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is it worth the high

The Driving Range: Is It Worth the High?

Want to practice your swing without throwing your clubs in the lake? Dante Jordan finds out if going to the driving range is worth the high.

Bowling: Is It Worth the High?

Bowling can be a pretty fun activity. It’s group-friendly, cost-efficient, and you don’t have to be great to enjoy it. But is it worth the high?

CBD Isolate From the Internet: Is It Worth the High?

Wondering if buying hemp-derived CBD online is worth the time, money, & hype? I tried some products from different sites. Here’s how it went.

Mini Golf: Is It Worth the High?

Cheesy wooden gorillas and elaborate windmills dot miniature golf courses across the states. But is playing a round of putt-putt worth the high?

The Zoo: Is It Worth the High?

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Is the zoo worth a lit joint? Dante Jordan determines whether or not you should spend a stoney afternoon amongst exotic animals.

Amusement Parks: Are They Worth the High?

When's the last time you got stoned and went to an amusement park? If your answer is "Never," don't worry, because we did it for you.

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’: Is It Worth the High?

This time it's the dinosaurs that are in trouble, and Dante Jordan is there (along with some Super Sour Diesel) to determine whether or not they're worth saving.

‘Grow House’: Is It Worth the High?

This week, Dante Jordan returns to a movie he initially dismissed last 4/20, "Grow House." Does this industry comedy deserve a second chance, or has that bowl long been cashed?

‘The Incredibles 2’: Is It Worth the High?

Dante Jordan sparks up an incredibly heady blunt and breaks down the awaited "Incredibles 2" - is this blockbuster worth the high?

‘People-Watching Bingo’: Is It Worth the High?

This week, we test out a game that’s similar to Bingo, only you fill in your card by watching crowds of people to see if any of your squares match up with what you’re noticing nearby.

‘Super Troopers 2’: Is It Worth the High?

We kicked off our 4/20 celebrations by checking out "Super Troopers 2," the long-awaited sequel to one of the most beloved stoner comedies from the past 20 years.

Dog Parks: Are They Worth the High?

Cannabis is great and so are dogs. Combining "man's best friends" into a single blissful experience at the dog park is a recipe for success, right? Well, not exactly...

Which 2017 Best Picture Nominations Are Worth the High?

It’s Oscars season, and that only means one thing: taking a look at each 2017 Best Picture nominee and answering if each film is worth the high.

Making Homemade Slime: Is It Worth the High?

Making homemade slime has taken over the internet, so we decided to light up before getting our "DIY Double Dare" on and seeing what all the hype is about.

‘Black Panther’: Is It Worth the High?

We spark one up for the people of Wakanda to determine whether "Black Panther," the latest entry to Marvel’s cinematic superhero universe, lives up to its hype.

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