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Here Are More Beverages You Love to Drink While High

Our 6 Drinks to Try While High article got an overwhelming response on social media, with many of you chiming in with your favorite thirst-quenching beverages to pair with a pre-roll or infused edible dessert.

Here’s a highlight of responses from fellow cannabis enthusiasts who shared their preferred go-to drink during a sesh.


Glass of water to quench your thirst while high
Whether still or sparkling, an ice cold tall glass of H2O always seems to do the trick to combat dry mouth.

“If it weren’t for this wonderful leaf I would go days without water. It makes me drink tons and I don’t have issues with severe dehydration and I have tried everything else to no avail.” – Kimberly Dunn

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk to quench your thirst when high
This classic beverage can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

“Nesquick chocolate milkshake. Make it your self of course. But there is something about a nice thick milky layer coating your throat while you take a fat hit. Awesome.” – Martynez Nightingaleo


Tea to quench your thirst while high
From Arizona iced teas to the various flavored Tazo teas available, many of you reach for your favorite brew when enjoying cannabis.

“Tazo Zen is my favorite; it’s refreshing and does the trick.” – Cheri Ambrose

Tropical/Exotic Fruit Juices

Tropical fruit juice to quench your thirst while high
For some people there’s nothing like a glass of fresh squeezed juice to satiate their thirst while high. Some favorites mentioned were fresh pineapple, coconut, and guava juice.

“I really dig guava juice after I smoke.” – Trystan Black


Pop or soda to quench your thirst while high
Whether you refer to them as soda or pop, these carbonated beverages are hugely popular among cannabis enthusiasts. A few of you shared some of your favorites, including Orange Crush, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and old school classics like Faygo.

“Pepsi or Mt Dew are the only things that work for me, for 35+ years Pepsi has been my go to for cotton mouth.” – Chris Lownds-Jacques

Milkshakes and Smoothies

Fruit smoothie to quench your thirst while high
Bring out your favorite flavor of ice cream and milk, or combine seasonal fresh fruits with a splash of juice to create your very own sweet treat.

“Chocolate and strawberry shakes you wanna talk about a flavor explosion. Problem is your cup is empty when you wanted just a bit more.” – Jeff Rogers

Any other beverages not mentioned that you enjoy while high? Share below in the comments, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook. Your feedback might be featured in an article!

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