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420 at The Green Planet means whole flower highlights and deep discounts

The Green Planet
Presented ByThe Green PlanetPublished on April 1, 2022 · Last updated July 13, 2022
This article is sponsored by The Green Planet.

The best flower & hottest deals to set your 420 off right.

What started as a medical grow in a garage has developed into The Green Planet of today, where consumers can shop at five different retail locations in the Portland metro area, find connoisseur-quality cannabis straight from GP Farms, and browse a huge selection of products at affordable prices.

This year, The Green Planet is celebrating the biggest holiday in cannabis by giving back to the customers who have so generously supported their stores over the years with its biggest sale ever. On 4/20/2022, stop into any The Green Planet location to get 50% off over 25 popular brands, plus 20% off all cannabis not on half-off, and 25% off all paraphernalia not on half-off. The first guests to arrive will get a free T-shirt, too!

50% OFF: Dr. Jolly’s – Buddies – Gron – Higher Cultures – Bobsled – NW Kind – White Label – Willamette Valley Alchemy – Mule Extracts – Happy Kitchen – Oregrown – Sticks – Drops – Korova – Smokiez – Funk Extracts – Green Dragon – Exhale – Winberry – Synergy – Hush – Decibel – Green State of Mind – Elbe’s Edibles – High Desert Pure – Flav – Laurie + MaryJane

Come for the deals and stay for the top-notch flower from GP Farms. Read on to see the strains in stock that have us particularly excited to celebrate the season.

GP Farms’ Blueberry Muffins

420 at The Green Planet
Courtesy of The Green Planet

Wake up and smell the Blueberry Muffins! This strain has a nose reminiscent of your favorite blueberry bagel toasted to perfection. The relaxing indica features dense green buds coated in a blanket of white trichomes. Expect sweet, berry notes and indica-like effects that will take the edge off, but not so far as to be sleepy. 

GP Farms’ Wonder Dawg

420 at The Green Planet
Courtesy of The Green Planet

Wonder Dawg seems to have a superpower to make any situation more fun. It makes funny movies hilarious and so-so movies funny. It makes food taste better, but go down faster. With relaxed, giggly effects, Wonder Dawg pairs well with a night in and a Netflix account. Expect tall green and purple buds and a nose that’s heavy with berry, with notes of citrus and a hint of cake frosting.

GP Farms’ T@ng Breath

420 at The Green Planet
Courtesy of The Green Planet

T@ng Breath is a great option as a get-up-and-go strain or one that pairs well with making art & long conversations. The lifted, cerebral effects are creative and clear with a bit of a body high. The sativa grown at GP Farms shows off frosty, resinous buds with beautiful purple & orange coloration. 

GP Farms’ Gelato #33

420 at The Green Planet
Courtesy of The Green Planet

The Green Planet’s District Manager, Will, had this to say about the special Gelato #33 available now from GP Farms:

“The last time I’ve seen a Gelato I’ve been excited by? Controversial opinion: never. This cut? Phenomenal.”

With deep purple buds and a heavy coating of frost, it’s no wonder this cultivar is earning some hard-won excitement. Its nose is like the milk from Fruity Pebbles cereal followed by a heavy-gassy aroma that old-school stoners will appreciate. Expect heavy body high effects that deliver a sense of deep relaxation. A strain for the end of the day—keep a big fluffy blanket nearby.

Stock up on these strains from GP Farms for the best 420 yet and take home some huge holiday savings when you shop the sale.

The Green Planet
Presented ByThe Green Planet
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