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Opioid Crisis: Trump Prescribes Heavy Dose of ‘Alternative Facts’

December 11, 2017
Trump to America: 'There is nothing desirable about drugs. They are bad.' The President appointed cannabis prohibitionist Chris Christie to head his opioid crisis commission, then did little to enact the commission's recommendations. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)
Back in August, the president of the United States traveled to Huntington, West Virginia—a town of 48,000 where the mayor estimates one in 10 residents is addicted to opioids.

Opioids are America's big problem. 'And we are going to solve that problem,' said President Trump. So far he's all words, no action.

“You have a big problem,” the president told an adoring public rally, “and we are going to solve that problem.”

He didn’t explain how he would solve the problem. That’s not Trump’s style (“Believe me, believe me, believe me”). But four months later, the plan is now becoming clear. He will let them drop dead.

Millions of Americans, of all ages, and from all walks of life, will either die from an opioid overdose in the next 12 months, or seriously fuck up their lives chasing that dragon. Someone you love or rely on is secretly struggling with opioid abuse right now, or will be soon. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical executives pocket billions by recklessly (and sometimes criminally) pushing deadly and addictive narcotics.

That’s all old news. What you might not know is that those same pharmaceutical executives have now hatched a plot to take cannabis from the people, patent its essence, and pad their profits. And the Trump Administration is helping them do it.

More Deaths Than the Vietnam War

Here’s where we are with the opioid crisis. According to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 64,000 people died of drug overdoses in America in 2016, with heroin and prescription painkillers by far the leading culprits. That’s more fatalities in one year than total US casualties during the entire Vietnam War. And the epidemic continues to escalate—faster than ever. Overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999, and rose by 21% in the last year.

It’s is important to note that, to an astonishing degree, President Trump did best electorally in the rural, predominantly white, low-income communities most devastated by opioid abuse. People living in this so-called “desperation belt” are also far more likely to commit suicide.

“All addiction is an escape from pain,” Dr. Gabor Maté writes in In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction. “So don’t ask the question ‘why the addiction,’ but ‘why the pain?'”


In White House’s Quest to End Opioid Crisis, Where’s Cannabis?

Pain Killers

Much ink has been spilled since the election exploring the pain of these “forgotten Americans,” who live lives of quiet economic desperation and trust a guy who shits in a golden toilet to stick up for them. But nobody talks much about how they afford to keep feeding the monkey.

Big Pharma rakes in the cash, the cops and DEA look the other way, and American taxpayers foot the bill.

According to a new report by the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 45% of Medicare beneficiaries in Alabama and Mississippi were prescribed painkillers paid for by “big government.”

While an investigation by the Charleston Gazette-Mail revealed that over a two-year period, out-of-state pharmaceutical companies shipped almost nine million hydrocodone pills to a pharmacy in West Virginia located in a town of just 400 people in the poorest county of one of the poorest US states.

To be clear: That’s one type of opioid shipped to a single pharmacy.

The Opioid Hustle

So here’s how this hustle works: People are desperate, impoverished and in pain—whether physical, emotional or both—and the communities they live in offer little to no real economic opportunity or social services. But the doctor at the local pill mill will write you a script anytime to make you feel better. Big Pharma rakes in cash, the cops and the DEA look the other way, and the American taxpayer foots the bill.

What could go wrong?

Plenty. Consider just one example: Sarah Fuller, from Camden, New Jersey, who was 31 and on disability for back pain from a car accident when, over a 15-month period starting in Jan. 2015, Medicare shelled out $250,544 to cover her prescription for Subsys, a fentanyl-based mouth spray manufactured by Insys Therapeutics (remember that name). The payments to Fuller’s pharmacist finally ended in April 2016, when her fiancé discovered her at home, dead from a fatal fentanyl overdose.

And that’s just one story of literally millions.


Cannabis as an Opioid Exit: 5 Real-Life Stories

The Anti-Cannabis Commission

Traditionally, the government’s response to “drug epidemics” has been to demonize users and launch costly counterproductive enforcement campaigns that rely on street level arrests and “taking out kingpins.” But that approach won’t do at all if the users are predominantly white and the kingpins are pharmaceutical corporations that make huge political contributions every year. So the federal government had to come up with a new game plan.

