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Illinois Senate Approves Marijuana Ballot Question

March 2, 2018
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois voters would be able to say whether they support legalizing recreational marijuana under a proposal lawmakers have approved.

Senators voted 37-13 Thursday to put a non-binding question on the November ballot. Chicago Democratic Sen. Bill Cunningham is the sponsor. He says the referendum question will act as a statewide opinion poll.


PBS Travel Host Urges Illinois to Legalize Cannabis

The proposal now goes to the House for vote. To make it to the ballot, it needs Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature. The governor calls the effort misguided and legalization a mistake.

Sen. Heather Steans and Rep. Kelly Cassidy introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana last year. The Chicago Democrats previously said they do not expect the measure to be debated this session.

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  • JON

    Bruce the goose is outta here after the November vote! I expect 95% sure we will have Recreational come 2019! Once Bruce is out the 2 Democrats (leading the pre polls by a good amount) have both supported recreational, and JB Prizker has a commercial about how the state is behind the times and needs the jobs and revenue it would create! Were a Democratic state anyway so as long as the voters show up and vote Bruce out, were good! 😉

  • skidaddy74012

    governors across the U.S. are vetoing and slowing legalization by years! How do we remove this veto power from the governor?

    • Calamity_Jean

      Removing the veto power from the governor would require amending the state’s constitution. That’s easier than amending the national Constitution but still expensive and time-consuming. It would probably be quicker to just elect a new governor who wouldn’t veto.

  • Erik Krynski

    Rauners gotta go!

  • harleyblueswoman

    we voted to raise the minimum wage in Illinois also but to no avail….Rauner doesn’t care what the people want….

  • Klingon

    And what about the lotto money going to schools for the children?…

  • mrtraffic

    As the constitution states when our current government is no longer working we the people have the right to change it without government interference. Our founding fathers knew our government would seize to work forever and left the statement in our Constitution. For this reason as someone who has multiple sclerosis and as it may be legal in illinois for me to apply for and receive a medical marijuana card i wont for their is just way to many rules for us to go legal. I mean seriously finger printing having it addressed on your license pay higher prices on insurance just to name a few. To say yes i use it to help with my symptoms and relieve so much of the pain and spasms i deal with on a daily basis while we are not allowed to grow it for ourselves. However we are allowed to have up to 10 grams on our person for a measly 100 dollar fine and not have to deal with all the precautions that come from going 100% legal. Yet we would still have to pay upwards of 300 an ounce the same price we would pay to go outside of the dispensaries. Whats my incentive i cant grow my own if i go legal i dont use it outside my home i dont drive often because of vertigo but i have to pay more on insurance have a mark on my license that states i use mmj i have to pay the same price as a non legal person plus pay the state 100 a year for the right to use it to help with some symptoms. Its not worth it in the long run when i can grow up to 5 plants at home and receive a slap on the wrist for personal use im not selling it to no one its all for my treatment and my treatment alone. So how on earth could you ever get caught if its just at my own home tucked away so no one can see and i dont use outside my home. Id rather spend 100 on seeds a year then pay our government for something that should be free in the first damn place.

    • Robert Shillings

      Wouldn’t recreational legalization at least be a step closer to having the right to grow it ourselveves? I believe that’s what happened in Washington. And can’t you still grow it yourself on the hush hush anyways whether it’s legal or not? I think your incentive should be less about how it would help yourself to legalize it and more about what it would do for people in the community. My point is I just think it’s smarter to vote for legalization if you are for marijuana, than to not vote or contribute to the community voice at all. I totally agree that taxing something we should have the right to is acenine, but what else can we do at this point? Let me know what do you think.