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FDA Declares CBD ‘Beneficial,’ Wants Your Input ASAP

August 14, 2017
The United Nations is trying to figure out how to categorize cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating and medically beneficial cannabinoid contained in cannabis. And UN officials, through the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are asking for your help.

The FDA declared that 'CBD has been shown to be beneficial.' Now the agency needs your comments to back it up.

FDA officials put out a call for comments in this morning’s Federal Register, seeking information about CBD and how the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) should designate it under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. In doing so, the FDA acknowledged the ‘beneficial’ effects CBD has shown in patients with neurological disorders.

All those who have information on, or experience with, the use of CBD as a healing substance are encouraged to comment at this federal website. Sept. 13 is the deadline for public comment, and no input will be considered after that date.

CBD is one of 17 substances currently under scheduling review by the WHO. This process affects only the WHO and the United Nations. It does not directly deal with the status of CBD under the federal Controlled Substances Act—but it could have an indirect effect by influencing the outcome of the conflict over the federal categorization of cannabidiol.

FDA Deputy Commissioner Anna K. Abram, who sent out the notice this morning, acknowledged that “CBD has been shown to be beneficial in experimental models of several neurological disorders, including those of seizure and epilepsy.”

That puts the FDA at odds with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which late last year attempted to declare CBD a Schedule I substance. Schedule I drugs, by definition, have “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.”

The other drugs under consideration by the UN include six types of the synthetic opioid fentanyl, five synthetic cannabinoid agonists (of the K2 and Spice type), and the psychoactive muscle relaxant ketamine.


What Is ‘Synthetic Marijuana’ and How Is It Made?

Ketamine: An Anti-Depressant?

The UN has struggled with ketamine for years, having previously reviewed its status in 2006, 2012, and 2014. In 2015, a UN agency decided to postpone a proposal to place ketamine in Schedule IV.

Ketamine is currently not scheduled under international controls.

As the UN reconsiders ketamine one more time, the drug’s usefulness as an anti-depressant is receiving major mainstream coverage. Last week Time magazine ran a cover story on ketamine that heralded its potential as a breakthrough drug:

“The biggest development has been the rediscovery of a promising, yet fraught, drug called ketamine. It’s best known as a psychedelic club drug that makes people hallucinate, but it may also have the ability to ease depression—and fast. In a race to shape the next generation of anti-depressants, Johnson & Johnson and Allergan are fast-tracking new medicines inspired by ketamine.”

The FDA will prepare an evaluation of the drugs under consideration for the United Nations, but federal officials will not make any recommendations to the UN regarding whether the drugs should be subject to international controls.

For further information, contact James Hunter at the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Controlled Substance Staff in Maryland. He’s at 301-796-3156, and can also be reached at

If you’d like to give your comments to the FDA, you can do so by CLICKING HERE. Clicking will take you to the web site for this particular issue. Then click on the blue “Comment Now!” button on the upper right of the page.

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Bruce Barcott

Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

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  • Chuck Holt

    yes it definitely should be available across the U.S There is NO thc in cbd,therefore it is not illegal, so make it available to us who need to use this “miracle medication.Damn is that so hard to figure out.!

  • mmoeller

    CBD’s are proven to help control and eliminate seizures of all kinds. This is truly an amazing step ahead in medical science! Why would any one want to suppress this medication when it has been proven to be beneficial and effective.That is only one of many many uses for CBD’s.

    • Thomas Blank

      its all about the $$$$$$$$ democrats and republicans alike…

    • Jackson Shredder

      Must be $$$. That’s the only thing that makes logical sense to me.

  • Pete James

    CBD helped me with my alcohol addiction. Without it, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken…I know my mindset was right, but I suffer from extreme anxiety. Alcohol was the only thing that helped me, until I found CBD.

    • Robert Conroy

      THC and CBD show much medical efficacy, but if they are schedule 1, which all hemp products are, medical researchers can’t get them easily for medical efficacy testing.
      This is nuts and seems Big Pharma is the main reason why nothing is moving forward, only backward.