So far, the White House’s most visible move has been the formation of the president’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. But with outgoing New Jersey governor Chris Christie at the helm, the commission released a final report that could have been written by Big Pharma lobbyists.

Left untouched by Trump's commission: the criminal responsibility of pharma executives who broke the law and begat this crisis.

Even though Christie’s a former federal prosecutor, nothing in the report addressed the criminal responsibility of the pharma executives who broke the law and begat this crisis. This despite massive evidence that the pharmaceutical industry—in the words of an ongoing Senate investigation—“focused on fostering addiction as a central component of its business model.”

These are the same pharma executives who, according to emails obtained by USA Today, were invited to testify before the president’s opioid commission because it offered “a good networking opportunity.”

Not invited to testify before the commission: Anyone who believes cannabis can play a role in alleviating the opioid crisis. This is despite massive evidence showing that the ready availability of legal cannabis in a state significantly lowers overall opioid use and abuse. The commission did acknowledge “that there is an active movement to promote the use of marijuana as an alternative medication for chronic pain and as a treatment for opioid addiction,” but then rejected that idea out of hand.

Cannabis, the report concluded, is just far too dangerous and untested to even research its potential.


At This LA Rehab Center, Cannabis Is an ‘Exit’ Drug

No Leaders Available to Lead

The president went down to West Virginia and personally promised to solve the opioid problem, which vastly disproportionately affects his strongest supporters. Then he put together a commission that covered up Big Pharma’s central role in creating and exasperating the crisis, and pointedly ignored the potential of cannabis to treat pain safely and help addicts get off opioids.

So what’s actually in the plan? A strategy that ramps up enforcement against Mexican and Chinese black market dealers (but not the pushers in suits and ties), and increases Medicare funding for addiction recovery (so taxpayers foot the bill to treat the addicts we already paid to create), plus a few toothless measures against “over-prescribing” and “doctor-shopping.”

And who will quarterback this crucial high-profile life-and-death effort?

Sounds like a job for the Drug Czar.

No Drug Czar, No HHS Secretary…

Only problem is, after nearly a year in office, the president has not yet appointed a director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (a.k.a. “the Drug Czar”).

Tom Marino was twice up for the Drug Czar post, and twice removed himself.

He nominated Tom Marino for the position back in October, but Marino withdrew soon after a 60 Minutes segment exposed how, as a member of Congress, he’d authored the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act, a gift to Big Pharma that made it extremely difficult for the DEA to investigate pharma executives for criminal activity. When DEA Office of Diversion Control head Joseph Rannazzisi spoke out against the bill, Marino basically got him fired.

How about the Secretary of Health and Human Services? The president’s original nominee, the virulently anti-cannabis Tom Price, sailed through his Senate confirmation despite getting caught red-handed buying up Big Pharma stocks and then pushing those companies’ agendas in Congress.

In September, Price was forced to resign after getting caught sticking taxpayers with the bills for his lavish private jet travel. Last week the president nominated Alex Azar to replace him. And who’s Alex Azar? A former pharmaceutical executive, of course.

No FDA Director…

Let’s see, who’s next? What about asking the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to spearhead the effort? Sounds good, except Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the president’s pick for that position (who still awaits Senate confirmation), has taken hefty speaking fees from opioid manufacturers.

In 2012, well into the opioid epidemic, he wrote an essay calling out the DEA for—get this—being too tough on Big Pharma and pill mills.

Which brings to mind another campaign promise the president repeatedly made—that he’d “hire the best people” to run the federal government.

Conway! Fix This (or at Least Bury It)

That now includes, apparently, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, who has now been tapped “to coordinate and lead the [opioid] effort from the White House.”

The inventor of 'alternative facts' now is tasked with solving the opioid epidemic.

Best known for coining the phrase “alternative fact” and going on a political talk show to urge Americans to snap up twinsets and accessories from the president’s daughter’s clothing line, Conway is also currently under investigation by a special prosecutor for potentially violating the Hatch Act, which bars executive branch employees from using their government positions to campaign for or against political candidates.

