6 Etsy Shops With Must-Have Cannabis Designs

Published on July 17, 2016 · Last updated September 5, 2022

Trying to find the best cannabis-related products and accessories online (and for a reasonable price) can be quite the task, especially when you’re searching for shops and designers in the cannabis space that make both creative and quality 420-friendly products. Whether you’re looking for special smoking accessories like grinders and pipes, some hemp-infused cosmetics, or even some cool tees, these Etsy designers have got you covered.

Dope on a Rope Hemp Soap

Dope on a Rope Etsy shop

“Don’t smoke it…soak it!” Dope on a Rope shop owners Jenny and Jason have sold over 20,000 handmade hemp soap products on Etsy since 2011. These soap artists are deeply passionate about creating quality hemp soaps that rejuvenate your skin and put a smile on your face.

The Northern Lights Dope on a Rope is their original (and best-selling soap). Each “strain” of soap is handmade with hemp seed oil and a blend of essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, coconut, and tea tree oils.

Customers can’t stop raving about the amazing scents and moisturizing feel of the soap:

“This [is] delightful! Smooth luxurious feeling lather, and such heavenly scent! Makes your skin feel amazing! …I shall definitely be purchasing more in the future!”

Smokies Toke Couture

Smokies Toke Couture Etsy shop

Pilar Johnson, owner of Etsy shop Smokies Toke Couture, creates handcrafted cannabis-inspired accessories from her San Francisco studio. Johnson was inspired to found Smokies Toke Couture after realizing there was a huge void in the market for high-quality, cannabis-themed products that accommodate the cannabis consumer’s lifestyle, but are also stylish, trendy, and made by females for females: “…Female smokers are very undeserved in the fashion arena. Many items currently being sold in the marketplace are either created for men, or are a novelty type product, skimping on quality.”

Johnson’s shop features jewelry, clothing, hair accessories, and even stash boxes to keep your green nugs safe and secure.

“Purchase/shipping was a quick, easy process! And then when I finally got to open up this lil gem, it was everything I imagined! Much thx and grace to Smokie’s Toke Couture! ✨????????”

Indica Sanctuary

Indica Sanctuary Etsy shop

Indica Sanctuary provides hemp-based cosmetics and hemp bracelets. It debuted on Etsy in 2015, and since then people have been loving shop owner Ma Indica’s products, especially her Hemp Seed Oil Moisturizing Lip Balm and Pot Leaf Lotion Buds. Both items are made from organic hemp seed oil.

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The miniature lotion buds and lip balm lock in moisture and are perfect for protecting yourself against dry skin. Hemp seed oil naturally protects and nourishes skin from external elements. These Pot Leaf Lotion Buds come in a flowery scent and are also available unscented for those with sensitive skin.

“So hydrating!!! Great service too, the owner is really nice and even wrote a cute little note. Please don’t stop making these, they’re such a great formula!”

Shape Grinders

Shape Grinders Etsy shop

Owner of Shape Grinders, Ken Eyre’s mission was to create “a better, more beautiful grinder.” He was inspired to design grinders about a year ago after realizing that a majority of the grinders on the market lacked creative designs.

“We believe that the art of grinding and using different herbs for medicinal practice is a beautiful and ancient art,” he said. “That is why in many of our designs you will find bits of Aztec, Mayan, and Native American symbolism strewn throughout them.”

Offering products like the Sahara Herb Grinder, the Gypsy Child Herb Grinder, the Wonderland Grinder, and the Breathe Out the Bullshit Grinder, Eyre’s grinders are as creative as they are beautiful.

“So happy I purchased this piece. Works beautifully, looks great. It’s really a quality grinder. Awesome!”

Grasshopper Joint Case

Grasshopper Joint Case Etsy shop

New to Etsy, the Grasshopper Joint Case is perfect for anyone on the go. No matter where you’re at or where you’re going, the Grasshopper Joint case allows you to safely transport your pre-rolls. Carry it in your pocket or toss it in your backpack or purse.

These stylishly discrete cases are handmade from glass, twine, and cork. They also come in two different sizes, 4 inches and 6 inches, so whether you’ve got a doobie or a fatty, you’re good to go.

“So dope. Exactly as described. It’s functional, aesthetic and hand made. Also, customer service rocks. Super friendly and made sure I was taken care of.”


OceanTokes Etsy shop

“Sea the Love, Share the Piece.” Gavin, owner of OceanTokes, started selling his seashell smoking pipes on Etsy back in 2014. The seashells are shipped directly from the Indian Ocean to the United States where Gavin upcycles the shells, personally cutting, drilling, and washing every piece to ensure every customer has an excellent, natural smoking experience.

Offering whimsical products such as the Phantom Seashell Pipe, the Barnacle Seashell, the Cyclone Seashell, and the Clamshell Herb Holder, OceanTokes blends the earth with the sea for a unique smoking experience.

“I bought this as a gift for my friend and since I gave it to her I’ve received two random pictures of her with it with just the text saying ‘I LOVE YOU.’ I guess that means she likes it lol.”

What are some of your favorite canna-friendly Etsy sellers?

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