6 surprising ways to enjoy cannabis in Illinois

Published on September 2, 2021 · Last updated February 18, 2022

Chicago gets most of the love and attention when it comes to Illinois weed, but the state’s cannabis scene isn’t limited to the big city. There are a lot of great cannabis options to explore in other regions, too. So be sure to consider other areas of the state when you’re looking for weed culture.

Here are six surprising options for 420-friendly days and nights in Illinois.

1. Stay in this weed-friendly treehouse

Have you ever wanted to stay in a treehouse? Have you ever wanted to get high in a treehouse? If so, you’re in luck. The Enchanted Garden Treehouse in Schaumburg, 45 minutes outside of Chicago, is a bona fide live-in treehouse. The owners claim it’s the 3rd most popular treehouse in the world. And you’re welcome to smoke weed there.

A house. In a tree. For you to smoke in and sleep in. (Photo courtesy of Enchanted Garden Treehouse)

According to proprietor Daniel Alexander, “We were weed-friendly before you could say we were. Guests are welcome to smoke in the outdoor areas, as we have the perfect outdoor areas to smoke and relax. Sit by the backyard koi pond and listen to the waterfall and koi splashing, or just sit in the hot tub. Relax by the fire table and fire pit. And guests can also consume edibles in the treehouse.”

Inside the treehouse: plush and cozy. (Enchanted Garden Treehouse)

2. Bring a hot dish (and the munchies) to a potluck dinner

The Luna Lounge, who we’ve covered before, recently opened a consumption lounge in Sesser, in downstate Illinois, and it’s been getting rave reviews. The lounge will be holding regular Sunday Cannabis Family Potluck dinners in addition to other events (check their upcoming calendar).

Luna Lounge owner Holly Roeder feels strongly that cannabis consumers should have a place to enjoy weed without being around people getting drunk. “These are the sort of places that will be popping up for people like me.”

3. Go 420 camping

Yes, weed-friendly camping is a thing, and it’s growing in popularity. You see it a lot on the West Coast. It’s also expanding in Maine, and now it’s come to Illinois.

The beauty of 420 camping is that you can’t exactly do it in Millenium Park: Go camping on a site that not only allows, but also encourages the cannabis lifestyle. Think of a campsite in which you can do the traditional things like biking, fishing, and cooking out, but you can also smoke or vape out in the open.

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Willow Springs Campground and Venue is such a place. This relaxed, weed friendly campsite is located in Tamms, at the foot of the Shawnee National Forest, just south of Anna, Illinois.

The owners launched the campground and their new business after the tragic loss of their daughter in 2019, with the intention of making the site a community of friends and family. You’re welcome to smoke and vape onsite. According to proprietors Andrew and Robyn Mouser, “Our grounds are open to all genres of people looking to enjoy a more balanced life in a peaceful and beautiful setting, along with other good souls.”

Willow Springs Fall Fest (Oct. 22-24, 2021) features 15 local and national artists, plus a multitude of food and merch vendors. (Image courtesy of Willow Springs Campground)

4. Hang at a cannabis music festival

In addition to being a weed-friendly campsite, Willow Springs also hosts a music and arts festival at their campground every season, featuring talent from Southern Illinois and the surrounding area, as well as art, merch, bodywork, and food vendors.

The next Willow Springs Music Festival is scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 22-24, and includes 15 local and national artists. Check out the lineup here.

The Consume Cannabis Co., in Carbondale, recently helped present the Southern Illinois 7.10 Fest, a free outdoor (and hopefully annual) event that featured cannabis vendors, games, live music, arts, food and more.

5. Take a cannabis class

Consume Cannabis Co. also offers weekly classes on everything from Cannabis 101 to cannabis cooking, how to enjoy concentrates, using cannabis to treat chronic pain, and other topics. Connect with the store’s experts to increase your cannabis knowledge and enjoyment—and meet others in the local cannabis community.

Follow Consume’s website to stay on top of more upcoming events in the Carbondale area.

6. Go to ‘Cannabis Camp’

Another outdoor fest coming up is the 5th annual Cannabis Camp, organized by Trinity Compassionate Care Centers at the soon-to-open High Harbor Cannabis Lounge in Peoria later this month (Sept. 2021). The Sept. 10-11 event is scheduled to feature cannabis industry vendors, live bands, artists, food, and designated areas in which you can consume (bring your own) cannabis.

Trinity Compassion Care Center is opening its new High Harbor Lounge in Peoria with a blowout ‘Cannabis Camp’ show, two days of music and cannabis culture, Sept. 10-11, 2021. (Courtesy of Trinity Compassion Center)

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