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What Are Your 2015 Cannabis Resolutions?

We’re officially a couple weeks into 2015, and most of you may have already abandoned your New Year resolutions. If you’re already feeling discouraged, don’t fret — with a new year often comes a time for making a positive change in your life. Whether you’re struggling with your own resolutions or haven’t thought of any to commit to, we at Leafly came up with a few of our own cannabis-themed resolutions for 2015:

1. Try a New Strain

Indica? Sativa? Or maybe explore some delicious hybrids! Try something outside the norm for you, whether it’s a new strain type, flavor, or effect. If you’re prone to couchlock, try an energetic strain and take a walk. If you’re all about sativas, pick up a relaxing indica or hybrid strain and spend a night in. Whatever you usually lean towards, change it up this year and see if you can find a new strain that you love.

2. Get More Involved on the Political Scene

No more slacktivism! Advocate for legalization in your area. If you already live in a state with legal access, work on improving laws where you live or get involved in supporting legalization efforts in surrounding states. Here are some areas that could use your support:

3. Defy a Stoner Stereotype

There are plenty of stoner stereotypes that persist today. This year, do your part to dissolve them by showing the naysayers that you can be a cannabis consumer and a responsible adult. Whether you sign up for a marathon, volunteer at a non-profit, or land that corporate job interview, these simple actions go a long way in surprising anti-cannabis people and showing them that cannabis users don’t all fit under the same category.

4. Get Healthy, Educated, and Motivated

This year, find new and healthier ways to consume cannabis. For example, have you tried vaporizing? It’s better for your lungs and you can use the leftover cannabis to make canna-butter! Need some help picking out a vaporizer? Check out our four considerations when buying a vaporizer.

You can also supplement cannabis with your new healthy habits. Need to clean your house? Try Martian Mean Green or Jack’s Cleaner! Looking for some creative inspiration? Try J1 or Island Sweet Skunk! Going for a hike or a yoga session? Try Super Silver Haze or Cinex!

Don’t just get your body healthy, work on your mind health, too! Educate both yourself and others on scientific benefits of cannabis (and why your cranky Aunt Mildred should support it, too!).

5. Come Out of the “Cannabis Closet”

If you do one big thing this year, consider coming out as a loud and proud cannabis consumer and supporter, not just to your friends who are “cool with it,” but to everyone, even Grandpa! Don’t be afraid to be pro-cannabis — it’s 2015, and we continue to see amazing progress in the cannabis movement. When people like you step up and say, “I am a cannabis consumer,” you’re showing the rest of the world that users come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and demographics. The best thing we can do to defy stoner stereotypes and the negative perception of the cannabis industry is shine a spotlight on the millions of diverse people who consume cannabis for a variety of reasons.

Time for you to weigh in: what are your 2015 cannabis resolutions? Do you plan to follow one of our five suggestions or do you have some of your own? Share your thoughts (and happy New Year)!

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Lisa Rough

Lisa is a former associate editor at Leafly, where she specialized in legislative cannabis policy and industry topics.

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