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Colorado is Now Being Sued by a Third Group Over Legalization Because Why the Hell Not

March 5, 2015

Three, oh, is a magic number, especially if you're Colorado and prone to lawsuits over your state's historic legalization of recreational cannabis. In December, Nebraska and Oklahoma revealed that they were suing Colorado because they felt that legalization has resulted in an increase of cannabis being transported into their states (never mind the fact that Nebraska is suing Colorado while simultaneously trying to legalize medical marijuana for their state). Next, a Washington, D.C.-based group called Safe Streets Alliance is also suing Colorado on behalf of those "who have been injured by the commercial marijuana industry in Colorado" (just overlook their original press release announcing the lawsuit spelled "marijuana" incorrectly as "marajuana").

Now a third group is suing Colorado for having the cojones to be the first state to implement a successful legal retail cannabis program. The lawsuit, which was filed today by a group of sheriffs and prosecutors from Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado itself, is built upon two claims: 

  1. The group from Colorado asserts that the law forces them to choose between the state and federal constitutions
  2. The group outside of Colorado feels that legalization is placing an "undue burden" on surrounding states

Good grief. If anyone else is interested in suing Colorado, I think I saw a Groupon deal where you can file two lawsuits for the price of one.  

  • Bill

    I don’t agree with hardly anything that my state does and that includes this. Kansas is behind times. They have to many Bible Thumpers trying to run this State. Most of the things our Governor has done for this state hurts more people then it helps. He blocked Obama Care and most people in Kansas don’t even know you can’t get it in out state. My wife was approved for Obama Care. A week later we get a letter from the state of Kansas and it stated that it is not being recognized in the state of Kansas and that my wife would have to file for Kansas insurance. After a year she was approved for it. Remember that we are both disabled but my wife was a stay at home mother so she can’t get Social Security Disability. A week after being approved we get a letter stating we didn’t have to pay nothing to have it just like Obama Care said the difference is we would have a $14,600 deductible every 6 months. This would take our complete income. I wish I could sue the state of Kansas for blocking Obama Care. I have written our Governor several times talking about Medical Marijuana and each time I do all he wants to talk about is the war on drugs and he will never let medical marijuana in this state. I tried to talk to him about the people like my wife and myself and they good it could do for several Kansas people. But he doesn’t care because the federal government has said that it is bad for us. Honestly I think Brownback has a screw loose. He doesn’t listen to the people. There are a lot of Church organizations that are paying big money to help people run for office and try to give there 2 cents on how this state should be ran. I believe in the Bible and Church but it needs to be separate from state law. This state is going to stay behind every other state…..