Far more troubling, Conway has zero experience in law enforcement, addiction treatment, or public health. And it’s not like she’s leaving her other job behind. So basically the president’s response to the ongoing and preventable deaths of his strongest supporters is to have a lifetime political hack spend part of her day pretending to give a shit.

Money Talking

Too harsh? All right, let’s follow the money. Because if there’s one golden rule for understanding this president, it’s that money talks and bullshit walks.

And what do you discover when you follow the cash? Turns out, when the president declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency on October 26, that declaration only made available $57,000 in funds to tackle an epidemic the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates costs society $78.5 billion.

Had the president declared it a national disaster instead, that would have unlocked billions of dollars in Federal Emergency Management Agency relief funds. Two words. That’s it. Substitute “national disaster” for “public health emergency,” and billions of dollars would snap into action.

So far, no additional funds have been requested. Like I said, the plan has dropped dead.

Perhaps I’m being unfair. After all, the Billionaire-in-Chief did donate a quarter of his annual salary as president (or $100,000) to fight the epidemic…the same week his party pushed through a tax plan that could save him over a billion dollars.


This Medical Cannabis Researcher Explains How Marijuana Can Combat the Opioid Epidemic

A Death Wish for Our Daughter’

And what about the role of cannabis in all this?

The good news is that the federal government has just made a historic move to acknowledge the medical efficacy and safety of THC by reclassifying cannabis’s best known chemical component from Schedule I (high potential for abuse, no known medical use) to the far less restricted Schedule II category. The bad news is that new status only applies to synthetically-produced THC, in the form of a patented product from a single pharmaceutical company.

Remember when I said not to forget the name Insys Therapeutics?

In the company’s entire history, they’ve only previously brought one product to market, Subsys, the fentanyl spray that Sarah Fuller was taking when she fatally overdosed.

According to Fuller’s mother, Insys not only bribed doctors and defrauded Medicare as a standard business practice, they went so far as to call her daughter’s health insurer “pretending to be calling from her doctor’s office and the like, [falsely] telling the insurance company that Sarah needed Subsys because she had cancer and was suffering from breakthrough cancer pain.” That call, Fuller’s mother said, “was Insys’ death wish for our daughter in exchange for profit.”

Insys: Four Indicted, Including Ex-CEO

In October, Insys’s billionaire founder and former CEO John Kapoor was arrested for his role in the company’s alleged schemes to illegally move units of Subsys. Six additional Insys Therapeutics executives have also been arrested by the FBI. The severity and brazenness of their crimes can be best understood by how scarce such enforcement is in the rarified world of pedigreed dope peddlers.

Insys is the same company that spent $500K to defeat cannabis legalization in Arizona.

But still, despite their one-and-only product being a deadly, addictive opioid 50 times stronger than heroin, which they allegedly engaged in a massive criminal conspiracy to push onto vulnerable people, last July the FDA and DEA allowed Insys to launch Syndros—their new 100% synthetic THC drug—as a treatment for nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients.

Which must mean it’s finally cool with the feds if cancer patients smoke a joint or two to get through chemo, right? Especially since prescribed Syndros costs up to $2,000 per month.

Ah, not so fast.


Insys Founder Arrested, Charged With Racketeering

FDA to Insys: You’re A-Okay

“The DEA notes that FDA-approved products of oral solutions containing dronabinol [THC] have an approved medical use,” DEA officials wrote in the filing that approved moving Syndros to Schedule II, “whereas marijuana does not have an approved medical use and therefore remains in Schedule I.”

Meaning, basically, that Big Pharma’s dirtiest dealers can charge you exorbitant prices for lab-made THC, while the feds contemplate cracking down on cannabis—even in states where it’s legal. No wonder Insys Therapeutics donated $500,000 to anti-legalization efforts in the last election cycle. Gotta squash the competition.


Why Did Fentanyl Maker Insys Give $500K to Defeat Legalization?

Keep Fighting for the Safer Cannabis Option

Now where does that leave us?

