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Holiday Gifts for the Devoted Flower Fan

November 26, 2015

Know someone who can’t get enough when it comes to flower, regardless of the plethora of other cannabis products that come on the market? Sure, you could gift your bud some, well, bud, but that can get a bit predictable (albeit nonetheless appreciated) year after year. This holiday season, why not go a slightly different route?

Whether your pals are fond of water pipes, bubblers, or simply need a high-quality stash box for their beloved strains, these gift ideas should put a smile on any flower lover’s face. To complete your gift bundle, why not throw in a favorite strain as a little cherry on top? After all, your gift recipient is going to need to test out his or her thoughtful new present!

Sesh Supply “Poseidon”

Sesh Supply Poseidon Bong from Smoke Cartel

Why We Love It

A mighty hit from this two-chamber water pipe is the best gift you can give to the flower enthusiasts in your life. The Poseidon sends milky white plumes spiraling through a storm of percolation and up the ice catcher, delivering a chilled lungful of smoke. The muffled roar through splashing water even sounds like the water god himself. This glorious beast is not for the faint of heart, but for the challenge-seeking friends who want their tolerance tested.

Price: $250.00 (free shipping)

Theseus Bubbler

Sesh Supply Theseus Bubbler from Smoke Cartel

Why We Love It

For the friend or relative who’d rather take their full-sized water pipe out than suffer the primitive design of a travel pipe, we recommend gifting the ultra-portable and smooth-hitting Theseus Bubbler from Smoke Cartel. This little pipe is the perfect companion for those prone to accidents, as its spill-proof design will keep water safely trapped inside its thick and durable glass walls. Like with most small bubblers, avoid splash-back by pulling gently. It may percolate like a bong, but don’t rip it like one!

Price: $49.00 (free shipping)

CVault Large Stash Box

Large C-Vault cannabis stash box

Why We Love It

This air-tight, stackable CVault stash box is perfect for that friend who always wants to pitch in crumbly, dried-out flower from plastic baggies when you’re hanging out. Give him or her the gift of fresh, fragrant bud with this food-grade stainless steel container. Sealed with a silicone rim and loaded with a Boveda humidity regulating packet, the CVault protects 28 to 50 grams of product from light and the elements. Its lid can be labeled over and over again with a non-permanent marker so your buddy won’t ever forget which strain he or she is throwing down.

Price: $25.95 (shipping not included)

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