  • Pat Capozzi-Gifford

    I started taking CBD about a month ago, I have rsd in both feet, and let me tell you this is the best thing I have used, I am using the foot cream and my pain is 90% better, I also take the 5mg. and 25mg. pills ad they are my new wonder drug, just wish I did not have to pay out of pocket for this ,it is very costly I have been on so many different drugs in the past 8 years and this has given me my life back.

    • Two Bears

      Thats exactly the way i feel.

      Been fighting Crohns disease for 12 years. Four years ago a neighbor slipped me some cannabis. Made a tincture. Imagine my surprise when i realized i had gone three weeks between flares.

      Now i Microdose. I have only had two flares in 2017. February and August. I used to have that many flares in a week.

      Cannabis medicine is the best thing that has happened to me.

      • Jeff Hudson

        You should express your experience per my comment written 8-17-2017 above.

    • Jeff Hudson

      You should express your experience per my comment written 8-17-2017 above.

  • Jan Willen

    I am on opiods with major bacBk pain and fibromyalgia. I am in a wheelchair as I had Transverse Mylitis when I was 12 and after years of adjusting, I cannot stand up any more. CBD has been so helpful. I am on an advance dosage and trying to adjust so I can get off opiods.

    • Frantic

      Good luck

    • Sue Poulin Sengstock

      A lot of people are having success with kratom to kick opiods as well.

  • Paula Pearson

    CBD is only one facet, the plant is useful in many ways. What I object to is the attempts by Big Pharma to lock up the rights to CBD and the seeds, themselves. Legalize the plant and let us grow our own, so that we know where it comes from and that it is not manipulated by the very folks that have kept it illegal for so long.

    • Green Army

      Good comment…Good words

    • Kenneth Robertson Jr

      Well said. I’ve recently learned that cigarettes with less nicotine taste the same as those with high amounts. I’ve never smoked cigs. IDK. This crap is exactly what we don’t want. Commercialization is a good thing for our economy. If legal weed is left to self growers and small businesses it could revolutionize our country back to what it should be, economically. Does that make sense? Like the way craft beer has taken on Budweiser, Coors, etc., and created more personal wealth as opposed to Wall Street wealth. Actual $ and jobs in our communities.

    • Mike Jager

      Growing our own in michigan,all organic 🙂

    • Jackson Shredder

      I could not agree with you more Paula. Suddenly we are supposed to trust these liars that have killed millions for so many years now.

      Personally I could care less what the FDA’s opinion of it is. As for big pharma they can stick it where the sun don’t shine ! 🙂

  • kGraceb

    This is a plant that people should be able to grow and utilize for them self… Rather the CBD is derived from Industrial Hemp or CBD with THC made from Cannabis/ Medical Marijuana should not matter. It is beneficial to simply eat it as a green leaf vegetable it should not be prohibited. It is not poisonous and the majority of research shows it is likely safer than the majority of pharmaceuticals and over the counter medications.Why are people not allowed to take care of their health and well being without running to the doctor/pharmacy. Doctors are for sickcare not wellness.

    • Christopher Pratt

      Great points!

    • Dev O

      kGraceb: Your questioning the “WHY’s” about the current prohibition of anything Cannabis related. These queries have been ongoing for decades now. Of course Cannabis should NOT be prohibited and folks should have the right to decide for themselves if they utilize Cannabis or not. But common sense is not in the equation when it comes to the politics of Cannabis. Slowly but surely folks like us are being heard and the truth about Cannabis is being revealed. Slowly, but surely. Little things like whenever you see ur doctor, comment on how helpful Cannabis has been for U. These positive notes from patients will end up in doctors notes, and the more people who report the positives, the better for Cannabis in this country. As an end note: Cannabis should come off of the CSA and NOT be scheduled at all. Putting a C II or C III,

      • NANILOVE

        I agree👍👍

    • justadbeer

      My son is a young new doctor. My wife was hesitant to tell him she was using cannabis to treat her health problems. This was the one biggest hurdles for her (what our young doctor son would think of her) when I told him, he was so happy and told me that the cannabis is safer than ANY other drug she’s on and encouraged her to stick with it. The new breed of doctors leaving med school are not the closed minded people that have been in charge in the past, hell many of them use cannabis recreationally already and have all through school. I think your going to see many more Docs with his attitude in the future.