Remember those desperate people in the heartland, and really all over the country. They’re going to keep dying. And unlike a lot of other political issues, this one hits them very close to home. There’s no way to hide the bodies. They are our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

As a cannabis community, we must continue to lead the way in advocating for this plant as a lifesaving alternative pain treatment and gateway out of addiction. And not let the Trump Administration and its Big Pharma friends continue to profit from addiction, arrest, and misery.

David Bienenstock's Bio Image

David Bienenstock

Veteran cannabis journalist David Bienenstock is the author of "How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High" (2016 - Penguin/Random House), and the co-host and co-creator of the podcast "Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah and Bean." Follow him on Twitter @pot_handbook.

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  • The Resistance

    This is very sad and the policy presented will cost lives. Chris Christie has done so much damage to New Jersey and to this country already. Having him in charge of this commission is criminal. And now Conway? Why exactly? Oh, right. They don’t care about people with addictions and see them simply as ‘junkies’ that can be discarded. Shameful.

    • Legalize420

      Sadly it’s no different than back in the 20s and 30s putting people with mental health issues in “Psyche hospitals” which we’re a nicer sounding name for place to inhumanely keep anyone who isn’t a positive image of society locked up and removed.
      That’s the essence of the drug war and the essence of what this system we created by our constant “look the other way” or “if it causes me personal disruption, it’s not OK and needs to be removed” mind sets. The “leave me alone” thought process most all have.

      Unless we force change cannabis law will never as big pharma, many “politicians”, and other billion dollar industries that could loose ANY profit from it’s status change will do and spend as much as they can and do as much to keep things as-is so they don’t loose a thing. It’s sick. And it will ALWAYS be under the veil of something that sounds positive as that’s how they control people, by the messages they spew.

      But until the majority gets the balls to rise up against this atrocity, we will keep going down and it’ll getbworae and worse like a sinking ship.

      Makes me cry. Literally.

  • Fun Please

    Waiting for the article on Bammy. Won’t hold my breath

  • TOBY T

    I understand opioids are horrible. I believe that the problem starts with the physicians. A veterinarian probably wouldn’t prescribe antifreeze for your pet, so why would a physician knowingly prescribe a drug that could potentially kill their patient? I only wish that instead of pointlessly ranting about a problem that is so easy to fix, we could just fix it and move on. STOP prescribing this crap. Make the chemicals/ ingredients to manufacture impossible to obtain. Screw big pharma. But you have to figure out how to remove greed to accomplish that. I wish it was possible to move to another planet, this one is really starting to suck.

    • GBAUTO

      Toby, while I can empathize with your anger it isn’t possible to put the lid on Pandora’s Box. Prohibition is the primary reason that folks overdose-having to buy street drugs with unknown ingredients/potency. It’s very predictable behavior. This story really illustrates the INSANITY our government has regarding cannabis. I am an example of how cannabis has allowed me to eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of opiates I HAVE to use as the result of severe physical trauma. If the DEA would reschedule cannabis it would allow thousands(millions) of people trapped in the endless existence. Until that day I will continue to grow my own.

      • nixnoutz

        Good for you Johnny Potseed. Around here you’d get arrested for possession or growing. Just remember to share.

    • Rainey

      I’m a chronic pain patient with a 17-year medically documented history of neurological damage. Without pain meds my life literally isn’t worth living. I was on a high dose of methadone for 15 years with no problems until the DEA decided to play “docs with guns” and forced my MD to stop prescribing opioids to ALL his patients. CP patients denied their prescriptions are just as much victims of the opioid hysteria as are those who got addicted thanks to Big Pharma’s greed.
      Toby, I wish the answer was as simple as “stop making them” but it isn’t that easy. People will still need pain meds — either short term or for a lifetime. Opioids are as necessary to medicine and health as vaccines and antibiotics. I suggest taking a look at what Portugal is doing; they’ve legalized virtually all narcotics and turned “addiction” issues into treatment programs that help both addicts and chronic pain patients.

    • Krista

      In regards to doctors, yes. They are part of the problem. But when you can’t walk a few yards without god awful pain you can’t escape from what do you do? It’s a vicious circle. I lived it but now thanks in part to mmj I’m off the shit. Look at the makings of the FDA …if you want to start pointing fingers there’s a good start. From there it’s Insur co. ,Pharma ,politicians and the list goes on and on. I learned the hard way ppl need to educate themselves on what they put in their bodies! If you figure out how to move I’ll be right behind you!

