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Dabbing vs. ‘Dabbin’: The Dance Craze That’s Confusing Cannabis Consumers

January 23, 2016

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping the globe, and it’s called “dabbin.” Before you scoff and say, “Yeah, I know what dabbing is, I read Leafly,” I’m not talking about concentrated doses of cannabis, but rather a dance craze that’s overtaken the NaeNae, the Cat Daddy, the Harlem Shake, and whatever other absurdly squirmy hip hop move has been trending over the past couple years.

Unfortunately, the rising popularity of the dab dance has left a lot of cannabis-savvy people scratching their heads and thinking that the consumption method is what everyone’s talking about instead of the dance move. Recently Seattle Seahawks Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett were asked at a press conference, “Do either of you guys dab?” Because both athletes play in Washington state, where recreational cannabis is legal, their responses were amusingly appropriate:

“That’s illegal in, in…no, actually it’s legal in Washington!” Bennett said while Avril chuckled beside him and insisted, “It’s legal, it’s legal in Washington.” The reporter then clarified that he was talking about the dance move, and Avril laughed even harder while Bennett responded, “Oh the DANCE move. I thought you was talking about…I don’t know, you said ‘dab’, I said, ‘I know that’s what the kids are doing but uh…” before addressing the “trendy dance” that happens to be the dab this year.

To summarize, right now there are two types of “dabbing” making headlines right now. If you’re interested in learning how to dab cannabis concentrates, follow our handy guide.


How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

If, however, you want to learn how to pull off the dab dance move, it’s quite simple. Just drop your head while you raise an arm and rest your face inside your elbow as if you’re sneezing into it. Sports Illustrated put it best, saying:

“The dance is pretty simple; one leans in to their elbow like they’re sneezing. That’s it, literally. You’ve dabbed before.”

Here’s a handy video tutorial in case you need a visual reference:

Happy dabbin’, everyone!


The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Dabs and Cannabis Extracts

Image Source: T-Jay Hayes via YouTube

  • Austin Campa

    “Dabbin” came from dabbing. Let that sink in.

    • Ginny McLeoad

      Sinkin’ is what we’re doing in this trend.

      • robingee

        yeah every dance move or type of music or video game or movie is running the youth and the world and aren’t you all sick of bitching already?

      • robingee

        yeah every dance move or type of music or video game or movie is ruining the youth and the world and aren’t you all sick of complaining already?

  • adonut4u

    It’s coughin in your sleeve after you take a dab!! You were so close to figuring it out thinking its a sneeze lol…. Thx Migos, we now have articles like this AND children dabbing not knowing what it is xD

  • Jonelle Garofoli

    ok, is dabbING related at all to dabbIN? My 6 year old son is dabbIN, not dabbING. what is up with a dance-move simulating a sneeze anyways?

    • Cody D

      It’s simulating smoking weed, not sneezing.

      • Chris Stoltz Nelson

        No, it’s not. Keep up there slow poke. Read the article. One has NOTHING to do with the other. I am not abdicating for either, but I must correct stupidity when it rears its ugly head.

        • Cody D

          Nothing to do with each other because some article online says so? It has nothing to do with sneezing and everything to do with getting high.

          • Chris Stoltz Nelson

            The only sites that are stating they are related is your typical bible thumping conservative websites. Either way I don’t care. Add yourself to the list of morons if you want.

          • big t small

            I don’t really care what the dance means since it’s been dead for months now and cannabis dabs will always be but could the dance move be an imitation of what someone looks like when they have to many dabs? Head down and face in crook of arm with the other arm outstretched as if to say ‘no more dabs for me man’. Just a thought, I own a bong shop, live in Cannada and don’t believe in god so don’t worry about me reading too many bible sites. heheh

          • John Tetreault

            The “dabbin” dance move came about directly as a result of mimicking the cough into your sleeve that results from “dabbing”… so they ARE related….

        • Daxrunner

          I believe the word you were looking for was advocating, not abdicating.

          • Chris Stoltz Nelson

            Thanks. Yes.That is what I intended.Typing in haste. I appreciate the correction.

