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Elevate the Mood With These CBD-Infused Lubes

Published on November 13, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Cannabis is a remarkably versatile plant. Smoke it in a joint for a pinch of anxiety relief, apply a topical to achy muscles, or nibble on an edible before an intense workout. If you ache, cannabis can help.

One of the most delightful ways cannabis is being incorporated into our everyday lives is in the form of CBD lubricants. These products utilize the healing, anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to increase blood flow and circulation. This ideally means heightened sensitivity, relief from dryness and tension, and stronger orgasms.Find More CBD Products To get to the heart of whether or not these CBD lubes are as life changing as promised, I decided to test as many as I could find over the course of a few weeks. The end results were, needless to say, electrifying.

Awaken by Foria

Best cbd lube: Awaken by Foria

(Courtesy of Foria)

Available: nationwide

One of the better known lubricant brands in the cannabis space, Foria has a list of accolades a mile long. I decided to see if the product matched up with the notoriety of the brand by putting their Awaken CBD lube to the test.

A peek at the label states the main ingredients as broad-spectrum CBD, organic MCT coconut oil, kava kava, organic cardamom, peppermint and cacao oil. It smells delicious, is edible, and comes inside a sleek 30ml spray bottle that contains 30-50 servings.

A few sprays in and I’m loving it. The bottle dispenses the product extremely well, and within a few minutes I’m feeling a lovely warm sensation below along with a surprise burst of cardamom that’s very sensual. I feel at ease and completely relaxed.

Note: Foria is not latex compatible, so don’t use it with latex condoms.

Knob Polish by Jack

Best cbd lube: Knob Polish by Jack

(Courtesy of Jack)

Available: nationwide

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You can’t help but giggle upon reading the label of Knob Polish by Jack. What else can you expect from a brand that describes itself as “an affordable, hipster chic brand for gentlemen”… I can’t make this stuff up.

Designed for men, the 2.5oz bottle contains 30mg of “nano emulsified” CBD and is also water-based. I ask my adventurous husband Arthur to slap some on. The solution is sleek without being sticky, and glides on easily. He giggles.

“I feel a little numb down there,” he says. A few minutes of “polishing” and we quickly realize that’s the intended effect: the numbing dulls sensitivity just a touch, allowing him to last longer.

Velvet Swing by Velvet Swing

Best cbd lube: Velvet Swing by Velvet Swing

(Courtesy of Velvet Swing)

Check These Washington Menus:

Created by founder Mistress Matisse, a Seattle-based dominatrix and sex educator, Velvet Swing’s motto is “come hard, come long, come again.” The website promised that the product had been “proven effective in delivering longer, stronger orgasms for 8 out of 10 women.” I was hooked.

Unlike the rest of these products, Velvet Swing contains both THC and CBD, with 100mg THC to 33mg CBD per bottle. It’s water soluble, latex safe, and unscented, and promises an exclusive terpene blend that helps increase bioavailability of the cannabinoids within. The bottle is 13 ml and has a pump with directions that suggest 2-5 pumps per use, with each pump containing 1.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD. While the onset time listed here is 5-20 minutes I find it takes closer to 30 to fully kick in.

But, oh man—A few sprays of this makes for excellent foreplay. I can feel a pleasant warmth descending. Thirty minutes in and it feels like there’s a full-on disco happening downstairs: all my sensations are heightened, and my mood is incredibly relaxed and joyous. I can’t help but giggle. My orgasm is definitely a very merry one.

Ignite CBD Lube by Kush Queen

Available: nationwide

Kush Queen’s Ignite CBD Lube is water-based, with 30mg of CBD per bottle. It is paraben free and does not contain coconut oil, meaning you can safely use it with latex condoms.

In terms of effect, this lube felt pleasant and smooth, but with no discernible difference in effect from the CBD.

Personal Lubricant by Privy Peach

Best cbd lube: Personal Lubricant by Privy Peach

(Courtesy of Privy Peach)

Available: nationwide

Like Velvet Swing, this little box from Privy Peach made a lot of promises like “I cried happy tears!” and “Literally life changing!”

The box contains 10 3ml pouches, each infused with 25mg of full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD-infused in coconut oil.

I applied some and waited. Within 3-4 minutes, I could feel the product going to work. I immediately understand the remarks on the back of the box—this is the one, the legit real deal.

It began as a warming sensation like the others but was somehow gentler and less overwhelming. The friction from sex was gone, there was no pain or discomfort of any kind. It felt as though I had spent hours building myself up to a state of total arousal, with a resulting orgasm that rocked my small apartment to its core.

Note: Privy Peach is not latex compatible, so don’t use it with latex condoms.

Aqua d’Amore by Bella

Best cbd lubes: Aqua d’Amore by Bella

(Courtesy of Bella)

Available: nationwide

The CBD-infused Aqua d’Amore lube by Bella, a woman owned brand that promised products “made by women, for women” Is available in two sizes. My 2.5oz version had 25mg of CBD—no info on what kind of CBD is used. It was, mercifully, unscented and clear in color, with an extremely satisfying consistency that was just right.

While I can testify to its success as a lube—everything was extremely smooth, with minimal pain from friction—I couldn’t quite feel the CBD per se. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, to be honest.

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