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Keep Warm With These 13 Cool Cannabis Socks

Published on November 18, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Sock season is upon us, and as the cold weather creeps in, you’re probably starting to think about keeping your toes warm and cozy. You’re in luck: There’s a whole world full of fun, unique, and funny cannabis-themed socks for any style and taste.

Below, find something to love on this list of the 13 coolest cannabis socks on the market.

Blue Mary Jane Stockings

Weed Stockings

(Courtesy of Strathcona)

For those who enjoy the beauty of realistic cannabis leaves, these knee-high socks display the whole plant with lovely artistic flare.

Price: $36

THC Molecule Socks

Pay homage to the OG cannabinoid—THC—with socks that combine an appreciation of science with a taste for cannabis.

Price: $9.99

Leafly Indica Athletic Crew Socks

Stay warm with these Leafly Indica weed socks


Show off your favorite cannabis strain type with these warm athletic socks in indica purple. For those who prefer the buzzier strains, check out the sativa and hybrid options, too (or get all three—because come on, they’re all pretty great).

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Price: $16

HUF Black and White Tie Dye Cannabis Socks

Black and white weed socks

(Courtesy of HUF)

These black and white tie-dye cannabis socks are perfect for a subtler, under-the-radar look.

Price: $15.95  

Shatter Socks

Oil lovers rejoice—these vibrant and playful shatter socks look as though you’ve dipped your feet right in clear, concentrated goodness.

Price: $15

Dank Shades Blue Dream Socks

Blue dream weed strain socks

(Courtesy of Dank Shades)

Blue and dreamy, these socks rep the massively popular Blue Dream strain. Keep your eyes out for this eclectic pair; they’re coming soon.

Price: $14.99

Purple Cannabis Dress Socks

Who says the office has to be so straight-laced? In a lively cannabis print, bright green leaves pop against deep violet on these deluxe dress socks.

Price: $9.30

Cannabis Rose Knee-Highs

Weed socks with flower print

(Courtesy of Rage On)

These whimsical socks feature lovely roses mixed with green and purple cannabis leaves. The elegant design will likely make for some double-takes and inquiries as to, “Where’d you get those?”

Price: $20

Pot Lovers’ Christmas Socks

Celebrate your favorite holiday all year long with these lively yuletide cannabis socks.

Price: $10

Long Hemp Leaf Socks

Warm weed socks

(Courtesy of HempTopia)

Made with 45% hemp, these mid-calf socks are as comfy as they are sustainable. Choose tan, black, or both with this classic cannabis-themed pair.

Price: $12

Green Weed Knee-Highs

A medley of cannabis leaves in various shades of green covers these socks from toe to knee with a design that offers depth and intrigue in a single unique pair. Check out the pink version for a more vivid look.

Price: $15

Bring Me Weed Socks

Cozy and warm weed socks

(Courtesy of RockySocksShop/Etsy)

Hilarious yet oh-so-practical, these seemingly innocuous socks have a hidden phrase on the bottom of each sole: If You Can Read This, Bring Me Weed. Done and done.

Price: $11.02

Pot Leaves Knee-High Socks

These cozy, knee-high cannabis leaf socks make the perfect accessory to go with a long, snuggly sweater and a freshly packed bong.

Price: $8.95

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Rae Lland
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