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North Dakota Cannabis Legalization Petition OK’d for Circulation

December 15, 2017
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota will go the voters if supporters can gather enough signatures.

Secretary of State Al Jaeger on Friday approved the petition for circulation. Jaeger says backers of the ballot measure must gather about 13,500 qualified signatures to put it to a statewide vote next year.


In North Dakota, Usable Medical Marijuana Still a Year Away

Sponsors say the petition seeks to make it legal to grow, possess, use and distribute marijuana for people 21 and older. It also seeks to seal the records of anyone convicted of a marijuana-related crime that would be made legal under the measure.

Supporters of legalizing marijuana fell short on petition signatures in 2016.

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  • Nice Article, to bring the revolution every predecessor has to fight with the system and the presumption.
    Nevertheless one day Medical Marijuana will get Legal Approval not only in North Dakota but worldwide.

    No one can deny it’s pro in therapeutic solution and proficiency to cure cancer patients, epidemics and skin diseases and many more.

  • Zippo

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  • farmerlion

    Hello my friends, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    Part #1 We have enjoyed many victories in the last five years in our fight to legalize cannabis. Our local, state and national government has had much reform forced upon them by voter initiatives. While some are conforming and understand these benefits. Many feel they are being told what to do. Pride will always stand firm in the face of confrontation. My state of North Dakota has displayed great resolve and defiance of Measure#5 being passed. I have contacted the three state officials by email explaining this Idea in an email. They recently held public forums to discuss MMJ. There was little notice given and one location was changed at the last minute. With only a note on the state website shortly before meeting was to begin.
    This is my idea to build better relationships and trust with local, state and national government elected officials.
    They have many concerns about unauthorized grows and illegal distribution. The loss of taxes won’t readily be admitted but we all share concerns for our youth that shouldn’t be high while in school. As a select few grow very wealthy monopolizing the new cannabis industry. Large grow operations are pushing the mom and pop operations back underground and into illegal grows. There is some quality large scale growers. Certainly quantity over quality is the president being set on a national level. The industry has been fighting within itself to widen this gap. This isn’t healthy or beneficial for the industry as a whole.
    A”. Medical , Craft and Recreational cannabis will be much better served when we look out for the state and national interests. Not to mention the local small growers. I propose an effort to license the local growers. If they could grow up to 100 plants per household. A 50 plant minimum or higher could be the baseline. This much cannabis will needed to be grown for revenue and livelihood of the household. Only flowers would be allowed to be harvested, cured and sold. These sales would take place at a state facility( armory, fair grounds, municipal buildings ect). The product would be weighed upon entry by grower. The state would have growers (name, address, grow location). All product grown would have to be organically grown in soil. There wouldn’t be any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or growth hormones allowed. A sample from the growers product could be tested by the state or third party testing. The grower would lose his privilege of growing should he be found using any illegal, banned chemicals. Also the grower would face charges if they were to sale any product outside of the designated sales area.

    B”. This sales are would be set up and run much like a flee market. Medical patients and recreational users over the age of 21 would be able to attend sales.
    The state and law enforcement would have much better control over products being sold. The secondary market of oils wouldn’t be available to licensed home growers. Their trimmings could be used as soil amendments after composting. If the state wishes to use the trimmings they could be donated to the state at the time of the sales. Licensed processors could pick up trimmings at sales for (edibles, ointments ect). This way the larger cannabis companies would benefit from the free trimmings. With the extra growers prices for medical and recreational patients would be lower. The selection available would be greatly increased. The Indica dominant strains by large growers are for quick turnaround of crops. Private growers are much more interested in quality. With high end sativa’s and landrace genetics. The market could experience a growth in craft cannabis businesses. The burden on many social programs could be greatly helped. With the tax revenues from these independent growers could be focused directly to (Fima, social services, shelters, education and law enforcement efforts).
    C”. The illegal gorilla growers would be more easily exposed. When licensed growers are working with the state to protect their family incomes. The state would have assurance through testing and grower compliance of product quality. Yes there is some of this now. I believe there is much to be gained as a whole for the industry. When we present the state our help and not look at it as a concession being made. The regulations could be scrutinized more closely by the state through a single facility. The independent growers are the states biggest fears. The vast majority of illegal sales could be stopped. The dumping of chemicals, garbage and trespassing would be greatly diminished when growers didn’t feel the need to hide. The states would benefit on so many levels. The land owners will be much happier and the general public will be safer. The new revenues into our local economies will greatly help the lower and middle class. The large dispensaries and growers will be getting free trimmings for production of sales items. Helping reduce their bottom line. The craft growers wouldn’t be directly competing in all the cannabis markets. The ( oils, edibles, tinctures, candies, sodas, wines and other consumables). would remain monopolized.
    The security for the home grower would be to the home grower. The state shouldn’t dictate measures needed. Indoor grows could be inspected for compliance and safety. Greenhouse and outdoor grows must be on the growers private property. Any grower having product from an illegal source would be prosecuted and grow privileges would be forfeited. All sales of cannabis outside of dispensaries and open markets would be illegal still. I believe with this format and the fear of not being prosecuted. The many underground, home and recreational growers would freely comply with the states. Besides sales taxes, the country would have new taxable income through free markets. Law enforcement would have the names and addresses of the vast majority of growers. They have spent decades trying to learn this information. Now it will be freely given to them in exchange for the right to compete and earn a living in an open and free marketplace. The billions we spend on our prison systems and disrupting struggling families. Could be turned into billions of dollars of taxable income and revenues at the most needed levels.
    This is a vague description I know. With your help and a little polishing (spin). This could help the states get over fears and pride issues of compulsion. The state representatives could take all the glory for the idea. Making their individual states a fortune. MPP gets to be a trusted partner in proactive state issues and concerns. I get the chance to provide for my wife as we get older. My body has been ravaged from 27 years of working in the oil industry of North Dakota. I’ve had 31 bone fractures, 3 broken vertebrae in my neck and my lower spine is fused to my pelvic bone. I’m still working and need a change in life without incarceration for growing cannabis. Nobody in this state does it better than I do. But with a $100,000 + license that only is effective for one year. Growing in compliance isn’t in my budget. I don’t sale any cannabis grown. I donate it to people I know with ailments like myself. Since I have a class A drivers license and have regular testing through my job and the DOT. I don’t have any benefit from the exceptional cannabis I’ve grown in the last decade. Except to know many people have a better quality of life because of my efforts. I have also built a library of some of the rarest landrace genetics in existence, dating back to the late 60’s and early 70’s. I work closely with two of the finest breeders in the world. They have made available to me some of the finest hybrids there is to be grown out. One is making some of the finest CBD rich genetics there is. They are also going to be available to the general public. Not hoarded by a few greedy large grow operations at high prices. I hope to make these available to people across my state at a fair price without legal repercussions.
    I thank you for the time you have taken to read this letter. I thank you for all the work you do. I know much of what we do goes unrecognized. There is a lot to be gained in letting others take the credit for our efforts and ideas. Pride will separate us all from some of the most important people, things, opportunities life sets before us.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! God Bless, Farmerlion
    This letter was written for the staff at Marijuana Policy Project. In an effort to overcome many issues facing medical and legal cannabis. Please help and support cannabis legalization. Many peoples lives could be made better with your support. Thank you Peace

