7 ‘Eye Candy’ Movies to Pair With Your Favorite Strain

Published on May 16, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
7 Eye-Candy Movies to Pair With Your Favorite Strain

Everyone knows that smoking your favorite strain and watching a movie pairs as well as butter on popcorn.  A good film engulfs you, elicits emotion and laughter, and endears you to meticulously crafted characters and stories. Add a little cannabis to a good film and you can delve one level deeper.

Many people have suggested countless flicks to get stoned to, usually adding nothing new to the long list of usual suspects like Pineapple Express or Super Troopers. Here, however, are some offbeat, visually compelling films you may not have thought about smoking to that could benefit from some euphoric flower in your pipe.

Twice Upon a Time

Until its long overdue DVD release in 2015, this George Lucas-produced film was nearly impossible to find. It features Ralph, the All Purpose Animal, Mumford the Mime, and a robot gorilla drawn with an animation style that can best be described as Monty Python in watercolor. This is a must-see for anyone who wants to treat their eyes to something that is truly unique.


A brilliant doctor with an insatiable appetite designs a device that allows users to enter others’ dreams. His associate, under the code name “Paprika,” acts as a dream detective, helping psychiatric patients through trauma and pain. If this plot sounds familiar, just remember that Inception was released 4.5 years later.

Several well-known anime films could fit on this list, but while many may know about Akira or Spirited Away, Satoshi Kon’s 2005 masterpiece is one of the most visually stunning love letters to cinema and surrealism.

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

Comprised of thousands of clips and cuts from about 500 other movies, Final Cut tells the simple, timeless story of the classic romance: Boy meets girl, Boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. Unfortunately, this film has never been released on video, but it will frequently pop up at film festivals around the country and is not hard to find when using the power of the internet.

Watch the (hard to find) trailer here.


Bureaucracy can be fun through Terry Gilliam’s eyes! Brazil defined the director’s unique style, and its colorful depiction of a dystopian future still dazzles. Directors have since emulated Gilliam’s unique vision, and you’ll see Brazil‘s influence in movies from Tim Burton’s Batman to the disaster that was Jupiter Ascending.

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The Forbidden Zone

This film has everything. Songs, nudity, portals, black people in black-face, The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, the guy from Fantasy Island who shouts “Da plane, da plane!”, and a sentient frog-man wearing spandex.

The 5th Element

Arguably Bruce Willis’ best non-Die Hard film, The Fifth Element is space in technicolor. Most of the effects have aged very well, and the bright colors whizzing past throughout the film make this a great treat. Pick up an eighth of Space Queen (or, well, 5th Element) and a multi-pass because this movie is still hot HOT HOT HOT!



This movie features one of the lamest “twist” endings ever put on film, plus Sean Connery wearing this:

Sean Connery in 'Zardoz'

Obviously, this goes in the “eye candy” category.

Header image courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Zardoz courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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