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Cannabis Product Deals: Tasting Pipes and Glass Markers

Published on June 5, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Cannabis Product Deals of the Week

UnderCuvur Storage Case

(Courtesy of 420Science)

Are you storing your cannabis in cheap jars or worse—plastic baggies? If so, these UnderCuvur storage jars from 420Science may be perfect for you. Standing at 5” tall, these silicone and glass storage containers provide airtight and odor-proof protection against the elements while allowing you a full view of your stash. Available in matte black, these storage containers are drop-resistant and will surely save you in a pinch when you’re looking for a stylish solution to keep your flowers smelling nice and fresh. Pop in a micro humidity pack for an extra layer of freshness!

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GRAV Labs Upline Taster Pipe

(Courtesy of GRAV Labs)

Most dry pipes and spoons are inadequate at cooling the smoke down before you inhale, and tasting strains is a lot harder when you’re coughing hot smoke out of your lungs. This expertly designed tasting pipe from GRAV Labs features an Upline spiral created by Micah Evans, solving the problem of hot smoke by cooling the air as it travels through to the pinched mouthpiece. This allows for a more robust tasting experience, giving you full access to a plume of terpene-rich smoke without any nasty ash to cough out after.

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The Titanium Ti-Pen

(Courtesy of AquaLab Technologies)

Marking your own glass can be tricky. Various trinkets and covers can help personalize a piece, but these solutions are not permanent and can fall off or break. To truly mark a pipe as your own, try this Ti-Pen from AquaLab Technologies. It’s a unique scribe that allows lamp workers, glassblowers, jewelry makers, and collectors to sign their art for a permanent inscription that will stand the test of time. By using friction, the metal tip leaves a mark of silver-colored deposit so you can identify your property without mistake.

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