      • Ratbastid

        I have to commend your son on his open mind. This is the problem with cannabis for physicians. The illegality of it, has created a stigma in the mind of healthcare providers, in spite of the fact that cannabis/cannabinoids can be administered in very high doses, without fear of overdose. Try doing that with an opiate. The US government has a role to play here as well, in that cannabis/cannabinoids are listed as schedule 1 narcotic in the same class as heroin, whereas (from what I remember) cocaine is listed as a schedule 3 (meaning its safer) because it has a medicinal use in nasal surgery. Also, research into the medicinal value of Cannabis has only commenced to be researched, and the evidence base in many indications is still not quite where it should be.
        Up here in Canada, the stigma for physicians ( I am one) is disappearing, we’ve had medicinal cannabis legally on the federal level for 16 years, and in a few months, Cannabis will be legal across the nation for recreational use. We feel its safe, we feel there is medical application and we feel that stigmatizing and marginalizing it serves no one. The controversy around it, really doesn’t exist here. We look at it as another law coming on the books and we as a Canadian people will work to learn responsibility around using it, particularly in our younger generations.

  • Jamie Lynn Epstein-Nine

    Just Legalize the weed I am a pancreatic cancer survivor. I was on so many of them pain meds for almost ,5years I have been off them for 5 months now did it on my own. But because of all the chemo and radiation my body is not as strong as before I fell and broke my wrist and didn’t know I had also broke 2 vertebrae in my back and they had fused together I’m in constant pain I have anxiety trouble sleeping trouble eating and marijuana is the only thing that helps. Oh and I got my cancer from a man-made drug hormone pills but the government keeping us safe! NOT!!!!#FREETHEWEED

    • KareemAbdul

      Great to hear from a pancreatic cancer survivor!

      God bless you – wishes for continued healing and health. Take care.

    • Jackson Shredder

      They truly do only care about the $$$ only and not our health. At least the truth is coming out now although most of us have known it for years. Glad you doing better and off the poison BP is pushing.

  • Moe Dan

    Legalizing the entire plant medicine for the people is a necessity. How many people have to die from pharmaceuticals before this happens ?

  • Doc O’Zee

    The Plant. The whole Plant. And nothing but The Plant. So help me God.

  • MikeParent

    Here’s what the govt experts, the DEA themselves found in a DEA commissioned study. (Then ignored)
    16. Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care.”

    60 peer reviewed studies

    Govt says Sched l is untenable.

  • MikeParent

    “Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or I information on safety is lacking.”
    This was from the NIH Site.

    • Thomas Blank

      but beware, a schedule 2 rating will exclude plant material and require chemical synthesis ala big pharma and that will be EXPENSIVE.

      • Jackson Shredder

        It is a Plant. A weed to be exact. Anyone can grow it and this will not stop regardless what they think about it.

  • David Moett

    CBD’s are very beneficial and have a positive impact on a host of ailments from Parkinson’s, PTSD, Aids and Cancer. I am South Florida market leader for minorities for Medical marijuana and last night we sponsored an event discussing this very this in South Florida where our amendment 2 just recently passed allowing medical marijuana to be legalized on November 2nd. However, since the plant itself is still illegal here, CBD’s are being utilized in every form – mainly due to necessity. I can be reached at 954-604-7550 or – David Moett

  • Man
  • Of course, when I submit my comment with ALL FIELDS completed, It tells me I must fill out all the form. Who the fuck does the gov’t hire for webdesign? They should try me, I don’t publish shit that doesn’t work.

  • Michael Robinson

    it is a plant, set the plant and the people free…blessings..m

  • Cheryl Robineau Guillet

    Does everyone trust the FDA ? government agency far as recording names to give the DEA ?

    • Terrance Manchor

      Not the FDA,FBI,DEA the Justice department,(Senile Sessions) or the White House ( Baby Trump ) or the Pharmaceutical Blood suckers.

