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Bowling: Is It Worth the High?

December 17, 2018

Welcome to “Is It Worth the High?”, where our writers see newly released movies, listen to the latest album drops, and try other experiences while high to determine whether they’re worth your time, money, and most importantly, your cannabis buzz. This week, Dante Jordan goes bowling.

Products Enjoyed: a moonrocks topped Backwood of some Grape Ape.

High Experienced (1-10): 10. The moonrocks take you to a place.

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Bowling can be a pretty fun activity. It’s group-friendly, cost-efficient, and you don’t have to be great to enjoy it. But is it worth the high? Should you get high and go bowling?

I recently did just that to find out. Let’s discuss.

Striking on Moonrocks

So there I was, back home in Oklahoma City, chillin with a couple of homies. We were bored as ever. We’re cycling through ideas for activities to do, because getting high at the house and watching episodes of The Office that we’d aready seen millions of times wasn’t cutting it.

Out of nowhere, I get a brilliant idea: bowling. It’d been forever since we’d played, and we knew it wouldn’t be that expensive at the ol’ Heritage Lanes—a bowling alley where you can drop $10 and play all night long.

We twist up one more fatty Backwood, throw some moonrocks on top of the flower, then head up to the alley.

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Once we’re there, we start our first game, and after a few frames, everyone is in a zone. What was supposed to be a friendly high activity is now life-and-death competition. I win our first game and now I’m feeling myself, so I suggest that whoever has the least amount of wins at the end of the night has to buy the next gram of Moonrocks.

This was a mistake. After five games, my first win turned out to be my only win. But regardless of the fact that I had to fork out $40 for a gram of moonrocks—as well as suffer the embarrassment of being a loser—bowling was still the most fun I’d had in a really long time.

Bowling enables you to spend quality time outside of the normal realm bar-hopping and eating. It gives you a true activity that won’t result in you thinking “Okay, now what?” afterwards. After a few “practice” frames, you start to find your rhythm (as well as your roll), and suddenly you think you know how to roll nothing but strikes for the rest of your life.

Is It Worth the High?

Bowling is particularly cheap: Between games and concessions, we only spent about $50 collectively, and any time you can save money on an activity and spend it on cannabis, it’s a great time. So, is going bowling with friends worth the high? Absolutely.

It’s a great activity for you and the homies to get stoned and indulge. Just make sure not to suggest any bets that’ll result in you having to empty your pockets.

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Danté Jordan

Danté Jordan is a former member of the Leafly Subject Matter Expert team, and current freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to that lil’ green flower. Contact him at smokingwithdante on Instagram, or dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom). His website is www.dantejordan.com.

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