      • W H

        How are doctors part of the problem? They have been reducing the total number of opiate prescriptions written across the country since 2010, when opiate Rxs peaked. Secondly, they do not profit from writing these prescriptions. They do not beg you to come in to their offices to get an opiate prescription. They do not hold you down and cram the pills into your mouth. They write these prescriptions because people ask for them. Space does not permit discussion of how complex this medical decision making is, let alone having to deal with the contrived complexities of Big Pharma-generated phony shortages, pharmacist attitudes and DEA intimidating “surprise visits” to their offices, treating them like suspects, violating their, and your, 4th amendment rights, etc. They advise pts on the risks and complications that can occur if these meds are used incorrectly. In an increasing number of states where it is legal, they advise on the forms and dosing of various cannabinoids that can often be used in conjunction with or in place of opiates. They are scrutinized and intimidated by the DEA if they do any of these things. They will provide detox if you have inadvertently or intentionally misguided them about your symptoms and are now willing to correct the problem. They are not your mother. They can’t force you to do anything. This obviously pertains only to the 99+% of physicians who are conscientious practitioners. But even the tiny number of “hillbilly heroin” pushers, exist only because of a market demand. They don’t force people to enter their pill mills.

  • Thomy

    Extremely believable article… Many of us already knew that they would at least try something like this ( synthesizing THC ). We need to keep moving forward with legalization in additional states. GO VOTE and if you’ve never registered for that, now is the time to get that done and it’s easier than obtaining a library card. You HAVE A CHOICE but you need to know how to put that choice into implementation and the trend is at the state level. So your vote really does truly count. Please get registered and when the time comes GO VOTE !! Happy Camper In Spokane Washington

  • Legalize420

    As a recovering addict myself this infuriates me. It is EXACTLY what I have been telling people would occur, but kept getting the usual BS about Democrats this or Republican that like it matters.

    Fucking we are ALL living together. Just like in the movie V for Vendetta, V says on the big “titantron” TV on the side of the building stating “if you need to look for the guilty, you need only to look in the mirror”.
    This is 100% true of our current problem I even talk to people who still are in Sessions Reefer Madness mindset and try to argue against cannabis.

    Its a guarantee if the feds do this for a synthetic thc it’s fuelled by the actions of sessions to find a loophole to go after legal cannabis. If it’s legal from big pharma people won’t need the plant right? So why allow it?

    Everyone, now is the time to stand up and get ready to fight. You put these people in office. You voted them in, you gave them the power and position and now they are doing whatever they personally want with no reguard to public safety or our best interests only big buisiness and theirs.

    Accept responsibility and now it’s time for every person who voted for Trump or Hillary or any of these people and take as much time as needed outbid your personal lives to fix this problem you created. These people are here thanks to you. I know WHY you did it, but it doesn’t make it ok.

    Fight for freedom or wait to die. That’s where we are sadly at. Get rid of the “there’s nothing we can do” mindset. We need to organize and get ready to fight. We had to oppose the English against overt taxation and control, now, we have to fight ourselves and face and accept all the mistakes and atrocities made.

    This is 100% on track with every other horrible decision anyone with power over anyonelse can make.

    • nixnoutz

      But, but, I voted for Gary Johnson to be Prez. All the other sheeple didn’t see this coming?

      • Legalize420

        Haha nixnoutz. I wrote in Bernie Sanders. He or someone else should have won by write in had the majority had common sense. It was 2 horrible main careless thoughtless liars in a pool of many others.
        I remember an episode of Rockos Modern Life(old 90s nickolodeon cartoon). During it, there was a, commercial on tv, than the TV grew arms while it was playing, took out their brains, used bubbly soap to “wash” them while they were transfixed to the tv commercial. After their brains were put back rocko picks up tge phone and orders the item the commercial is selling right away almost robotically. Scary how realistic that portrayal is.

        Just another example of what really goes on. And sadly, the people that do this are the majority of voters. Not like most people on here with apparent common sense.