    • Joeys48

      You can choose to be anonymous if you want.

      • Cheryl Robineau Guillet

        I am concerned by how innocent people will characterize the “benefits ” of CBD so as to confirm it as a drug .

  • Sydney Malyon

    Does anyone know if they are only accepting information from United States citizens? I am Canadian, and know many Canadian people with incredible things to say about CBD, just wondering if it is beneficial for us to send in comments as well. 🙂

    • Dennette Zenker

      They are taking any and all comments at this time!!

  • Joanne Dorlando

    CBD has helped lessen pain from motorcycle accident since 1977

  • Forrest Hurd

    Anyone actually figure out how to comment on the actual website they are needing feedback on?

  • Teflon714 G

    CBD oil healed me

  • $parkle Puss

    Hope everyone who’s commented here will take a few minutes to submit a comment on the government’s website! It’s not hard at all. Just tell them how CBD has impacted your life. Easy peasy.

    • Todd Burgess

      Since when has any government agency ever done what was asked or even demanded of them?
      They can pose the questions, but the only answer to which they abide is money. Big Pharma has alot more of it than us peons, so the answer will be: NO CHANGE!!

      • dukeofhurl

        Well then just bitch about it and nothing will definitely change.

      • Joeys48

        It is our duty to let them know about our experience with CBD. We can’t control what others do with our wisdom.

      • Jackson Shredder

        I agree Todd and even writing congress or any government affiliate will never change it. They are corrupt period !! It’s like they always say NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH a TERRORIST. You have to ask yourself then, Why should we negotiate with them at all!!

    • Thomas Blank

      schedule 2 will corner the market for big pharma by legalizing ONLY synthetic CBD. Schedule 2 will not permit use of plants and it will be expensive.

      • Jackson Shredder

        YES. Criminals like BP are already salivating at the mouth to make synthetic and corner the market. The Jeannie is out of the bottle now and they will not WIN !! Their day’s are numbered finally !!

  • marie gulley

    CBD has helped so much with aches and pains but I notice it most for my stress and depression(mild depression). I can use it and not walk around ready to “kill” anybody who ticks me off!! It works better than any drug I have used!!! Pharmaceuticals just don’t cut it for me!!

  • Natalia Figueroa

    No insurance covers it in U.S and that’s sad. But my CBD is prescribed just like my Fycompa and just like any medicine my past neurologist prescribed. My Fycompa has given me more negative side-effects even with my VNS and even made my seizures worse by feeling like I was burning, hearing a high pitch sound through out all the seizure, choking on my saliva, and after the seizure was over I needed around 5 minutes to come back to my senses, ALL which has never happened in my history of seizures. Even when I started buying over the counter Hemp oil my seizures got better.

    I felt genuinely happy and full of life, not drowsy and unmotivated for once so not only has it helped with my seizures but it has also helped with my attitude and emotions. As an Epileptic its hard to take medicine because all the covered medicine like Lamictal, Keppra, Vimpat, Oxtellar, Keppra, Fycompa (to name just a few I have taken) because my body eventually got immune to all of the medicine I have taken and at the end it was just a temporary “solution”. Since there IS scientific proof of CBD being very beneficial natural medicine to epileptics in recent studies (like the one in December of 2016) and not an illegal drug because CBD and THC are 2 different components. It is very unfair that one of the most beneficial medicines in this age is not easily accessible to many of the ones that need it because of (false) past prejudice.

  • Two Bears

    CBD by itself helps. I can go6-8 between Crohns flares.

    CBD with the other Cannabinoids gives me CONSISTENT relief. Only had two Crohns flares in 2017. February 13, and August 17th.

    • justadbeer

      Exactly. My wife had been hospitalized over 400 days in the last two years, usually about a 4-6 week visit per episode. Since we got her on RSO she has now surpassed 9 months! This is a wonderful plant That has changed our lives.

      • Two Bears

        Glad your wife is getting relief from RSO.

  • Two Bears

    I think cannabis should be schedule 3 along with Marinol

  • Daniel Alexander Lugo R

    I think it’s time the US lets people decide if they want to put something in their body or not. The government should not have had the power ever in the first place. Never has anyone died because of Weed.

