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How Aspen Valley is changing cannabis consumer attitudes with CBD pre-rolls

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Presented ByPure CBD ExchangePublished on October 15, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Courtesy of Dillon Gross/Aspen Valley)

This article is presented by Aspen Valley Hemp Company, growing CBD flower that surpasses industry standards.

Move over THC. Aspen Valley CBD pre-rolls are made with high-end genetics and premium bud, so cannabis consumers everywhere can include them in their everyday cannabis use. While no one has to choose just one cannabinoid to enjoy, Aspen Valley is on a mission to prove that smokable CBD flower has a place in the regimen of all cannabis users – providing them with an option for the times when being stoned simply isn’t apropos.

High-end CBD flower for the quality consumers are used to 

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross/Aspen Valley)

As cannabis is decriminalized across the nation, consumers can begin finding the products that help them strike the perfect balance and live the life they desire. Aspen Valley’s CBD flower, pre-rolls, and cigarettes were created to provide cannabis consumers with an option to enjoy a premium cannabis product while maintaining clarity and productivity.

The company decided to create its line of premium CBD pre-rolls with the entire cannabis community in mind. They prioritize all-natural and certified pathogen-free hemp with the goal of setting the bar for the rest of the CBD industry.

While CBD flower has only recently emerged as a minor part of the cannabis industry at large, Aspen Valley is taking the time to learn and invest in CBD in uncommon ways. They are working to bring science and genetic research to the forefront of the CBD industry, advancing cannabinoid and terpene profiles to reflect the experience that users expect from premium cannabis brands.

“In reality, there’s no difference between high-quality hemp and premium THC bud. We grow our hemp flower with intention and consumption in mind. Some people who smoke high-THC cannabis assume that hemp can only come in the form of low-grade flower, and that’s not true,” says the company’s CEO. “Much of that attitude is derived from seeing the poorly cultivated CBD flower being sold in markets across the country. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard.”

No vape required

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross/Aspen Valley)

Aspen Valley is showing the world of cannabis that CBD Pre-rolls are and will continue to be a legitimate part of the industry when cultivated properly.

“We’re creating cultivars with higher percentages of CBD, and we’re expanding the available terpene profiles. People can smoke CBD pre-rolls and experience the entourage effect of multiple cannabinoids, including lesser-known compounds such as CBG, THC-V, and more, all while getting the same flavor and quality users have come to expect.”

With the vaping industry currently in an uncertain state, consumers who are wary of risky vape products or over-processed and unnatural formulations can turn to CBD flower in its most natural and versatile form, the plant itself.

“Smoking is the simplest most traditional approach to getting cannabinoids into your body, and that’s never going to change. There is something pure and classic about smoking flower that you don’t get in a vape or a tincture. There’s a reason this is an ancient practice. There’s an experience that goes along with smoking flower that we want to maintain and continue to provide to our customers as best we can.”

Greenhouse innovation for premium CBD 

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross/Aspen Valley)

For Aspen Valley, there was no question about where they would begin establishing precedents for growing high-end CBD.

“If you’re going to make CBD flower a staple in the cannabis industry, it has to be grown at the same standard as everything else in the premium cannabis market. To do that, we’re utilizing modified greenhouse technology and the Colorado sun for indoor quality that is on the same level as some of the largest companies in the state. We apply the exact same methodology as companies that grow THC.”

Aspen Valley prioritizes the quality of its CBD flower over everything, ensuring that it is free from mold and other hazardous excesses that can appear on flower grown outdoors. This is a necessary and commonly overlooked step in the process. When tested, much of the CBD flower in the market contains levels of yeast, mold, mildew, and even more concerning compounds that would never pass testing in the mainstream market. This is why purchasing from a reputable brand is so vital to CBD consumers.

“We care about the future of this industry, and we aren’t going to take advantage of the public in the absence of regulation, so we’re going above and beyond to follow best practices for high-grade flower. We’re planning for a future where CBD has to be grown at the same level of compliance and cleanliness as any cannabis approved for consumer use.”

CBD for the modern cannabis consumer

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross/Aspen Valley)

Aspen Valley puts effort into their flower to make sure that modern cannabis consumers are aware that they can always choose CBD pre-rolls as a way to enjoy one of the world’s most beneficial plants.

They refuse to cut corners because they are already embracing what people want out of a contemporary cannabis experience. Whether someone wants to enjoy cannabis before work, during a chaotic day, or to relax at night, they believe the quality should always be there.

“If we’re going to assume that CBD pre-rolls have staying power, we have to provide the quality that people are used to in a premium cannabis product. We’re here to raise the bar for our industry and cannabis consumers everywhere.”

Pure CBD Exchange
Presented ByPure CBD Exchange
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