9 ways to have a weedy International Women’s Day

Published on March 7, 2023 · Last updated March 8, 2024
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March 8, 2024, is International Women’s Day, but you can celebrate women every day of the year with these activities.

International Women’s Day — a worldwide holiday celebrating women’s political, economic, social, and cultural accomplishments — was officially acknowledged by the United Nations in 1977, but the first Women’s Day was celebrated in the United States in 1909.

What is International Women’s Day? 

International Women’s Day is a particularly special day for those who identify as women, although people of all genders are welcome and encouraged to celebrate it.

Women’s Day was created in memory of the garment workers’ strikes that began in the United States in the early 1900s, where many women in cities like New York protested against poor working conditions.

Without the North American women’s rights movements of the mid-1800s and progress made by labor movements in North America and Europe in the 1900s, celebrations of this holiday wouldn’t be the same. And while there’s no denying we have a long way to go before gender equality is a reality, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate how far women’s rights have come, largely in thanks to the trailblazing women who came before us.

And speaking of blazing, get ready to blaze your way through International Women’s Day using this cannabis-friendly guide.

1. Plan an outdoor smoke sesh and meal with your favorite cannabis queens

You can’t go wrong with an outdoor smoke sesh and meal. Keeping your local cannabis laws in mind, fire up a group text to your favorite cannabis queens, pick a park, a porch, or a yard, and ask everyone to bring picnic baskets full of delicious cannabis treats. Spring is in the air, after all.

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2. Host a weed-friendly movie marathon featuring films directed by and starring women

A wooden bowl of popcorn and the TV remote in the background the TV works. Evening cozy watching a movie or TV series at home.

If you’re not feeling outdoorsy or particularly chatty this International Women’s Day, consider hosting a weed-friendly movie marathon featuring films directed by and starring women.

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Make it a potluck or stick with charcuterie-style munchies for a low-stress celebration. Include some cannabis-infused junk food or make your own cannabis goodies if you’re up for the extra effort.

3. Send a care package to a woman jailed for cannabis

Globally, countless people are incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes. Even with legalization spreading to more states every year, thousands of Americans are still in jail for cannabis. Many of those Americans are women.

For International Women’s Day, consider donating a care package to a woman jailed for cannabis or funding a female cannabis prisoner’s commissary account. While you won’t be able to send your own customized care package due to prison regulations, you can use a private vendor to send a package for you. Access Securepak, iCare, and Pigeonly are a few options.

You can also help women jailed for cannabis by sending them books or magazines, supporting arts and crafts programs in prisons, and writing a clemency support letter.

4. Try out a few recipes from cannabis cookbooks authored by women

Enjoy baking? Try out a few recipes from cannabis cookbooks authored by women. Most of the cannabis cookbooks on this list are authored, or co-authored, by women, and they’re chock-full of recipes for cannabis edibles and cannabis-enhanced dishes. 

Interview with a cannabis chef: Monica Lo and her fresh cannabis chimichurri recipe

5. Donate to a female-focused cannabis charity or non-profit

If you’re financially able, donating to cannabis charities or nonprofits that help women is a wonderfully generous way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Supernova Women is one such non-profit: the organization was founded by black and brown women to help empower black and brown people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis and natural medicine market.

6. Light up a hemp joint and read women writers who liked weed

Not everyone likes to read when they’re high, so we recommend pairing low-THC hemp joints with reading.

Specifically, we recommend Rosebud’s CBG-rich hemp pre-rolls. If you feel like being inspired by women writers who liked weed this International Women’s Day, light up your favorite hemp joint and put your library card to good use.

How to show up for women and minorities in cannabis

From Maya Angelou to Susan Sontag to Louisa May Alcott, there’s no shortage of talented, cannabis-consuming women writers from history.

7. Stock up on CBD and celebrate International Women’s Day with the female youngsters in your life

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by hanging out with the young women and girls in your life? Personally, spending time with my nieces brings me so much joy, and they always inspire me to keep trying to be the woman I want to be.

Kids are the future, and they’re awesome. They can also get pretty loud, though, and that’s where CBD products can help. These CBD oils are some of our favorite picks, and will help keep your mood even while spending time with younger generations.

8. Have an at-home cannabis spa day

It’s OK if you don’t feel like leaving your house or being around people on International Women’s Day.

Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic cannabis bath products, including cannabis bath bombs, to help you craft the perfect at-home cannabis spa day or night.

Even better? It’s not hard to find cannabis bath products from women-owned companies. You can also make your own cannabis-infused bath bombs if you’re feeling creative.

9. Celebrate the female form with cannabis lubes

Whether you have a female body or your partner does, consensually celebrating the female form with cannabis lubes is another pleasurable, intimate way to enjoy the holiday from home.

Choose from THC-infused options or read this article featuring great CBD-infused picks if you’d prefer to keep the bedroom (or wherever you’re consensually celebrating the female form) mostly THC-free.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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