  • kristine08

    I am allergic to all NSAIDS so I tried vaping 1:1 CBD oils. It seems to be helping a ton with inflammation from multiple back fusions.
    Zero side effects, and no sleepiness.

    • Thomas Blank

      oral dosing is better than vaping. take 60mg of crystalline THCA(its not psychoactive) orally and see how it helps. the best inflammatory action is oral THCA. But in order to prevent it being psychoactive you either eat the raw plant or get crystalline concentrate(has no THC delta 9, the psychoactive THC cannabinoid). If you think vaping CBD works well, try oral THCA, it will be MUCH better.

  • Deanrand

    Historically the plant has been used for medicinal purposes for over 10,000 years and has Biblical references. The human body has at least 3 billion cannabinoid receptors for ingesting cannabinoids, so there must be a connection. Cannabis was the first plant cultivated agriculturaly when our country was founded and used for rope and fabric for sailing ships. Up til one hundred years cannabis was widely used for medicinal purposes until pharmaceutical and alcohol companies got it banned. So what’s the problem when the main side effect is jail time ? Get rid of the federal regulations and let the states handle it like they do in 29 states and the district of columbia.

  • Excuse me

    It has come to my attention that Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is commonly referred to, has been instrumental in reducing pain in patients who were finding little benefit in prescribed medications. Many of these people note they have no interest in the psychoactive effects experienced in THC containing products, and when consuming CBD p.o. or transdermally, experience no change to their sensorium. It appears to have no physical dependency issues, or adverse effects.
    It is notable that many of these individuals had tried and failed to respond well to Pregabalin or Gabapentin, Tramadol, or narcotics.

    • Legalize420

      I agree with most all of what by I u said. But CBD is just 1 cannabinoid. Cannbinoids people and this new system need to remember are not like endorphans or other alkaloids your body produces or absorbs. They function best as a group. It’s the entourage effect at it’s best. The LAST THING anyone wants is to be left with an expensive fake limited use cbd pill or whatever government made. Fight ANY attempt anyone makes to regulate just one part born the plant. What has cancer fighting properties and such is THC.

      If people are afraid of a slight positive head change than simply use a high CBD strain like Harlequin, Cannatonic, ACDC, Canna-Tsu, Otto #1 and #2, BaOx, Penny wise, Hurlke, or any other high CBD strain. You get a small size of thc which you need for pain relief and glaucoma benefits as well as the boosting of your immune system and many others such as helping refill your brains drained memory retention receptor for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. I hope NONE of the synthetic cannabinoids get through as they threw such a fit about spice and jailed so many if they try to benefit from it I’ll kill them. Same with ketemine derivitives. If it takes chaos for sensible policy we need our system changed first.
      People gotta also remember that CBD takes over the psycho active effects of cannabis. Sadly it blocks an out. So try those strains or even charlottes web.
      Hope ppl understand a bit why CBD alone is only vaguely helpfull and has its uses def bUt we need whole plant. If a glaucoma person takes cbd only their glaucoma will improve very little if at all. With the CBD “hype”(people dismisses it forever as it contradicts the idea anything psychoactive is bad mindset”, but ppl need to understand you need the full entourage effect for good benefits. But cbd has some good uses. Best as a supplement to a regular strain.

      Simply as We know now, it’s all benign. High cbd Cannabis strains highs are perfect if you arent scared of feeling better. This is because CBad in the body takes priority nicer thc so it dulls it.

      Best of luck healing all!!


    CBD beneficial? So is THC, for that matter. Everything about Cannabis is beneficial for health. Not only that it is a renewable resource that could replace the poisonous Pharmaceutical, petroleum (fuel), plastic made from petroleum, paper from trees, concrete, cotton and metal industries. Not to mention a nice cash crop for many. Just like back in the day, before Rockefeller and Hearst slam dunked Cannabis and started a smear campaign to protect their empires. So much for the common man. The “Powers That Be” have done the common man a great disservice and a whole lot of harm, with their worldwide cartel. Those empires need to be taken down and everyone involved, in them incarcerated.

