The Cannabowl Scouting Report: Denver vs. Seattle

Published on January 30, 2014 · Last updated July 28, 2020

We are less than two days away from Superbowl Sunday and Seattle is already bleeding blue and bearing twelve. We've been through the ringer with the pot bowl puns and cannabis parallels — and what have we learned? That this event is much more than a game.

From Richard Sherman's exposé that revealed a host of concerning societal prejudices and naivete regarding the savagery that is football, to the blossoming romance of two states that have spearheaded progressive cannabis policy, Superbowl 2014 is already being written into our history.

While we can't tell you a thing about projected outcomes based on player personnel or coaching tactics, we can provide some insight into how the teams stack up on cannabis based on each city's top strains. After all, what's a Cannabowl without a cannascout? 

Seattle Seahawks: A Formidable Army

Seattle brings in a balanced attack, well-armed with both rookie and veteran hybrids that get the job done. GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), a trending fan favorite, along with White Widow, will be key components to the Hawks' success this Sunday, as both received the highest ratings this year. Sour Diesel, or "Sour D," consistently brings the energy which will be of upmost importance in frigid New York. But let us not forget the backbone of the operation — the three heavy-hitting indicas — who have consistently provided pain relief throughout the grueling season. 

Top Strains for Seattle (click on each tile for its strain details):

Denver Broncos: Primed and Ready

The Broncos have a jumpstart on Seattle in the recreational market, giving them the experiential edge. WIth markedly different hybrids but comparable ratings, the head-to-head offensive matchup is a toss-up. Three strains — Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and Bubba Kush — evidently swing both ways and are considered a wash going into Sunday.

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The most notable contributor for Denver is Flo, a currently trending hybrid and fan favorite, but has delivered mediocre ratings. The Broncos have the edge when it comes to speed, with the inclusion of Durban Poison that has lifted the team all season long. But with only Bubba Kush and Death Star to buttress the blows, will Denver make it out alive?

Top Strains for Denver (click on each tile for its strain details):

And the Winner Is?

With more Leafly dispensary reviews, strain reviews, and account logins, Denver takes the lead. However, both squads are dynamic and balanced, with big names who have made big plays all season long.

As far as ratings, it might as well be a wash as Denver stacks up only 0.2 more stars than Seattle. Additionally, Denver's stadium, so appropriately coined 'Mile High', has 39 dispensaries within a 5 mile radius stacked up against Seattle Century Link's measly 24. But wait: Pete Carroll did speak out in support of cannabis and Russell Wilson has his own strain, so that just about evens things out.

Guess we'll just have to roll a J the dice and wait for the carnage to unfold this Sunday!

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