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Are Time-Released Cannabis Pills the Future of Medical Marijuana?

Published on July 21, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Wana Brands, an edibles manufacturing company based in Boulder, Colorado, has created a line of cannabis capsules they've dubbed "Wana Caps" that could be big for medical marijuana patients. The goal was to offer an alternative consumption method to patients other than smoking or consuming edibles. So what's different about these capsules compared to other pill forms of concentrated cannabis?

According to Wana Brands owner John Whiteman, Wana has teamed up with Cannabics, an Israeli pharmaceutical company, to create the industry's first extended release formula that will deliver measured doses over a time frame of up to 12 hours. Each capsule contains two doses, one that activates shortly after ingestion and a second one that activates about four hours later.

Time-released capsules can bridge the comfort gap for patients who are curious about trying medical marijuana to help relieve their symptoms but are intimidated by/not knowledgeable about the more common consumption methods. This form mirrors that of prescription drugs, of which medical patients are all-too familiar ingesting on a regular basis. And the metered dosing offers convenience for patients who need long-term relief, portability, and discretion.

This product could be huge for the cannabis movement, as it would be an easy-to-manage consumption method for novice medical marijuana patients. What's your take? Would you switch from your preferred consumption method to time-release cannabis capsules? Weigh in below: 

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Rebecca Kelley
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