    • Joeys48

      How could marijuana replace metal industries?

  • Nonna L Northcott

    For me CBD-18+ was not bad, but only helped a portion of my well being, high THCv90+ is needed for my chronic bone diseases. I’ve studied myself for decades and am still open to any new knowledge. Together they work wonderful; I’m known as the Saladlady (mixed flower strains}, because it works, no pills for me.

  • Thomas Blank

    The ignorance drones on in our government. CBD doesnt have to be scheduled at all, no known side effects and not psychoactive. Scheduling it just restricts access and dramatically increases price. I guess if you are the FDA you cant let anyone treat themselves without your pals in big pharma getting a cut. Besides its a threat to all those antiseizure drugs developed by big pharma. when is it that the good of the people will be first witht he FDA? DEA needs to get removed from any scheduling responsibility, REMOVED. They are not scientist and dont know anything about science, just law enforcement. We dont let the police write the laws and neither should the DEA write our drug scheduling laws.

  • It must be emphasized that the 2014 Farm Act, a federal hemp law, legalized the use of the cannabis sativa hemp plant in all 50 states. Organically grown, pesticide free, agricultural grade hemp is naturally high in the unique cannabinoid CBD and whole plant hemp extracts contain many more cannabinoids and therapeutic compounds we know are medically beneficial but lacking in pre-clinical, epidemiological and human trials research. I am an advocate of Charlotte’s Web whole plant hemp extract and recommend it to my patients who travel nationally.

    • Vytautaus

      Thank you for posting, Dr. Sumchai! This is what we (the people) need. Medical professionals that will stand up for the truth.

  • Cherri Queitzsch

    I used Bluebird botanicals CBD oil Brainpower and it is awesome. Liquid Gold is what I call it but they have stopped making it now. I’m very disappointed and so are a lot of other people I know who I recommended they buy it and use it and they loved it but now they’re in the same boat I’m in no one can find it

  • Peggy Lakel

    Duh? It is a no brain question when it literally stops seizures in children. Met a lady way back who moved to Montana because THC stopped her unbelievable number of seizures. Has been known for it medicinal qualities since way back in the 16th Century, used it in milk warmed, called it banga … Worry about the meth, it is destroying our country to the core. Leave my CREATORS blessings alone. PLEASE? Peace & God bless all!

  • justadbeer

    I’d like to know why the FDA needs input on something that they already know the answer to? As much as I would like to as my 2¢ to their government page, I’m also concerned about being on just another gov list. Call me paranoid if you wish, but my wife’s health is much to important to me to risk being put on a Jeff Sessions list

    • Joeys48

      You don’t have to give any personal info. give the FDA your 2 cents anonymously. That’s what I did. I don’t want to be any more known than I am. The reality is they already know way to much by way of our S.S. numbers so WTH! Give them our opinion too!

      • justadbeer

        I understand your stance friend, but I don’t think i’m going to poke that bear. The things they may or may not know about me already is quite enough. I don’t need some jack booted thug kicking down my door at 3am.

        lesson #1 – There is no such thing as an anonymous email to a big government agency.
        lesson #2 – Since when has the Gov EVER listened to the people?
        — How many states have legalized MJ and the feds still refuse to consider legalizing? How many Governors have sent Jeff Sessions letters asking him to back down only to have him double down instead?
        I applaud you for taking part in the FDA’s survey, but I support the cause in other ways, i.e. petition drives, and talking to and voting for federal, state and local candidates who support us. The only way to get what you want is to make change, and the Jeff Sessions of the world will not listen no matter what we say.

      • Cheryl Robineau Guillet

        your IP address shares you

        • Joeys48

          I have a medical marijuana permit so, at least the state already knows what any doctor knows. I think the odds are better that I will get hit by a comet than be raided by the dea. They don’t have the man power and there is way to many of us and the more people that tell their story, the sooner the feds will stop the nonsense. I heard a guy the other day talking about the horrors of people shooting up marijuana! That is the level of ignorance that’s out there. They won’t change if we all remain silent.

