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Product Review: The 2-Strain Cannador With Blustream Hygrometer

Published on February 9, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the 2-Strain Cannador with the Blustream Hygrometer.

2-Strain Cannador at a Glance


Product type: 
Cannabis storage container

Manufacturer: Cannador (bluetooth hygrometer by Blustream)

Price: $159.00 (bluetooth hygrometer costs an additional $59.00)


  • Hardwood exterior in cherry or walnut colors
  • A porous mahogany interior with beveled edges that seal in odor
  • A lock and two keys for primary Cannador compartment
  • One utility drawer for accessories


  • Humidity Bead System
  • Two keys
  • Two vented jars (each one holds almost one ounce of cannabis)

Initial Impressions


Cannabis has a shelf life. There is a span of time where your bud will be the freshest, meaning the smoke or vapor will be smoother and more flavorful. Cannabis connoisseurs can preserve their herb a number of different ways, but none reach the level of understated beauty and refinement like the Cannador.

I recently tried out the 2-jar Walnut Cannador and couldn’t be more pleased. The wood grain is beautiful and the matte finish allows the natural exterior to shine while blending in elegantly on a desk or vanity. A utility drawer and single lock are minimalistic touches that add convenience and temptation to the Cannador.

Cannador, Inside and Out


While the lock, semi-decorative key, and accessory drawer give the piece a jewelry box feel, it also invites passersby to investigate. Nosy ne’er-do-wells can be a bit of a problem because while the interior design of the Cannador is designed to be odorless and contain any residual smell, rendering both your love of cannabis and the flower itself invisible while hidden in plain sight, the only available paraphernalia drawer doesn’t have a lock. If the drawer on the front also locked when you locked the Cannador’s central compartment, wham, bang, boom, problem solved. Having a locking drawer would also encourage Cannador owners to hide their key well instead of in the conveniently unlocked drawer of their Cannador.

How can I hide the smell of weed?

The interior of the Cannador is that of a classic humidor, featuring mahogany walls to help regulate relative humidity. Its smooth beveled edges seal in odor while displaying the detail and craftsmanship that went into the product’s construction.

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The Cannador’s interior configuration comes in several different styles. We received the two jar set-up, which can hold a half ounce of cannabis bud between the two jars or one and a half ounces of ground flower in total.

Pro-tip: I believe flower, like coffee beans, should always be stored unground and away from light. This preserves the natural essence of the plant, making the smell and potency much richer upon consuming it freshly ground or broken apart.

Prepping Your Cannador and Blustream


The Cannador is prepared pretty easily. Although the process does take time, the investment goes a long way in preparing your Cannador for the long-term commitment of keeping your cannabis fresh. The Blustream hygrometer and app are more-or-less plug and play. A sensor syncs with the user’s phone and the app displays valuable humidity and temperature information through graphs that can display hourly, daily, or monthly statistics. This is a nice technological touch, especially since 10 separate sensors can be tethered to a single phone, allowing the simultaneous monitoring of multiple Cannadors, humidors, wine cellars, etc.

After it’s seasoned, the Cannador maintains humidity very well. The Humidity Bead System is simple to use and only takes distilled or reverse osmosis water. Combined with the Blustream Bluetooth hygrometer, these features allow consumers to keep tabs on the freshness of their cannabis. The seamless blend of digital and analog technology gives the Cannador another touch of sophistication.

Note that Bluetooth has a limited range and while the Blustream app is functional and easy to use, the proximity requirements might feel cumbersome to some users. “The Blustream Sensor stores up to 10 days of hourly temperature, humidity, and activity information without connecting to a smart phone or tablet,” Blustream’s website explains. “Upon connection, the information is transferred to the user’s smart device and backed up to the Blustream data server for long-term storage in the user’s account.”

Additional Perks


This product is for the consumer looking to both flaunt and conceal their love of cannabis; the well-crafted exterior blends in with modern furnishing while also begging to be opened. The Cannador is a functional piece of cannabis-inspired carpentry that does its job well and would be received warmly by cigar/blunt aficionados, refined cannabis consumers, as well as any quality-oriented flowerchild looking to keep their grass under lock-and-key. The Blustream sensor is sold separately and is a nice luxury for the digitally savvy cannabis consumer, but is not required with thorough Cannador seasoning and regular humidity monitoring.

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Design: The Way of the Future

Cannador, like many ecologically sound cannabis companies, has created a business designed to be sustainable. This is better for the environment, the business, and the consumer long term, as they all get to do the right thing while investing in the growing collection of popular, environmentally-conscious cannabis products. Zoe Wilder, publicist and spokesperson for Cannador, put it like this:

“[Our] lumber is sourced from environmentally sustainable timber growers that adhere to strict cultivation practices. Cannador [also] plants a tree for each unit made to offset the carbon footprint.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have pledged to plant one tree for every Cannador purchased. As citizens of the earth, we believe in replenishing what we take and therefore have a responsibility to create a better planet for future generations. Plant-It 2020 is a non-profit in Colorado dedicated to properly planting, maintaining, and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible. We will be working with Plant-It 2020 to help meet their goals in promoting sustainable reforestation.”

For more information about Plant-It 2020, please visit their website: visit their website.

Conserve, preserve, and reserve a special place for your bud.

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