        • Deej59

          I agree with your point here, but people decrying stupidity shouldn’t use words they’re unsure of.

          • Chris Stoltz Nelson

            Actually it was a mistake as indicated in my previous reply in the thread. Thankfully you mean absolutely nothing to me as does your opinion. Now move on troll.

          • OrangeDeek


  • trace3440

    stupidest thing EVER

    • tom56✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      No. Give’em 10 minutes.

    • robingee

      eh, if you let it bug you then you will be bugged every 10 minutes for the rest of your life

  • Marlene

    Never heard of it. What will they think of next? Better that they should go get an education than engage in nonsense.

    • friendlier


    • robingee

      It’s a dance move, calm down. When you were young TV was invented and adults thought it would ruin young lives.

    • K_Man

      “they” will invent stupid shit until the end of time – so you better be ready for more

    • robingee

      Yeah dancing is for people without an education. This is so adorable. My grandparents felt this way about Elvis. It’s like the 1950’s all over again. You people are ruining my country with your backwoods idiocy.

      • AZDiver

        It’s not the dancing that is the issue. Dancing is great. But listen to these people talk and the lyrics they write, and you know that education, or lack thereof, is the issue. When youth can’t utter a single sentence without using “like” or “knowhutamsayn” — I think that’s an issue.

        • robingee

          Rock and roll is the devil’s music and Elvis corrupted the children.

          • DaisyMae

            Ruined forever, those children were. Oops, they’re our moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas! Huh, ruined the doomsay scenario these cranky folk here have going on, being nasty about this kid working hard, improving his life through music. Me? I’m old and grey, yet still loving the fun they’re having and respect their hard work!

        • DaisyMae

          Every young generation is cool, has slang, secrets. Why do some people (like you) need to be so hypocritical, so mean?

  • MAB


    • robingee

      then don’t reply

      • MAB

        Your not the boss of me.

  • Pedro_Schwartz

    Can anyone translate this? Ima think be need sub-titles.

    • Henrietta La Brilliante

      Translation: you’re a racist asswipe.

      • Pedro_Schwartz

        Ya feel me, huh?

  • Bootsnboards

    this is a “dance” move? wtf? in my book its gotta have a little more to it than just bending your arm to be considered a dance move.

  • MomofBoys74

    I’m sure someone will disagree but thankfully I am smart enough to get online and google what “dabbing” or “the dab” is BEFORE I let my 12 year old son get on here and google it. Because had I let him do it himself he would have learned a lot about drug use. No offense to those of you in the dabbing community but I’d like my children to stay innocent to those things for a few more years and then when they do learn about it I will be the one to share my own experiences and encourage them to stay away from recreational drug use.

    • DaisyMae

      I raised 2 boys, and just had to laugh at your belief you’re keeping your kids innocent. You just don’t know what your kids are learning out there in the real world with other kids, and they aren’t going to bust your bubble by telling you. I taught my boys HOW to live in the real world, how to deal with what they see and hear, and talked about it with them. They are fine young men now raising their own children, and they now WANT to talk to me about what’s going on in their lives.

  • lesnomad

    It’s also…,
    an “In Your Face/FU” move done either:
    – while you’re looking;
    – behind your back;
    expressly intended as a dis or because the performer of it is:
    – a fool
    – stupid
    – ignorant
    to indicate that “you” are one or all of the above.

  • diamondmask

    Was that guy speaking English? nowhutimsayin?

  • TropicalCancer

    1. Didn’t understand a word of what the guy was saying.
    2. This guy makes what is clearly very easy look difficult (as though he has some motor neurone disease… I assume he actually hasn’t as he seems fine when he is not concentrating on moving two arms at the same time)… well I guess he also makes speaking clearly sound like a difficult thing to do.
    3. Stupid thing, stupider name.

    • DaisyMae

      Every generatjon has their cool, has their slang, has their secrets. Either you had a boring childhood, or you’ve grown up with a stick of wood firmly implanted. Chill out and smile once in a while.