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Leafly Readers Share Their Cleverest Hiding Places for a Cannabis Stash

Prior to cannabis legalization in each state, hiding your stash when not actively consuming was a must, and some of the most creative and clever hiding places the world has ever seen came about from the desire to light up in peace.

To commemorate the art of the stash spot, we turned to the Leafy community and asked you to share your most unique cannabis hiding places. Here’s what you said.

Secret Pockets in Your Favorite Clothes

“I’m all about the inside jacket pocket. Keep it classy.”

“Burton backpacks and clothing have super secret stash spots in the seams!”

“Nike SB Skunk’s with the stash sewn into the inside of the tongue.”

“I hide my bong in one of my long boots and stash my weed in my dresser.”

Compact Spaces for a Quick Bowl

“Ring box (under the cotton).”

“The little black containers for film rolls. My homie put me on.”

“Altoids containers are the classic.”

“My ashtray in my old car used to actually pop out and I could fit about an eighth in there.”

“The 1988 Nissan Stanza Wagon is among the uglier cars in existence, but among its virtues were almost innumerable hiding spaces for contraband, including but not limited to: Hollow arm rests with flip tops, extra space in removable speaker panels, a sliding panel over the back wheel well that pretty much had to be purpose built for smuggling.”

“I used to pop out the inside of a disposable pen and keep a joint in there. Discreet AND keeps your joint from being crushed when you toss it in your bag.”

“Deodorant stick. I would take a half used one, extend it to the end, take it off then store my dub sack in there, screw back on the deodorant stick and you’re good. But your weed may always smell like Old Spice.”

“Under some leaves to hide it from bike cops about to book us.”

Magical Stash Spots

“Under the fuel tank in my spaceship, gotta keep my 🔥 space weed away from alien thieves from other planets!!”

“The hobbit-hole.”

Turning Hobbies Into Stash Spots

“Do you remember the OG PS2? That’s where I hid my stash, when I was living with my parents.”

“A fake book that opened entirely—it’s not just a book that I cut into the middle of the sheets lol, so I can put my pipe, grinder, etc … imagine you can put 14g in it but the trick is that I got more than one in my library.”

“Hid the bong behind the washer/dryer … was always ‘doing the laundry’—such a good son.”

“The book Oryx and Crake had a character who kept his in an empty frozen orange juice container in the back of the freezer, and after reading it, I always used that.”

“I had a textbook that I had carved the inside out of. It was very ‘Shawshank Redemption.’”

“Photography kit bag was also a handy hiding spot for gear, especially back in the days of film canisters.”

Boxes Inside Boxes Inside Boxes Inside More Boxes

In a jar, inside of a jar, inside of a jar, inside of a jar, inside of a bigger jar, inside of wooden a box, inside of an ottoman.”

“When I would go home from college over winter break I would wrap everything up into one or two ‘Christmas gifts for friends.’ Who is going to open a Christmas gift addressed to someone else? Nobody will. Worked like a charm—except for the fact that I had to re-wrap everything about once a week.”

Are We Cops or Something?

“Nice try FBI.”

“Nice try cops.”

“Y’all must have da POLICE LOOKING at these comments.”

“I’d tell ya but…well you know the saying…”

“*hits blunt* wouldn’t me telling you that information defeat the purpose of me stashing it?”

Editor’s note: Responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

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