        A GREAT movie everyone who voted for hillary or trump anyway should see is “Bullworth”. Watch it a few times, youll see the reality being portrayed and if you can see through the jokes youd realize they are actually touching on deep issues and problems or ills in society.

        Remember V for Vendetta? “If you need to see the guilty, you need only look in the mirror”. 2 fantastic movies describing reality and what is happening.

        nixnoutz- but, but,….the sheeple know best didnt u kno dat?!? Its not like the majority just reads headlines and goes by mainly what is told to them on tv or in newspapers….

        I mean, its not like Harry J. Anslinger EVER had lies printed in his newspapers…especially about mexico. Nah dey woudnt do dat!

    • Krista

      I totally get you and would love to further this conversation!

  • Brandon Lay

    Thanks for a very well-written article. As founder of PottonMouth, I take particular interest in our growing cannabis industry and ALL the manners in which this miraculous plant can be put to use. To all, please actively support cannabis, and let our government know it!

  • Auryan

    The good news….more and more people are getting educated by either direct or indirect (friends) info on cannabis and Hemp. And once we know, we know. No matter what BigPharma thinks they are gonna ‘own’ or patent…good luck. Because the people are actually coming for you this time…and it’s not gonna be pretty. “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come” And the ‘idea’ this time…is the actual truth about sooooo many things we have been lied to about. Accountability? Coming to a neighborhood near you and in your own.

  • John Pack

    Trump is a dictator and a crook.

  • oceanman18

    It has been only since the first state approved the sale and consumption of high grade MJ for medical use that the general American population has become aware of the millions of our fellow human beings whose lives are improved as a result of this gift from Mother Nature.

    Why that fact alone does not melt the stiff and unreasonable opposition is baffling.

    We have come so far over the past ten years, although still have a long road ahead of us.

    Kudos to David Bienenstock for his awesomely well researched articles and spot on opinions.
    I’m a fan!

  • Tim Bambam

    It’s a very good article that cover most of the culprits in this horrible crisis. It does seem they left out the fact the the pharmaceutical companies give doctors a piece of the action for prescribing their drug.
    I had been taking methadone to control chronic pain. I started seeing a pain management doctor who change my prescription from methadone to Oxicontin. I told the doctor I had tried this drug and it didntg seem to help as much as methadone. He claimed I had been on methadone for to long. I took the Oxicontin for 2 months. In that time I started experiencing acid reflux. Now because that doctor refused to listen to his own patients personal experiences I have to take another pill.
    Between the pharmaceutical company who made a sold Oxicontin and the doctors who made even more money just for prescribing the drug should all have to pay back at least the profits of prescribing Oxicontin.
    For the government to blame the users instead of pharmaceutical companies and doctors who prescribed the drugs is just crazy. With the government’s current handling of the heroine epidemic the cartels will continue to make millions of dollars poisoning Americas citizens. They don’t need marijuana when the have methamphetamines and heroine.

    • W H

      Sorry your doctor did not listen to you. He or she is also subject to intense scrutiny and criticism often for even considering writing these meds. Too bad he didn’t listen to you about your clear description of your reaction to these meds. He simply wasn’t very up on his opiate meds. There is no such thing as “too long” in prescribing methadone. There is, however, a need to simply understand its uptake and distribution compared to other opiates. He was, however, not up to the pressure put on him and the BS trotted out simplistically by Big PHarma. But it is an error to say that he got a piece of the action for writing these. That is far below the sophistication these companies use to get doctors to write these drugs. They’ve got both you and your doctor by the short hairs and in ways you cannot imagine.