    • Cheryl Robineau Guillet

      my point exactly . I think they want to confirm that it does what drugs do and confirm that it’s a drug . ( in their minds)

  • Kimberly Haugen

    I have a central nervous system disorder similar to ms. Symptoms include seizures, fatigue, flu like symptoms of fatigue, muscle weakness, joint aches and pains, burning sensations in legs, nausea, vertigo, and more. Since using a high cbd, low thc, sativa dominant strain, my seizures have drastically decreased in severity and frequency, i have had more energy and all other symptoms are much less severe and frequent as well. Cbd rich medical marijuana strains have helped alleviate my seizures and symptoms and have mensely improved the quality of my life without side effects, adverse effects and or withdrwal symptoms i have experienced with prescribed conventional meds that have had little to no effect on my seizures and symptoms.

  • Mallory Cook

    Marijuana in plant form and the derivative CBD have been very beneficial to my husband, a US Army Veteran, for his pain management.
    The plant itself and all forms of it should be rescheduled so that VA Hospitals can prescribe it. Many Doctors have expressed sorrow for not being able to, as they see the benefits.

  • Great! So now “legitimate” companies can make billions of dollars off drugs that have gotten people (mostly people of color) locked up for years. If these types of drugs are legalized then everyone in prison for offenses related to them should immediately be released. Full. Stop.

  • Sunshine Glow Hazzard

    Cbd and thc are both beneficial and the medicine is to combine both these material substances for maximum effect! Legalize! Don’t hate on natural rasta mystic!

  • John P Jordan

    The real truth behind the schedule 1 classification and it has nothing to do with scientific or medical research

  • John P Jordan
  • laura vele

    People are making such a big deal out of CBD when in fact its such a great thing to use when you’re not feeling your very best. Plus its part of a beautiful plant that “people” said was no good or none beneficial, when its the other way around. I believe so much in this plant, not only does it help thousands, maybe millions of people, but you can use it so lots of others this things. I also have grown to love the medicine not only for myself but also my friends and Family members that suffer from Chronic Pain, to PTSD.

  • Veronica Johnson

    In 2012 I suffered a herniated disc in my neck that caused my spinal cord to atrophy. My hands, legs, feet and buttocks burn and ache terribly with even the slightest change in the barometric pressure. This is caused from the nerve damage and is a debilitating pain. Believe me, I have experienced all kinds of pain, but this is the absolute worst. In an attempt to rid myself of this pain, I tried CBD oil and found that it didn’t help my pain at all. Then I read that cannabis has helped others with their nerve pain. I was absolutely astounded at the results that I received! I have been taking so many pharmaceuticals and NONE of them have worked as well as cannabis. I was completely pain free! Our government would rather look out for big Pharma than it’s own people. Unfortunately, I live in a state that had not legalized cannabis, so I am forced to exist daily with terrible pain.

    • Jeff Hudson

      You should express your experience per my instructions immediately below.

  • Jeff Hudson

    I submitted a comment and you should as well. It was easy-peasy following the link above and selecting the blue Comment Now button on the upper right corner of the webpage. Here is a copy of my submitted comment.

    “CBD is a Schedule I controlled substance under the CSA.”

    This fact should be tempered with the knowledge that criminalization of the possession of cannabis or if you prefer the pejorative terms marijuana or marihuana came about because of a coordinated social movement whose time is well passed an expiration date for review as well as several business interests that benefited from the law making it illegal to possess. This needs to be remedied post haste since the criminalization of cannabis possession is more harmful to society than legalizing and taxing it similar to other questionable products such as tobacco and alcohol. The fact of the matter is that cannabis should never have been criminalized in the first place but rather any societal harms it may have been associated with should have been addressed separately as a focused health issue. This can still be the case which is why I am writing this comment. Cannabis and by association CBD is a marvelous creation that can help people suffering from many ailments. Thank you for reading my comment and giving it the consideration it deserves.