  • farmerlion

    ND. Please get it right this time. I refer to our elected officials. The vast majority of this state supports cannabis! It’s all right for you to say the word (marijuana). It scares you because you think the majority of your supports denounce it’s use. Please change your mindset and realize we are only going to support legislators whom support cannabis. What will answer many issues of compliance and state fears is this. Two main licensed growers isn’t the answer. The state has only implemented this to have as little effort as possible. Overseeing this operation with three state employees. You can’t operate a 7-eleven with three employees. How are you going to run a multi million dollar industry?
    Here, I will spell it out for you. Embrace the private growers. Make a building available in several towns. Where growers can bring their home grown cannabis to an open fair market for sale. This would work much like a flee market. The state could weigh all entered cannabis. Taxes of all sales would go directly to the state that day. All growers would be licensed through ND. At $100.00 per license. Each grower could grow 100 plants (organically in soil. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers or growth hormones allowed). This is a very simple test. Home growers wouldn’t be allowed to compete in any other forms of cannabis products such as (edibles, oils, tinctures, patches ect). This would save much expense to the state and the dispensaries would have that market to themselves. The taxes from home growers could go directly to ( shelters, FIMA, law enforcement, educational needs). The income provided would be to mainly lower and middle class households. Relieving much of the burden of our social programs. Welfare, food stamps, and Wic programs would receive much needed relief. This would also help many North Dakotans be self sufficient. People with disabilities that are still waiting for help through the Medical Marijuana Program. Could help themselves as no doctors are writing prescriptions for MMJ patients. This would also dramatically cut down on illegal sales. Risking your right to legal sales in an open free market, versus sales to a minor and facing prosecution. No Thanks! All growers would only be able to have the grows on property they own. Be it indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. California has many issues with illegal outdoor grows. This would solve many of their issues with an open market. Growers would be willing to help law enforcement with illegal activities, protecting their families income. Several people that are at retirement age or with some disabilities could supplement their incomes. Private properties also add a higher level of security for growers. The state shouldn’t mandate any restrictions here. We have law enforcement for issues pertaining to our safety. I highly doubt it will be an issue. Also any grower trying to sale product form an unlicensed grower would forfeit his right to this free market. All trim from harvested flowers would or could be donated to dispensaries for other cannabis items. If there wasn’t a dispensary close by. The grower could compost and re use in the following seasons soil mixture.
    Ok, you have plenty to think about. Now go sign the petition and vote YES for legalized cannabis. Peace

  • farmerlion

    How do we contact the group to help gather signatures for this ballot measure? 2018 is going to be a huge year for cannabis victories in the USA. North Dakota is going to see the resolve of it’s residents. We have been slapped in the face and pissed on since we passed Medical Marijuana. Now we have two more years of voters ready to show their muscle! The old guard has seen two more years of voters die off or quit voting all together. Times are changing for the better ND! Peace

    • Where does a person go to sign the petition?

      • farmerlion

        Budget music and video in Minot has a petition, you can support them while you sign. They are great people. Peace

        • Where can people living too far away from Minot go to sign the petition such as in Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismark, Dickinson, Williston, etc.?

      • farmerlion

        I’m not on social media. I’d guess that there is plenty of information there. No idea where to start.

  • juilliardpark

    I’m sending good vibes from California to North Dakota!

    • farmerlion

      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. May you be blessed beyond your dreams. Peace

  • Henry Jurk

    Cannabis was effective in reducing a frequency of severe migraine pain. And, it worked better in comparison to other prescribed migraine drugs with negligible side effects.