring a little heat to those cold winter nights with this warm and creamy cannabis infused coconut curry.

Recipe: Infused Quinoa-Stuffed Tahini Eggplant

Quinoa is a powerhouse seed and the perfect pair to rich tahini and delicious, roasted eggplant. Mix in a bit of cannabis for a delightfully elevating dish.

Recipe: Infused Soy Braised Mushroom Noodles

Mushrooms are packed with vitamins, making this the perfect dish for both taste and an extra shot of nutrition—not to mention the cannabis-infused soy sauce.

3 Delicious Cannabis-Infused Vegan Recipes

Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just starting, these three delicious recipes will give you an extra boost with hearty nutrition and a punch of cannabis.

Beyond Cannabutter: Infused Lunar New Year Dumplings

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching. To celebrate, check out our pork dumpling recipe made with cannabis-infused sesame oil.

Recipe: Orange Panna Cotta With Clove Air and Infused Cannamilk

Experimental and decadent, this panna cotta uses the classic Volcano vaporizer to add a unique element to this creamy dessert.

Recipe: Herbed Salmon Made With Cannabis-Infused Butter

Salmon is arguably the most famous fish in the PNW. Pair it with infused herbed compound butter for a fresh and delectable dish.

Recipe: Rosemary JoJo Potatoes with Cannabis-Infused Salsa Brava

Rosemary is a popular Northwest herb that grows wild all over the area. Pair it with a touch of cannabis for a delicious and floral kick.

Cannabis-Infused Recipes From the Pacific Northwest

From the cascade mountains to the rocky canyons of Idaho, the Pacific Northwest is a hub of gorgeous scenery and delicious cuisine. Here are four cannabis-infused recipes that reflect the best of the Northwest.

Beyond Cannabutter: Infused Coconut-Cherry Granola

Add it to yogurt, take it as a snack, or bring it on your next hiking adventure: Cannabis-infused granola is the perfect treat to fuel up and get elevated.

3 Nutritious Post-Workout Recipes Infused With Cannabis

Fuel your muscles and replenish your nutrients with these delicious and nutritious cannabis infused post-workout meals.

We Made Infused Dips and Drinks With Pearl2O Cannabis Water

Two Leafly staffers concoct some fiesta-friendly snacks and drinks using the cannabis-infused vitamin water Pearl2O. Give their infused recipes a shot in your own kitchen!

Beyond Cannabutter: Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Raw Cannabis Oil

This soup, topped off with raw cannabis oil, is so silky-smooth and dreamy you’ll swear it has cream in it—but it’s vegan, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly.

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