    This is my tracking number
    Your Comment Tracking Number: 1k1-8y56-5pzo

    • Pat Capozzi-Gifford

      I started taking CBD about a month ago, I have rsd in both feet, and let me tell you this is the best thing I have used, I am using the foot cream and my pain is 90% better, I also take the 5mg. and 25mg. pills ad they are my new wonder drug, just wish I did not have to pay out of pocket for this ,it is very costly I have been on so many different drugs in the past 8 years and this has given me my life back.

  • Paul

    Everyone should know the difference between CBD from Industrial Hemp and CBD from a Cannabis Stavia or Indica plants. Here is some info that everyone considering CBD should know.

    Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD

    CBD is produced in both hemp/fiber variety and drug variety cannabis plants. Are they the same compound? Yes, but we know from numerous studies that cannabinoids such as CBD work best when other cannabinoids and terpenoids are present, a synergy termed “the entourage effect.” Hemp is virtually devoid of other cannabinoids and terpenoids. Also, industrial hemp contains very little CBD, necessitating a large number of hemp plants to obtain what can be obtained from one CBD-rich drug variety plant. The use of a large number of hemp plants also increases the risk of toxin contamination as hemp is a bio-accumulator, drawing up toxins from soil. (Fun fact: industrial hemp was planted around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the nuclear explosion in 1986). Most importantly, an excellent study from Israel in 2015 showed that whole-plant CBD, containing cannabinoids and terpenoids, was superior to single molecule CBD, with whole plant extract having a wider therapeutic window and better efficacy at lower doses. My clinical experience with thousands of patients confirms that whole plant CBD-rich cannabis is more efficacious than hemp-based single molecule CBD.
    How Should Patients Choose CBD Products?

    Be aware that there are a small number of hemp products on the market that are labeled “hemp” to comply with governmental regulations that require these products to have less than 0.3% THC, but they are robust with cannabinoids and terpenoids. Other products are devoid of all cannabinoids including CBD, despite the manufacturers’ claims. In 2015 and 2016, the FDA purchased a number of CBD products online and tested them for the presence of CBD and other cannabinoids, finding that the amount of CBD claimed on the labels was markedly inaccurate — some products did not contain any CBD. In states that have medical cannabis laws, it’s best to obtain products from licensed suppliers who share their test results, which should validate the product’s robust cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles. If you are obtaining hemp through online outlets, thorough research is required as there are many bogus claims being made.

  • Tracy Neil Shewchuk

    I have used CBDs to alleviate the side effects of chemo. It has helped me where prescriptions could not. I would not have been able to tolerate the chemo for as long as I needed to without this help.

  • Two Bears

    Cannabis offers so much.

    A high for recreational users

    Medicine for many illnesses

    Seeds have a perfect amino acid blend.

    Cooking oil

    Bio diesel


    Animal food

    Paper and much more.

  • SheWolf

    Big pharma has nothing to do with this!
    Our genocidal government has the 1st and only patent for medical CBD. Yet another ploy for the pain med ban along with their synthetic mmj! Guess how many chemicals they’ll be testing on the public through their “products”?

  • feelbetter

    About 9 months ago I developed extremely painful neuropathy. Pains in my right foot kept me awake at night, sometimes so extreme I cried. I developed a serious limp. My neurologist put me on gabapentin which helped but with serious side effects; however the pain still required frequent doses of Tylenol. Then a friend told me about topical oil with 150 mg THC and 150 mg CBD. It instantly stopped the pain and I totally ceased taking the gabapentin and the Tylenol. At my neurologist’s suggestion, I started taking healthy supplements Benfotiamine, Turmeric and Alpha Lipoic Acid. All my neuropathy symptoms have gradually disappeared. The THC and CBD oil is truly a miracle drug, with NO side effects.

  • Elfwood

    Screw the UN… 🖕

  • Your Hempire

    CBD improved my enjoyment of life. I can roll around and play sports with my kids with no more pain, and best of all no more pills!
    I tried CBD Oil from many high quality sources, best results came from http://www.HempWorx.World

  • Todd Gilman

    These guys should pick me for their study, I’m all kinds of messed up! PTSD, anxiety, depression and I hate Jihadi Justine.

  • Ruth Hill

    why are we only hearing about this now in my email. Wish I could have responded last year