How much do shrooms cost?

Published on December 14, 2022 · Last updated August 3, 2023
Psychedelic mushrooms are among the entheogens that are being decriminalized and legalized by more cities and states around the country. In Oakland, there's a church where 'magic mushrooms' are considered a sacrament. (AdobeStock)

The dawn of psychedelic mushrooms as a mainstream pastime and medicinal tool has arrived. Colorado and Oregon, alongside local municipalities like DC, Ann Arbor, Oakland and San Francisco, have decriminalized psychedelics. As more people use them, more and more sellers have popped up to provide the people with what they want—for a price.

If you feel comfortable seeking them out, here’s how much cash to keep on hand to ensure you have enough shrooms.   

What is the average price of shrooms?

The price of shrooms, as a Schedule 1 substance, has no set standard. Where you live and the intensity of local laws, can alter your options and the prices providers set—low supply means high demand and, likely, higher prices. Online providers, should you undertake that endeavor, may vary from in-person prices. 

How much is a gram of shrooms?

A gram of shrooms, depending on the mushroom species, goes for around $10, with an average range of $7 to $15. A gram of shrooms is often considered a microdose, enough to elicit some of shrooms’ euphoric and creative effects without the hallucinations or intense visuals. Keep in mind, the illicit status of shrooms means that most vendors have little incentive to sell shrooms by the gram, and you will likely need to invest in a larger amount. 

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How much is an eighth of shrooms? 

Ideally, an eighth of shrooms won’t set you back more than $40. Many sources point to $30 as a shroom price point. An eighth, for reference, is 3.5 grams. Taking a full eighth of shrooms in one sitting is more than enough for a full on trip with melting visuals and, perhaps, philosophical pondering. Eighths of shrooms may cost more or less depending on the species of mushroom and freshness of the harvest. 

How much is a quarter ounce of shrooms?

A quarter, or 7 grams of shrooms, is a great deal if you plan to do some with friends. Seven grams for one person might be too much for anyone but the most experienced psychonauts, and can even cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Pricewise, a quarter ounce of shrooms costs around $55 to $75 depending on the species and vendor. A good price benchmark for higher amounts is $100 for a half ounce (14 g) and $200 for a full ounce (28 g).

How much is a pound of shrooms?

Given their illegality, it’s nearly impossible to find a dealer who will sell you a full pound of shrooms—legal repercussions for possessing mushrooms and other psychedelics still carry multi-year jail sentences, depending on the amount, and thousands of dollars in fines. Mathematically speaking, a pound of shrooms runs about $2,500 on average. 

white phallic mushrooms with orange caps in a black tub
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Factors that impact the cost of magic mushrooms

Because most psychedelics, including shrooms, remain a Schedule 1 substance, they aren’t regulated and have no set market price. There are a lot of local factors that can make your shroom buying easy, or difficult. 

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Location & legality status

Location in the US is crucial to shroom access. Urban centers like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago are bound to be crawling with mushroom suppliers. But buying shrooms in Texas, for example, may look a lot different than buying shrooms in Santa Cruz, California, which has decriminalized a number of entheogenic plants, including shrooms. Check your local laws before beginning your shroom endeavor. 

Mushroom species

Not all mushrooms are created equal. Different species of mushrooms have varying amounts of psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds, and will thus fetch different prices. A rare, super potent variety like Penis Envy, for example, will fetch higher prices than more accessible species like Psilocybe cubensis.  

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Type of mushroom product

Not a fan of raw shrooms? No worries! Now, many vendors produce shrooms in a variety of delivery methods, including chocolates, teas, gummies and capsules, so you can avoid that gnarly shroom taste while still taking your desired dose. Due to production and packaging costs, however, you should expect to pay more for gummies or chocolate than you do for an amount of straight shrooms.

Where to get shrooms

In 2022, there have never been more avenues and options for buying shrooms. Each of these options for shrooms have their own price and risks associated with them, so be careful and weigh your options carefully before buying or acquiring magic mushrooms.

  • Buying them from your local, trusted dealer
  • Buying them online through a secure website (we don’t recommend this)
  • Foraging for shrooms in the wild
  • Buying a kit and growing your own shrooms

What’s the cheapest way to get shrooms?

psilocybin strips

Getting the cheapest shrooms follows the same adage as getting the cheapest cannabis: Grow your own! Unfortunately, this also carries legal risk because no state has legalized psychedelics like shrooms to the extent that they have with cannabis—there are no home grow laws in place to protect shroom growers. But if you accept the risks, many sites sell spores and kits to get started. 

There’s also foraging for shrooms out in the wild, but this gets dicey for amateurs. Telling the good shrooms from the bad is hard; the last thing we want to happen is an accidental mushroom poisoning. If you want to forage, we encourage you to only do so with an experienced guide, or to have an expert examine your shrooms after foraging before you consume them. 

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