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CannaGrow Expo

March 25th-26th CannaGrow Expo The CannaGrow Expo is open to all, 18+, and is intended for cannabis growers, grow managers, dispensary […]

Leafly List: The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Nevada, Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 Leafly List for Nevada is a data-based, community-sourced ranking that consumers use to find the best cannabis dispensaries in their area.

You Could Legally Light up in Nevada as Soon as July 1

Recreational marijuana shops could open in Nevada as early as July 1 under a timeline proposed by the state’s top tax official Wednesday.

State of the Leaf: Nevada Might Let You Light Up

From Arkansas to Ireland, we've got the latest cannabis legislation updates and how the changes may affect you.

Party Goes on, With Fewer Tokes, at Vegas Cannabis Cup

There was no federal crackdown, but it was a dry-ish Cup shortened by weather.

Tick Segerblom Wants Cannabis Stores in Las Vegas by Summer

And the state senator just might make it happen. Meet the driving force behind Nevada's embrace of cannabis legalization.

Las Vegas Cannabis Cup May Go On Without Cannabis

Yes, Nevada just turned legal. But the Cup will be held on tribal land, where federal law is a trickier issue.

Industry, Lawmakers React Swiftly to Spicer’s Cannabis Comments

Some are skeptical. Others say the industry isn't going down without a fight.

Nevada to Proceed With July Cannabis Sales Despite White House Warning

Nevada still plans to launch recreational marijuana sales in July despite warnings this week of a federal crackdown by the Trump administration.

Vegas, Baby: Retail Cannabis Shops Could Open in July

Recreational marijuana shops could open in Nevada as early as July 1 under a timeline proposed by the state's top tax official Wednesday.

State of the Leaf: Arkansas Lawmakers Aim to Gut MMJ Program

New York eyes full legalization, Maryland is drafting a constitutional amendment to legalize, and Minnesota's MMJ program is low on cash.

What’s Behind All the Delays in Newly Legal States?

Eight states legalized cannabis for medicinal or adult use during the 2016 election, so why are so many states seeing delays in implementation? Let's take a look...

The Grove – 2016 Leafly List Winner (Nevada)

Learn more about The Grove, a cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada that was one of our Leafly List winners in 2016.

Is the Nevada Athletic Commission About to End Its Cannabis Ban?

On Friday, the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) will consider removing cannabis from its banned substance list, though the decision will not be final after the conclusion of the meeting Friday.

These States and Countries Had the Biggest Cannabis Wins in 2016

2016 has been a rollercoaster, but this year, there was no bigger winner than cannabis.

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