      • Tim Bambam

        It was well known that doctors were being pad to use certain medical devices such as hips, back fusions, ect. So it is certainly not a far stretch to think the pharmaceutical companies were not doing the same thing. That’s why we started with an pain pill problem first. This was the part that was not talked about really until after heroine had already taken over.
        Now you hear them talking about how Oxicontin and it being over prescribed fueled where we are today. But the big push to stop writing Oxi scripts came in 2014. That is when they discovered a very small West Virginia mining town where a doctor was writing scripts for Oxi by the millions. He wrote more prescriptions for Oxi than any other doctor in the country. The town has a few thousand people for a population. There is only one reason one doctor would write so many of these prescriptions. He wa getting a kickback from the pharmaceutical company that has the patent for Oxi.
        This is also why the patent company that has the patent for Oxicontin got together with the FDA to extend the patent so no other companies could make a generic version after its first 10 yrs. They represented a new Pic that was supposedly tamper proof and would no longer be so addictive. Of course we all know that the company lied about fixing the problems with the pill just so they wouldn’t have other companies making a generic version mostly because the other companies might have realized how dangerous these drugs were. I am sure some folks at the FDA and DEA were getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies for their role in this disaster.
        You don’t have to believe me just read the available information. They have mentioned all of this in various articles since the heroine epidemic had become so bad and mostly in the suburbs where parents have buried their head in the sand and have seen the destruction. To worried what the neighbors are saying. Very sad

  • Realtor Eddie

    wow… fake news.. this hurts the cause

  • Excellent article on this horrific issue. Thanks for the research!

    Perhaps the thing to do with Conway is to just flood her with info. They want to be popular, so it’s a potential avenue. Sessions will remain an ineducable idiot on this as it looks like he is deeply invested in the for profit prison system we have here. So yeah, follow the money.

    However, we have to remember that no matter what the government, it ALL comes down to the consent of the governed.

  • Krista

    This hits so close to home. I just took myself off of 15 years of fentanyl, Oxy etc. about four mths ago now. I should have done it gradually but I was at the end of my rope. Scared the shit out of my family but it can be done! I am so enraged with our president, Pharma, doctors, insurance companies, ignorance and the fact it still feels like we are all alone in this battle. I should have died many times over. Nothing changes if nothing changes! We need to get the ppl with power and greed out of office for starters to make room for policy holders that will actually, and I’m growing to hate this quot but….make america great again. Get involved or we won’t have a fighting chance. Get mad! …..” Anger is a gift” RATM

  • Mr Green

    Thomy made the best point and that is to VOTE. Democrats complain when republicans suppress the voters rights and they work overtime doing so. So what do the democrats do,they don’t vote! In NJ we just elected a new governor who promised to legalize marijuana. We spent a horrible 8 years under the rule of a republican fat pig whom everyone hated but, when it was time to vote last month ONLY 38% of the people of NJ voted! That is unbelievable after EIGHT YEAR OF BITCHIN AND MOANING THEY FAILED TO VOTE! Luckily Murphy won and hopefully he can restore our state of confusion.

  • amyskene

    The lack of objectivity in this article renders it useless to anyone not occupying space in your echo-chamber.

  • simbah joss

    I watched on tv and read newspapers, this time America and Europe are hit by a crisis of drug abuse, which triggers many deaths due to overdose. We are very sympathetic and grieving …

    We are in Indonesia, recovery from narcotic and drugs addict can done with 100% herbal therapy with anti-addiction herbal for narcotics and drugs treatment package.
    The system works like forming antibodies. An addict if routinely drinking this herbal medicine to some extent will feel disgusted using narcotics, like there is a rejection of the body.
    This Herbal treating various drug cases with more humane because without the need to be isolated.
    With this Herbal, drug addiction sufferers do not have to be forced to stop taking drugs, but by itself will stop because its effect is replaced by this herbal, just need the will to quit.
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    The cure of narcotic addiction is not just a detoxification, but it requires something stronger that makes the addict no longer have the desire to re-consume drugs. And only herbs are capable.

    Chemical drugs are only made to replace (substitute : like methadone, kratom, etc.) narcotics and treat the symptoms.

    This herbal not a substitution therapy, because patients can stop taking the herbal dependence if it feels it has healed.

    Based on our experience, narcotics addicts if routinely taking herbal remedies will recover maximum 3-4 months. If already infected with HIV AIDS it takes 9-12 months to normal.

    All there are 14 kinds of herbal products that are 100% derived from this tropical plant material is made in the form of powder, its use is brewed with boiling water, stirred and after cold (warm) drink.
    The combine of herbal to cure is deppend on your blood type.
    Another combination of 14 kinds of herbs is also proven to cure cancer.

    All the herbal packages have official permission from the health and food agency of the Republic of Indonesia. So all is legal.